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[music] it's time for church's chicken thursday night lights presented by county wide service company. . >> now, here's don harris. >> you looking live at gustafson stadium in san

antonio's north side. the preseason is over and we start zone play on the north side. good evening, everybody and welcome to church chicken's thursday night lights and warren is 1-4 and o'connor is 4-0, but you can throw that

out the window. >> on their league play, the zones are split in 26 pick a, so for warren, this is a chance to reshape what is your season at this point. they've got a young squad and o'connor coming off a really tough game with taft but they

were able to win. >> o'connor proving to be the real deal and it starts with their quarterback roel sanchez. >> one thing that the coaches raved about, one way to describe him, he's a winner. you see what he kid last week,

o'connor was missing four or five starters and they relied on this young man. he's a leader and won a lot of football games, and we'll see a lot of him in the quarterback position. >> they have experience on defense, as well, last week

blake nole getting looks. >> and uiw looking at him and o'connor, you'll notice the size of these guys with big guys upfront on both sides of the ball and nole playing. >> and he's one of the best senior players in the entire area, but good hands, speedy

receiver, about 6'1 and what the coaches like about him is his leadership ability and his ability to bring along younger players, which there are a lot of on this team. >> if you like guys that fly around to the football, jacob vasquez, number 9, an all

district performer. >> one of the guys you love to have because his motor is off the charts. we'll see a lot of jacob vasquez because he never stops. >> you know what the best part of tonight is, it's cooling

down. let's go down to the sidelines, mike hernandez for asco game time weather. >> i tell you what, it will really feel like football weather. the front came through so the winds shifted from the north,

and it will be a factor all evening running 10, 15, 20 miles an hour, 80 degrees but we'll be in the upper 60s by the 4th quarter, clear skies and relative humidity in the 20 to 30% as we go through the evening, so a perfect night for football.

so be watching that. the other thing, guys, to watch. you were talking about >> and we're back at gustafson stadium. and i so

there's not one particular guy and we have to be a sound from sideline to sideline and not give them

an opportunity or no mental mistakes and again, this is a young team we're talking about and lastly, a

game and maybe you can keep this thing close and steal one. >> it's going to be fun. okolo and

warren. >> very nice job by the warren marching band, the "national anthem" and time to get things under way and the last time these two teams met, chuck, o'connor dominated 34-0. but bryan dausin's team is always scrappy and we expect a

good one tonight. >> o'connor has veterans, and this team has a chance to be as good as any other and if that happens or not, if they stay healthy, if they put it together, obviously, that remains to be seen, but certainly, they are off to a

great start and a play here and a play there, this team could be undefeated and be the number one team in the area with three or four minutes left in that football game. a very fine football team we'll be watching. >> [inaudible] joins by the

salinas family. and charlie, jr. the headlinesman and brett allman and kevin wilcox, round out the crew tonight and leading the roughriders to an undefeated season and david gillespie with a legendary father and played for rutledge back in the 80s.

the first half kickoff brought to you by diamonds fine jewelry for everyone. michael lissy will do the kickoff honors for the o'connor panthers. vincent james runs the offense for warriors, as you can see, he's thrown for almost 500 yards

of the season, two touchdowns, three picks, one touchdown throwing the football. his favorite receiver is number 15, houston, who we featured in the start of the game and moore lining up behind him here on 1st and 10. here we go from north side,

right up the middle to devon moore, turns his way for about five. take a look at tonight's starting line-ups, dominguez, reyes, lansford upfront. we talked about the backs of receivers, williams and fonseca the runningback.

stepping down on 7 for vincent james. the o'connor defense, chuck, all over the place. o'connor, we heard about that defense, and so far, even though he's given up yards, and it will be 3rd and 3, they do pursue the football.

>> we'll probably see quarterbacks forewarned, with james, the starter and we'll see some kyree johnson, as well. >> 3rd down and 3. james looks over the o'connor defense, wants to throw. over the top. this pick and going the other

way and bradford is brought down in the 10-yard-line and houston had the play on the football and picking it off to take it back. >> that's exactly right. the ball is in the air. almost took him back to the house. >> thought we might see aing

from a for pass interference but ruled it incidental contact. here comes the panthers. sanchez on the 1st down free safety there down on sanchez. almost a thousand yards. [inaudible] throws it up the middle, touchdown, o'connor panthers, brandon bradford on

two plays and just like that, o'connor is out in front. >> well, you're giving these guys a short field and they're really asking for a lot of trouble. they kind of cleaned it up last week, and came up on the short end of the stick there, but

o'connor working on the short field, boy, you don't want to see that if you're the warren warriors. >> leading to 7 for o'connor panthers and they jump on the warren warriors here in gustafson stadium. o'connor lead

after in 11-yard drive that took 27 seconds. >> chuck: o'connor, make no bones about it. it's not how you've been playing but how you're playing right now. the coach said this week, the kids were not really happy how

they played with south. they were missing five or six starters last week, but o'connor is not going to make any excuses. taft gave them all they could handle last week, and in some regard, they were happy to get out of there with a win.

