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your life is a testament to the idea that nothing is impossible that if somebody says no you say it's just the beginning success is not a straight line it's crooked it's down in a valley it's back up over a mountain

i bet you that you have failed more times than anyone in this room absolutely you know don't wait for the stars to align reach up and rearrange them the way you want create your own constellation i am a human being there is no difference between my humaness and your humaness the only thing is if you're trying to get there you cannot stop believing

in any way no matter what anybody says no matter what anybody tells you you have to know it beyond knowing it are you the best footballer in the world right now? i think so i say yes in my mind i'm always the best i don't care what the people are thinking what they say, in my mind not just this year but always i"m always the best

i'm always going to say that don't allow anyone - friend, family acquaintance, teachers, whoever it is don't allow anyone to tell you that what you are dreaming for yourself and your family is not possible it is possible please feel me please hear this from my heart

anything you want is possible all you can do is plant your seed in the ground water it, and believe that is what allowed me to be in this position right now i would not stop believing i would say believe in your direction and do it spend less time talking about it and more time trying to perfect it and put it out there position yourself to succeed so for example if you're doing something else

and you want to do this thing you love, you do it after hours you work 9 to 6, you get home, you kiss the dog and you go to town right? i mean you start building your equity in your brand and whatever you are trying to accomplish if you don't do it, nothing is possible if you try to do it, at least you have the hope most people don't even try, sadly most people try and then stop or give up

very few people try and try and try or do and do and do and do and never give up and those are the people that ultimately succeed and win third failure in a row did you think i need to pack this in? never why not? i don't ever give up if you want this if you want bling bling if you want to buy the jets

work. that's how you get it i always believed that the bridge between reality and a dream is work no idea works unless you have the courage to do the work ideation without execution is delusion because you can have the most brilliant idea in the world but you gotta bet on yourself you can't think that like that one idea and the way that you think it's supposed to happen is the only way that it can happen

i challenge all of us to say stop finding reasons to find and make excuses that we affectionately at under armour call loser talk and um i dunno you gotta just will it and focus on making it happen focus on one thing one area put all of your energy into watering one area if you spread the water across many many seeds

you don't have as much water for one seed so focus on one thing what i learned from steve jobs is if you believe enough then you will see it because other people will believe in it other people will create products so you need to foster the belief in what you are dreaming so that it becomes a reality

(music) many of you as i have been as i am are where you are in your life based upon what you believe and it's not just what you think you believe on the surface it's also your shadow beliefs that are holding you back from moving into the life

that you believe you deserve what i know is if you're not looking at the shadows if you're not looking at what is subconsciously running through the tape in your mind telling yourself you're not good enough you're not worthy enough you're not smart enough you're not enough

which is a tape that's playing for a lot of people if you're not conscious of that then you end up acting out of that belief system and not out of what you know to be the truest or want to be the truest for yourself you are where you are today in part because of what you've been saying

about yourself words are like seeds when you speak something out you give life to what you're saying if you continue to say it eventually that can become a reality you are planting seeds when you talk at some point

you're going to eat that fruit my challenge is make sure you're planting the right kind of seeds if you want apples you have to sow apple seeds if you want oranges you can't plant cactus seeds poison ivy seeds mushroom seeds you are going to

reap fruit from the exact seeds that you've been sowing in other words, you can't talk negative and expect to live a positive life you can't talk defeat and expect to have victory you can't talk lack not enough, can't afford it never get ahead

and expect to have abundance if you have a poor mouth you are going to have a poor life this is great when we're saying things like i'm blessed i'm strong i want to accomplish my dreams i'm coming out of debt that's not just being positive you are prophesying victory

prophesying success prophesying new levels your life will move in the direction of your words too many people go around prophesying just the opposite i never get any good breaks i'll never get back in shape business is slow i'll probably get laid off

flu season is here i always get it they don't realize they are prophesying defeat it's just like they're calling in bad breaks, mediocrity, lack you don't become what you want because so much of wanting is about living in the space of what you don't have that's why jim carey's story

is so powerful because he started to act as though he already had it he would go up to mulholland drive he would drive away thinking i already have those things i just haven't accessed them as yet i believe those things are going to come to me and i'm going to act like they are so i'm going

to move forward in my life in order to draw that to myself in such a way that my actions are in alignment with what i say i believe so if you start to think about that really why are you where you are in your life? the choices that you have made have been because of what you believe to be true for yourself

the time is now the time is now to express and for people to believe in themselves the time is now for it to be okay to be great people in this world shun people for being great for being a bright color. for standing out

but the time is now to be okay to be the greatest you you can talk yourself out of your destiny negative words can keep you from becoming who you were created to be don't fall into that trap quit calling into fear quit talking about how it's not gonna

happen you should write down your goals write down what you want to see happen in life any areas that you're struggling in where you need to improve write it down like its already done and then everyday declare that decree read

over it a couple of times out loud it's not enough to just think it something happens when you speak you have to prophesy your future those words will get down on the inside of you they'll not only change your outlook but they will change who you are your words

will become your reality (music) it's hard easy is not an option it's hard living life is hard it's hard when when you forty-nine

years old and working on a job for seventeen years and they come in and tell you you're finished and give you one week's severance pay and you gotta start all over again it's hard when you are married and raising children and your children are crawling and your husband dies

unexpectedly it's hard handling just the tragedies of life when you're working on something and you put everything you have in it and it doesn't work i realize that information changes situations so i'd rather buy a book

than buy a house if i buy a book i can buy several homes if i buy a home and i don't have the right information guys you can burn my house down and it wouldn't bother me well how do i know because we have the blueprints and we can rebuild it you can take all my money out the bank but if you take the knowledge out of my head you take the