so o'connor really wanted to come out and make a statement tonight. >> seems like we just did this and we send it to the sidelines to mike hernandez. >> i'm joined by county wide service. >> this is a great evening for

excited to just be out here standing around. >> thanks for county wide being our presenting sponsor. >> we love to support the community any way we can, and it's our pleasure to do this. >> how long you been around? >> county wide has been in

business for over 50 years and it's one of the true american stories which started on the southside of san antonio in a garage and grown to what it is today. >> i've been out there and done some stories with you, and there's some great people out

there. people there for 25 years. thank you so much. >> we'll talk to you next week. >> thanks, mike. we certainly appreciate county wide and the warren warriors and trying to pick up yardage, one on 1st down and it will be

2nd down and 9. zaire taylor got him around the neck and nice take-down by taylor. >> chuck: look at the two and the size from one another is just unbelievable. >> number 56, keep your eye on him and zaire taylor with the

tackle there. 3rd down after a loss at the 3rd and 12 and james throws it out on the flat. got it, trying to get to the corner and won't, short of the 30 and taylor on the other side of the field makes the tackle. bradford, there, the same kid

who made the interception also there, 4th down and the warriors have to kick it away. >> chuck: nice job by vincent james recognizing the blitz and a better play by number two to get out there on the edge and keep them from the 1st down. >> don: kicking it away and

bradford, again, the kid with the interception, stands back at his own 45-yard-line, a kick right at him and he catches it in traffic. lucky he didn't get it loose from him and goes backwards about five yards, and that's where o'connor will have it when

we come back. gonzalez with the tackle there and the panthers lead 7-0 and they have the football here on church's chicken thursday night lights. >> don: we're back at gustafson stadium, where the o'connor panthers facing the warren

warriors, and going there's 45 about to 44 at mckeith edmonds and antonio reyes no make the stop for warriors. >> chuck: you see one of the things they really like about roel is the fact that he's got a really short stroke throwing the he's got a very good arm, got

rid of it quickly. this is called for holding. >> had a hold on the play, sanchez looks, fires and caught by bradford, facing the whatever and josiah with that. and led by rojas upfront and antonio reyes, and -- i'm not going to say that name unless

the tackle makes me say it. [laughter] okay, aiava lealaimatafao. jason's last name has 27 characters. >> this young warren defense, they'll have seven sophomores playing on that side of the football with the 3rd and long

here. >> don: inside little draw with lots of room to run across the 40, the 1st down and more as tres patterson, the junior before john dinsmore is there to take him down. >> chuck: we talk about the youth and then you gash that up

the million dollars -- that middle. a gain of 22 and sanchez cuts it down to the 10-yard-line before vasquez can pick it up and a nice pickup by sanchez. >> chuck: you can see what roel sanchez will bring, sturdy and a big arm and an unbelievable

leader. the coach says i like his blood pressure, he never gets rattled. >> that is short. he might be the best player on the field. he is an absolute superstar. >> sanchez fighting for inside is bradford, did he get there,

touchdown, brandon bradford and o'connor has the lead, 14-0. nothing fancy there. really, chuck, the key to the drive was the draw play on 3rd and long and tapia and sanchez did the rest. >> chuck: well, you've got a really young team playing

against a very big veteran squad, and young teams, you just got to see it, you know, that gash on 3rd and long on the run play, so they'll be looking for that the next time, but this is one of the best teams, the o'connor panthers, and again, they were missing some guys last

week and didn't play like they wanted to. bradford with both touchdowns and o'connor with the 14-0 lead and we're coming back on mike's mic is not operating properly, so we'll try to get that fixed. mike lissy kicking off for the

third time tonight. fonseca, then houston. fonseca at the goal line, and fonseca breaks the tackle and off to the races. makes the tackle and hung in there and was the only guy that could stop it and did right at midfield.

there is a flag. might back it up some, but a nice return by omar fonseca. things going on. we're doing a show about an underwater adventure so we'll be portraying school as fish and seaweed with great music that is traditionally water based music,

>> keep up the good work. >> back to you guys. this is kyree johnson, the second quarter we've seen here for warren tonight. he's played a lot this year and thrown for over 400 yards or plus on the season, and he's scored four touchdowns on the

season, too, so they do use him quite a bit, and he's given them a little bit of a different look as is devon moore the runningback in there for fonseca at times. fires on the near side. noah garcia on the coach and goes forward for 1st down and

brought down by dadzie but not by before picking up the 1st >> that was an credible play by dadzie -- incredible play by dadzie. this is an interesting dynamic that warren is dealing with. we have two quarterbacks, they're both seniors and really

neither guy has separated themselves from the pack, so both are pushing each area and both have earned the right to play. >> running the option, and the nice gain of about 7. bradford there. >> chuck: a little different

feel with the offense with number 2 in there. looks like they're doing a better job of just pounding upfront and trying to get, you know, the dirty yards, three and four yards. >> don: giving them a shot in the arm be number 77, oscar hays

and line the line of scrimmage and maybe one more. set up 3rd down and 3. and noah, number 56 and oscar williams subs out and johnson with the play call from coach d. a big opportunity for warriors on the third down conversion. >> chuck: yeah, you talk about

this being a huge play early in the game, but obviously, it is, giving up two quick scores. >> flags fly, and we have procedure, going to be a false start. >> false start, offense. [inaudible] replay, third down. >> you go from 3rd and 3 to 3rd

and 8. those are drive killers if he's not able to convert on 3rd and 8. earn a degree of difference. the change of formation, three wide now to the left side for houston, starks and williams and johnson close to the stick.

he's going to be close. he's got to get to the 44 and he looks like he's at about the 45 and a half. >> chuck: man, that was just a tremendous individual effort. i mean, that snap was nowhere near him. he had to gather the football

and gather his wits in front of him. >> they did mark him just a little bit short, but man, that is a super play. >> all right, so we have 4th down and less than 1. kyree johnson keeps it to himself and that was good for

4th and 10, another graceland 1st down for the warren warriors and kyree johnson is really giving some life to the warren offense. >> chuck: especially on this drive, dominguez and reyes from the left side and over on the right side, lansford and aelman

and rodriguez the guy in the you know, if -- he's pushed out of bounds. patterson to hold him down. >> chuck: a big hole on the right side, so it will be coming back. >> holding, offense, 10-yard penalty.

replay, 1st down. >> there it is. the ball gets flipped out to the right side and there you see on the top of the screen, can't grab ahold of guys' jerseys like that and not expect to be caught. officials saw that all the way.

c'mon, guys. we're having a nice drive here. we just can't keep shooting ourselves in the foot. >> don: it's been two steps forward, three steps back for the warren offense this is the 2nd down and long, about 13. >> chuck: kyree johnson is

explosive and also very, very patient and waits for things to develop before he makes his move and then picks up yardage. >> the warren warriors have it with 2nd and long and on the move. that's the end of one and o'connor shutting out the

warriors at this point but the warriors are on the move when we come back to church's chicken thursday night lights. >> don: we're back in gustafson stadium where o'connor lead warren, 14-0 in the start of the 2nd quarter here at gus. time to take a look at the 1st

quarter highlights. unfortunate turn of events right there as houston receiver fell down and bradford returning an interception, to set up o'connor's first touchdown. brandon bradford punched it in to make it 7-0 and added to it with a second touchdown later in

the quarter. the warriors were moving their football making a change in quarterback, and kyree johnson leading the way has been in midfield, as we take a look at the first half stats, really, it's not a game dominated by statistics, because o'connor

didn't have a real long way to go. the turnover seems to be the big difference right now. >> chuck: as it usually is in these football games, and also, don, there is a stiff breeze if you're looking at the tv picture, from left to right, you

know, if you want to throw the football, obviously it's easier to throw with the wind at your back than into the wind, so we'll see if warren can take advantage of that breeze, now that they changed ends here. >> rolling out, fires, caught down to the 30-yard-line is noah

garcia, nice touch on the pass television by johnson. bradford with the coverage, but after that penalty, warren, again, has a manageable 3rd and 4 and it might be in two down territory anyway, the ball spotted just short of the 30. >> chuck: earlier this week, we

were told that garcia is the kid that [inaudible]. >> don: with the 1st down and more, dives down towards the 20 in the 22-yard-line and bradford there with the tackle. >> chuck: whenever this young man has his hands on the football, something good

happens. he gets an immediate shot on the offense and the first couple drives, but even with the penalties, warren is going to be able to use their athletism down field. >> that is the 11th play of this drive and they look to keep the

drive alive. johnson, why not. do it until they stop you. this time, picks up only four and reid to make the tackle and as long as you can get four yards, you're going to take it. >> things going your way, and they are letting o'connor

they're going to be here awhile. >> don: in the johnson red zone and he fires and looking out there for leo williams, and leo had two panthers surrounding him and a little miscommunication because you can see leo may have to run the slant there with some miscommunication and they're

sorting it all out with a 3rd and 7. >> leo is the kind of kid. >> the short and the microphone of charlie, so 3rd down and 12. >> you have a young team, don, these are the growing pains you have to go through, i mean, coach dausin is really excited

about some of the kids coming up, raving about the sophomore and freshman class. he says he has really good athletes. >> don: houston has got it on the slant and houston's got a 1st down. green there to make the tackle

but a nice dart by johnson by his leading receiver. >> they have six seniors on the offense and right now, senioritis. all kinds of seniors doing things for warriors. he's one of the guys you can't get the ball to him enough with

good size, really good speed, great hands and obviously, one that the team looks to as a >> 1st and goal on the 9 for warriors and johnson throws it out there and nevin turned over his left shoulder and that ball is overthrown as williams was the intended receiver.