experiences that i've had i'm broke i'm nothing the disappointment drives you to find something more important inside of you or not getting it makes you look for another aspect of your life a spiritual aspect of a family aspect a physical aspect if you can just trust that

life doesn't happen to you if happens for you and you can find in any situation a benefit that can take your life to the next level that's the number one thing you have to do is to work on yourself and to fill yourself up

and keep your cup full keep yourself full you gotta make your decisions accountable to who to your actions to you so first side boom decision second side i want you to write down every single action it's gonna take to make that decision a reality you hear me? everyone

in the center of life is gonna face situations where it feels like we have total trauma something that's been taken from us the real question is what are you gonna do with it? that you can forget about failing that test you can forget about being a disappointment to your mom

a disappointment to you dad the fact that you didn't finish school the fact that you got a divorce that fact for real for real you feel like a failure so you've been trying to make the rest of your life the best in your life but you been holding onto being a failure too forget about your past and make the rest of your life the best of your life

necessary to stop talking to people and seeking and asking for what i wanted and leveraging relationships and trying to find out how do the people do it that went ahead of me of me how did they do it? then what is it i need to do? how is it i need to train myself to develop myself what's the resources that will be required? in order to make it happen?

we're in hell right now believe me and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can fight our way back into the light we can climb outta hell

one inch at a time listen to me your life will never be the same again all the failures all the mistakes all the hurt it's over hear what i'm telling you it's over, poverty is over lack is over like you are about to live like

next level, abundance you are about to start doing things and you are going to start seeing success you have a choice to either give up or keep going give up or get up when you fail try again and again

we read a lot of books on how to become successful and then you find out they never put in the book the part when they stab someone in the back that that success and that vision that you want not working

as you read this business manual always forget people tend to leave out the dark parts i don't care if you're working at a mcdonald's i don't care if you're a garbage man i don't care if you have a a college education or even high school education

your greatness and your degrees god already placed inside of you so when you get all those people telling you that you'll never be nothing that you'll never amount to nothing even family you just keep grinding you keep grinding cause if you stop they gonna say hey i told you so

a lot of people laughed at a lot of people tried to talk us out of it a lot of people didn't understand it a lot of people wasn't ready for it but i want to remind you to continue to dream and dream big they didn't call my name

they told me it was over go for your dreams don't live life with regrets i want you to remember this every time you walk in the room with anybody know that you're special know that you mean something to this world

i don't care where you started at i don't care who told you what you couldn't be i believe in you don't care if nobody like your status god will always likes it don't care if your family members turn their back on you

and negative people want to keep coming into your life and tearing you down there's a bigger dream waiting for you just waiting for you to step into it to step into it your life is big

your life is huge and we spend so much time wanting to be in somebody else's life when i was young i had a lot of people telling me you have to adjust to the other ones you have to be like the other ones i was

listening but i wasn't always following i dragged it in, had to say i was listening but i did my own thing i kept doing my own thing and i believed in myself i kept going and it brought me where i am today confidence and believing what you do

i think that is the gold target have to be relentless never let off the gas never stop never quit never allow anyone to talk you out of the dream the vision and ideas that god has sent you it doesn't matter how many times

you get knocked down it's about getting back up so if there's any kid out there that's told by a parent or a coach or a teacher or somebody that they look up to somebody that's supposed to push them and believe in them and they're told no don't listen to them believe in yourself sometimes

the outcome isn't always what you desire it to be but the true failure in life is not trying at all i am the master of my fate don't get in line just because other people are

you know everybody got the same story we just got different details but like i always say life is ten percent what happens to you it's ninety percent what you do about it whatever you think riches is that's your definition there's a survey

that says riches and success is being happy well all you have to do then is determine what is it that makes you happy? and start down that path now to find true success i believe that you got to do some work cause it's not free everybody would love to wake up and just be happy and bubbly

but it requires some work you know for a long time iused to think that the path to success was going at it alone cause i was always busy priding myself on not asking for help i was homeless i didn't want to ask for help i lived in a car i didn't want to ask for help

and i almost missed out i didn't realize how many people were willing to have discussions with me about success you know most people that are successful if you ask them for help they'll give it to you i"m talking about advice principles solutions not money

success is all about building relationships it's not what you know it's who you know some people might not step up when you ask them for help they might not but guess what the worse thing can happen to you if somebody refuses you

you didn't have it anyway what are you worrying about that for? well they might say no or they might turn me down ask people you never know suppose they say yes that could be the turning factor but you know there are some principles that would increase your chances of getting a

success. know your worth don't let nobody else determine and don't assume anything people aren't mind readers they don't know what you think and don't assume they know unless you ask with specifics and then recognize that no is not a rejection

every time you hear no it means you're one step closer to a yes stop comparing yourself to others so the first thing you do is stop focusing on other people instead focus on being the best version of you that you can then you'll recognize

that you deserve to sit at the big table with everybody else after you become the best that you can be now once you've accepted that you have as much right to success and much right to succeed as anybody else the next step is learning how to talk the talk you have to get fluent in the language of

success so you speak it with ease surround yourself with people who have accomplished their dreams and immerse yourself in the culture of achievement and before you know it you're going to be speaking the life of your dreams into existence and like i've said before we each have a gift

but too many people miss out because they refuse to sign the lease on their gift you keep looking for it outside of you - stop, sit with yourself what is it that you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort that's your gift

but if you are constantly looking outside of yourself and you don't latch on to your gift you will never find your purpose if you want to succeed you must commit to your own gift and embrace it the first step is getting completely and brutally honest enough

to say i am tired of myself when you say i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired that's the facilitator of change that's when you're ready to say these words no more excuses no more excuses

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