>> chuck: that looked like contact over there, but obviously, i don't know if paul bunion had a chance to catch that one. warren doing well on this run and this drive, which continues on the 2nd down. >> don: we've seen a lot of

kyree johnson on the quarterback draws and since he's coming to the football game, he keeps on the zone read and runs over a panthers defender inside the 5 and the 4 and showing off his ability to run people over, they will get the attention of your teammates, seeing him take them

down, that will get everybody fired up. >> we'll have a time-out called by the o'connor defense, and in the meantime, let's send it down to mike hernandez whose got a mic in one man that now works and chicken in the other. >> life is good.

life is good. victoria from church's chicken. how you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> thank you for supporting us. i found out there is something older than me, in 1952, when church's started. tell us about that?

>> it started in san antonio across from [unintelligible] and we've been cooking chicken a really long time. >> there was really a mr. church? >> there really was a mr. church. he founded us and started our

wonderful restaurant. >> it was dirt, church's and me. what do you have here? >> this is the wonderful oreo pie which you need to try after. >> i'll force myself. >> i invite everyone to come out after the game for a family meal, 14 piece usually legs and

thighs for 14.99 and all the good you get for $4. >> wow! that's great. appreciate it. thanks for story. i don't feel so old anymore. back to you guys. >> don: a big play here 3rd and

goal for warren offense. they run a man in motion, kyree johnson fires and throws but he short-hopped it, and that's one he wants back. quinton starks all the way across the field and he's open and johnson knows he just u underthrew it.

>> that is up and good and the warriors are on the board, 14-3, warren showing signs of life as sartin with the field goal and more 2nd quarter action here in gustafson stadium on church's chicken thursday night lights. >> don: welcome back to gus o'connor over warren, 14-3 with

nine minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. that kicked off a 16 play drive. just missed on one play and making this a touchdown. but really a completely new spark and new energy with kyree johnson out there. >> chuck: i'm sure he wanted to

come away with six points from that possession, but after the drive was over, he applauded his entire offense sitting on the bench. so yeah, that's what you want. punched in the face early, but how are you going to respond. they responded in kind, went

down with a long drive. saw miller bradford back there, going down through the end zone and o'connor have it, but first, down to the sidelines with the halftime show coming up with mike hernandez. >> all right, i'm joined by the assistant director danny afgati.

how are you. >> fine. >> i said what are you going to do at halftime? he said we have the fire stuff. >> it is called queen of fire and so we have a bunch of tunes with music from the imitation games, and music from a russian

composer, so we're going around many genres. >> so the o'connor band, their theme is underwater stuff. >> yeah, sure. >> so you have fire and water here? >> something like that. >> how many years you've been

doing this? >> my sixth year here at warren. >> how do you like it? >> i love it. a good program. >> you play a lot of music from my era. >> our band director likes to keep the crowd entertained so

that's the thing we do. >> thanks for joining us. funny guys! >>. >> chuck: i got excited there is fire in halftime, and i thought it would be an all-star show, blowing stuff up. words are hurtful.

>> don: i was thinking [inaudible] out to the left side to patterson to the 45 and that will move the chains. dinsmore there to push him out but not before he has another impromptu 1st down. >> chuck: a pass option there and taking it back and what i

like, don, about his throwing motion, it's short and out quickly, and he's got a darn good arm. >> don: zone read for another 1st down and kaleb williams on the tackle. brandon is responsible for 14 points and miller got him down

there with the interception and miller with the return kick and caught a ball and he has made at least five tackles that i can count. down near the 40 is patterson and vasquez made the tackle. >> chuck: they can come at you in so many different ways, and

this is another team that likes to spread the wealth obviously, even running the football. patterson with 244 yards rushing on the season with a receiving touchdown. >> don: sanchez doing a nice job to bring it down and short of the 1st down.

the second and about three. >> chuck: get ready for league play here, and obviously, we talk about the panthers and playing in their non-district days. they were full strength on offense, and boy, is it showing starting tonight.

this one is huge for o'connor, but i tell you what, they slicing and dicing in the >> don: patterson, jr. rolls away for another impromtu 1st down and the panthers are in the rhythm and a very dangerous target bradford to the 10, bradford to the end zone,

bradford, touchdown! flags fly. i believe that is a face mask on the tackle and won't effect anything and brandon bradford showing speed, hitting the cease and finding the pylons. >> chuck: there are bradfords running all over the field

like watching an episode of "8 is enough". >> don: that's the line of the year, chuck. a great one. i remember that show. >> you're the only guy laughing. [inaudible] . >> don: all right.

o'connor back out in front, 21-3 after brandon bradford's third touchdown of the night. the panthers are rolling when we come back on church's chicken >> if he looks tired, he should be. brandon bradford has three touchdowns tonight, all of

o'connor's scores and his 28-yarder was speed and strength with the 75-yard drive with the o'connor offense put it in high gear. he even survived a face mask at the end of the play. but chuck, i really like how he hit the hole and turned on

another gear. >> chuck: they talked about all week, they didn't feel they were taking advantage of the opportunities last week when taft presented them some, but boy, that has not been the case. o'connor really looks the part and the reason they've been in

the tnl poll all season long. >> don: all right, so it's going to be a short field for lissy's kick, instead, do the union side squiver and mike hernandez licked the grease off his fingers and wiped his mouth after eating four pieces of church's chicken.

>> it's only three. this is reilly walker from san antonio sports, with the big all-star game coming up, and cheer challenge, can you explain how that works? >> it's a chance for any cheer squad in san antonio to cheer on national television and win

$1,000 and we're in the final two weeks of registration, so you can register only by going to san >> the big event is the all-star game, and that is such a hoot to be a part of. and actually before the game, there are three all stars

participating tonight and tell us about that and the game itself. >> we finalized the rosters on tuesday, so i'm extremely excited to be out here with a couple receivers and linemen and the game is the 27th and the tickets go on sale on saturday.

>> there are actually two games, right? >> oh, yes, the u.s. army american bowl, the best players in the nation and the san antonio all stars game, the best players in the city, can't wait. >> had the pleasure to do that last year and it was a lot of

fun. >> reilly, have fun and try not to wear yourself out with the all-star stuff. >> blake noah, number 56 on the defense right there and warren's whatever, number 16, dennis houston, all part of the san antonio all-star game.

johnson is incomplete. >> last time, he had to kick it in the win. >> don: miller bradford in to receive this one but first, warren is going to call a time-out with a problem with the substitution there. so they'll burn their first and

that will give us time to look at the schedules coming up. zone play starting tonight, so really, if you're warren with a tough start, this is kind of the chance for second wind. if you're o'connor and off to a 4-1 start and up 21-3 in your sixth game and look what is

left, stephens, jay and clark and here in the zone play, wait for week 11 to see who is going to get that playoff spot and reseed. >> chuck: there are so many great players in this district and o'connor will probably be the class when it's all said and

done. stevens has gotten better so you never know. taft gave o'connor a fist fight last week and jay and clark and some of the other schools are hoping to bloody somebody's nose and make it in the play-in game the last game of the season, but

it will be very interesting to see who comes out of it. >> we had homes this year. nice booming kick for warriors back up o'connor to the 13. >> chuck: a really nice jump >> don: any time it comes off the food and turns over like a pass instead of a kick, it's

what you want as we look at what is coming up for the halftime show. that is all coming up on the halftime show. looking forward to it reverse action here. bradford has got it. that was trey patterson with

real moveability there. >> chuck: great jump in his game. >> don: he'll reverse instead of stringing it. >> chuck: there's one right whoa! look at that. that's side to side.

nice work. sanchez wants to go big to tappia, and tapia let up at the route at the four-yard-line. jacob vasquez was there covering it and tapia staying in his highest gear. i think he would have gotten to it but stutterstep to keep him

from going down there. >> chuck: we were talking about the stiff wind that o'connor would have to see in this series, and if you're wondering about roel sanchez's arm strengthen, trust me, he's fine. he just flipped it 55 yards. >> 35, across the 40 with the

1st down and what a gutty, tough run for jacob vasquez. >> chuck: takes the ball, not working on the right side and a jitterbug on his step, too. he's sturdy, don, not tall, but i tell you what, he's thick below the waist and all the way down and you see the power.

>> hands to brandon bradford. sanchez looks away and goes to brandon bradford, who punches it near midfield and short in the raggette there on the tackle. >> chuck: he will go back and tell roel, hey, bro, i have a 20 yard dig and i was wide open, and roel is going to say, hey,

man, i got a lot of things to look at so i'll get you later. >> tapia ask a special athlete, special student and you'll hear more about that at the half. he lines up at the very top of the screen here on 3rd down and 2. patterson comes into motion on

this side and to keep all the way for sanchez and has room. oh, my goodness! what a play. benjamin green there to make the stop but not before roel sanchez, the best ezekiel elliot from the other nationwide. >> chuck: roel or ronaldo

nehemiah. >> don: very nice over the top, all district player. >> chuck: i tell you what, this kid is impressive. it was funny talking to coach malesky and he said, i like him because he's short like me. >> don: fires out in the flat.

that one is caught to the 30, down for near another 1st down is number 82 nathan barrage. >> we could go on and on about what this coaching staff thinks of roel sanchez. i mean, awe talked about coach malesky saying i love his blood pressure because it's opposite

of mine, never rattled but plays with such confidence that it just rubs off on every guy around him. >> here's sanchez, again, up the he's got room and he's got strength and gets all the way down to about the 3-yard-line. vasquez is feeling his oats now.

>> chuck: he's getting where he needs to be and finishing off these runs, as well. so many ways he can beat you, and we're seeing it all on this drive. >> 1st down and goal for the panthers leading 21-3, looking to add to it here.

patterson in the backfield with sanchez and run sanchez straight left behind a wall of blockers and still turning and he's going to be stopped short. nice job by the warren defense to stop him and jacob vasquez, again. >> chuck: he didn't get in but

at least it gives them a chance to work on the clock with under two minutes to go and o'connor trying to get the ball. >> a flag down on the 10th drive of the game. five-yard-penalty, 2nd down. >> don: that will back them up, 2nd down and goal as sanchez

handed it to patterson with a false start beforehand. >> chuck: we talked about how veteran this o'connor team is and how big they r-but there were a lot of question marks they had upfront and they are young and inexperienced and coach malesky said that is

probably what surprised him at this point how quickly the guys have gelled and how well they they don't have a single senior on the line last week, and you know, he talks about the team he had before, and said we have had a lot of good players come through here and the community

has embraced what is going on with this football program, but you know, the final analysis, i think he knows he's got a special group here and whether this group goes deep or not and goes district, obviously, remains to be seen, but i think he's really excited about what

this squad, the particular group of kids can achieve if they put their mind to it and really buys in, which they have so far. >> don: 2nd down for sanchez who wants to throw. he's got it and a touchdown for edmonds who cleared out north of the goal line and brings it in

for six. >> chuck: roel using his legs a lot on this drive to move the chafrns but the only nice play is drop back to the pocket, outside and rolls a little bit and and trying to make it 28-3 for lissy, and he does. we'll head to the sidelines with

mike hernandez, mike. >> i'm joined by katy munoz. >> it's great this. breeze is awesome. >> i had nothing to do with it. so what you got here? >> this is a flash t-shirt and if you're into it, you have to come to comic-com and if you

want to see the notre dame fighting irish face the knights, text that and then the party on the plaza, teaming up and show the iheart music festival with free stuff. >> a lot on the menu. >> am going on. >> don: chuck's number one pick,

you're not going to go the iheart festival thing right, not your genre. you'll want to go to the shamrock game. so you have to go to comic-com. >> you're inlegible. >> don: to the 30 and no fair catch and nice payoff for the

warriors that get across the 35 with another look at the smile cam and warren still smiling even if they trail 28-3. the cheerleaders wking hard trying to get the warriors fans fired up with 17 seconds left here on the first half on a night where we need signs of

life from the warren offense and they scored after a really long drive, couldn't get the touchdown and settles for three but o'connor have been impressive on both sides of the >> chuck: maybe warren has a couple scores but you have a young team out here trying to

find its way. and you have to sometimes throw them to the wolves, so to speak, and have done a good job at least moving the football. see if we can get something here in the end. >> don: johnson fires that and caught across the 45 and the 50,

quinton stark, one of the leading receivers. >> chuck: they have really talented wide receivers and starks made a greatly catch and battling to get out of bounds. where are you guys going to be this weekend? you know where we're going to

we're going to be in san marcos with chuck in his old stomping grounds as we call the cardinals and the bobcats from bobcat stadium, live college football on the cw-35, saturday at 6:30, a chance to talk to the coach this is week from both schools, and going to be a fun college

football game in a really good atmosphere in texas state with 33,000 last time. >> chuck: and you know, we think both those schools are in great hands with their coaches, so it's going to be a lot of fun, and the biggest decision i need to make is eating grim's before

the game or herbert's taco shot. still up for debate. maybe both. >> don: that's your stomping ground. kyree johnson takes it to the 40. juan gonzalez makes the tackle. so the restaurants that were

open when you were in carson is still in business. >> they're that good. it's funny because david bailiff, also a big san marcos guy, went to mcarthur high school, when he was down for visit in san antonio and came to speak to us and he said, i

couldn't decide, so i went to both. >> don: that sounds like him. >> chuck: and tip top cafe for dessert. >> and he also had a meal in austin, so may have been four or five meals stretched into about a 90-minute period.

>> don: david bailiff, one of the best and such a good guy, it almost pains me to see north texas beat [unintelligible] but it almost did. down to two ticks on the clock. >> chuck: trying to pray some beads, throw a hail mary and see what happens.

>> don: tell you what, you have the wind at their back, with houston at the top of the screen, number 15 running out there near the 40, load up on that side of the football on the left side and if they can buy him enough time, and they can get him down there.

johnson avoids the tacklers and crosses the line of scrimmage, so he's going to run out of options to throw it out of bounds and that will do it. it's halftime. o'connor panthers, 28 and the warriors, 3 and dominated by the bradfords of o'connor.

great offensive job, and mike hernandez is going to run down to bryan dausin who had some opportunities but we'll see what he thinks about what his squad did here in first half. >> i'm with coach dausin, what do you think of the first >> we can't give them any gifts

and we did. they're too good an offense to give them something that easy. i am proud of how we responded and we have to some them. >> good luck in the second half and we're anxious to see the adjustments made. thank you.

>> don: thanks, mike. when we come back, it will be time for the serrita's halftime show with the scholars after the week on church's chicken >> don: welcome back to gustafson stadium and o'connor leads 28-3 at the half and that means it's time for the set

serrita's half show and we're now listening to the o'connor marching band. [applause] >> don: very nice job by o'connor marching band. if you'd like to vote for the band for the san marcos band grand, just text band 11 to

4053. >> don: welcome back to the serrita's mexican halftime show and time for vulcan material companies scour athletes of the we be. here's mike hernandez. the scholar athletes of this week are playing cyo baseball

and basketball when they were very young. first o'connor senior, jonathan tappia, who plays varsity football and baseball, and although he says he likes them both, he definitely has a favorite. >> i love baseball.

i've been playing since t-ball so 5, 6 years old, and from there on, travel ball. i've loved it ever since. >> jonathan is going to continue to get the chance to play baseball at the next level. >> [indiscernable] >> here's carrying a 9.5 gpa and

has his priorities straight. >> i've been doing since i was little, first baseball, football, go to practice, hit the books and study from thereon, so throughout the week, i mean, i just study and do the best i can in school. school is first all the time and

then sports. >> j.t. joyce -- enjoys serving the veterans and the homeless. and the starting center for warriors football team. >> playing o-line, you have to love the contact and honestly, everybody that i talked to, me included, we love the contact.

we love hitting somebody and getting back up, no better feeling. >> cody can not only take it but dish it out, too with a 98.5 gpa and part of the national honor society since his junior year and he's not taking the easy road when he goes to college

either. >> i'm looking into mechanical engineering now and applying at uc and ucsa and see where it goes from there. >> and he understands how important it is to give back to the community. >> i think it's important,

because some people don't have it as good as we do, so we need to go out there and help them, show them through these times, we're still a community no matter where you are. >> cody attributes his cannot in the classroom and life to a great support system that

includes his parents, brother and sister and even his coaches. congratulations to cody and jonathan, this week's vulcan materials scholar athletes of the week. >> very nice, mike. we go down to the field now and hear from the warren high school

>> don: time for the first half highlights. o'connor got this started early with millard bradford with this touchdown making it 7-0 and the second touchdown making it 14-0. warren got a spark. kyree johnson running quarterback, drove it down the

field to make it 14-3. and then, it was more of the bradfords, brandon showing speed and strength to get through pylons and o'connor is in full control, 28-3. we'll be back with second half action, as we get ready to kick it off here on church's chicken

thursday night lights, when we come back. >> oh, it's a fun night here in marvin gustafson stadium, north side district, zone play coming and malesky hurtying up and gig ready and they lead warren, 28-3. >> we said last week, don, a

little bit of a hickup and they were able to win the game and they were shorthanded and they really come out tonight and show you why they're one of the best teams in the entire area. >> sartin puts his foot into the second half diamond kickoff and kicks it down to the panthers

who will take over at the 15-yard-line. and we'll send it down to the sidelines to mike hernandez. >> yeah, guys. i did get a chance to talk to head coach malesky from the o'connor panthers and he said, yeah, any time you're ahead

28-3, that's a good deal. one thing they are going to try to clean up is the fact that the warriors were able to move the ball effectively there on the one drive where they picked up three points and there are some odds and ends to deal with. >> don: warren will try to keep

them from doing that, with incomplete on the 1st down for sanchez to patterson. if they open up that offense any more, we're going to see that guy right there throw the ball more than he did in the first half. he's got bradford back there

with him here, and sanchez a very capable passer. bradford tries to stretch it. ant antonio reyes ran with him down the sideline to the line of scrimmage and made the tackle. >> both of these offensive lines are doing a really good job and

both of the squads are doing a nice job on the ground tonight especially. >> 3rd and short, 3rd down and 3 for o'connor caught by the big tight end and jacob vasquez there for tackle. >> chuck: a really nice play design on this one and looks

like everything will go to the left side. instead, sneaks down the middle of the field and he's such a big target and such a hard guy to bring down. you can see why the panthers like to go to him, especially on 3rd down.

>> that's a graceland 3rd down for panthers. >> chuck: nice block there at the line of scrimmage with a low center of gravity and a very patient runner waiting for things to develop, and once he sees the box open up, he's there and does the damage.

>> sanchez gives it to him again and that time, the stuff by jason coronado. >> chuck: coronado, one of the sophomores they really like, a great job by him. again, able to side step his blocker and still come up and make the play.

you have a lot of youth on this side of the football and of course, it will show from time to time, but they really like the athletes that they have and they have to kind of wait for them to grow up a little bit, but they're getting a lot of game action and john dinsmore

finally brought him down, and you can see that speed. >> chuck: o'connor is going to make them defend the entire football field. you see them look left, and get it right, and moving the football around, and this offense looks like it cannot be

stopped. >> he was the 7th player on the o'connor team to catch a pass tonight and sanchez keeps on the quarterback draw. that's down, after he gets inside the college red zone, answer jason coronado there to tackle him.

seven receivers for sanchez tonight, spreading the wealth around and the o'connor offense spreading it around the field with precision. >> chuck: precision and tempo. makes it look a lot easier than it probably is. >> don: 2nd and 1, patterson has

it, tries to fight for the 1st down, a little bit short. going to be close. >> jared raggette there with the tackle. >> chuck: getting a good push and that is a third and short. >> don: they're going to measure.

seen the officiating crews cut down on this recently and you don't cut down unless you necessarily have to. >> chuck: ryan rojas rojas standing up and waiting for his buddies to help make a play. missed it by that much. >> don: by that much.

this is one of the things with all of the technology in football that the chain is still the most arcane thing out there. we were talking about baseball, the strike zone technology may someplace eliminate umpires in college ball calling strikes. there's got to be microlaser

technology. >> chuck: sure, just set the grid up with it. >> don: sanchez with the 1st down and moore, inside the 5 and look at the strength as he pushes wards the goal line. >> chuck: not done yet. >> don: he might still get

no signal. >> he's like, look, i'm right >> don: he's like i'm on the other side of the white line. his knee may have gone down before he got there, but still, he was stopped short at the 5 and just pure leg drive took him -- the ball crossed.

>> chuck: how about big 71 logan parr and touchdown, bradford's fourth of the game. very impressive for brandon bradford. >> chuck: yeah, the entire offense really doing anything it wants. and bradford has done a really

nice job finishing off his drives. a little push in the back, just too much to handle. >> lissy no add the extra point and 35-3 and we are inside eight minutes here in the 3rd quarter. you're watching church's chicken thursday night lights on the

cw35. >> don: welcome back to church's brandon bradford is gassed, again, now after his fourth with 86 yards, and the panthers are in total control now, as we had time to think monarch trophy, i would think that brandon bradford might be a

candidate with his four touchdowns. the player of the game trophy, the winning team and the player of game custom designed by monarch trophy studio as you're looking for trophies, plaques or custom engravings. call [inaudible] this is

lights and eight years and counting. warren receiving this one in their 24-yard-line, doing a nice job busting through hole and getting down to the 40-yard-line is benjamin green. what a nice job he did hauling that in and that is a football

player trying to make a play for his team giving them field position for the first drive. >> don: the warren warriors will run out kyree johnson, again, at quarterback to start the second half, really kind of gave their offense when they came in the first half, runs over a

linebacker, picks up five, maybe six. calvin danze likes to carry the throws it out and is caught for >> chuck: this might be a week to week thing with the warriors, you know, because coach dausin said that vincent james was asserting himself a little bit

and liked where he was going, but kyree doing a nice job, the and johnson had 126 yards and warren combined the rest of the team, had one and after that play, it's more like 145. >> chuck: and he's athletic, he's long, doesn't look like he's afraid to run the ball at

all. he's like a runningback playing quarterback, but has made some nice throws, too. >> don: moore might score. moore inside the 15, down to the 5-yard-line, and taylor brought him down but a nice run off the pitch.

by devon moore, the junior and all of a sudden, the warren warriors have some light. >> chuck: great block downfield, as well with some of the big linemen making big plays for him down the field. >> an o'connor panther down so they're stopping the action with

the panthers have the lead. we'll take a break and when we come back, o'connor lead warren 35-3, but the warriors are moving the football. the intensity on the o'connor sideline and he is reading the right act on the defense. >> don: johnson, inside the 3,

down to the 2. millard bradford there to make bradford is probably up there in double digits in tackles and also had an interception. >> chuck: a nice job walking in front. >> 2nd down and goal at the 2. johnson, short, but you got to

like what dausin is dialing up. it's worked all game long with this kid. he's been really 99.9% of your there he is again and you have to throw it and it's caught, touchdown, warriors! noah garcia puts warren on the board for the first time tonight

with a touchdown, and johnson >> chuck: garcia is one of the guys that dausin was telling us, they do not give him the ball enough and they made a concerted effort tonight. a nice job by kyree finding a throwing lane and a chance for garcia to score.

>> don: warren is not going away quietly. kyree johnson, the touchdown pass and noah garcia makes it 35-10 with five minutes to play in the 3rd quarter. >> you know, it's been tough running with the panthers at times, but you're going up

against a quality defensive front, and the guys up front are doing a really nice job. but it was a good point, don, showing everything that church's chicken thursday night lights is all about. what we're able to do on the [inaudible] you can show the pep

rallies and really make a big deal and hype the games and talk about what the scores are all about, because it is more than the games on thursday. there's so many things going on, and of course, during football season, it's not too hard for both of these communities or any

community that we feature on thursday night lights to get excited and hyped about it, so it's cool to get a chance to show a little bit of everything. >> don: that was the vision of dean ratcliffe from the beginning and for the last four years, it's been our privilege

to be a part of it. started eight years ago, and it's been something to admire for a tv station, to take that financial risk to broadcast these games, and the community service is the greater need and good and i know it's appreciated by a lot of the parents.

and we said many times, other than being announcers, it's pretty cool to dvr this and keep it as kind of a video scrapbook. >> brandon butler when griven t opportunity, year in and year out. it's a roll of the dice to see

who the going to do what. but you know, you have great talent here and coach malesky not one to beat his own chest, but kudos to their great players and a consistent coaching staff. the guys on his staff for many, many years, and he feels like because they have all these

different things working. it's one thing to get some talent and obviously, you never know what you're going to end up with. with warren, they're so young and maybe waiting a year or two from now, but malesky has done a good a job year in and year out.

>> malesky a successful coach for huskies. playing college ball as a linebacker for texas a&m, so he has a great football lineage and a no-nonsense coach and his program is disciplined and it's tough, and it's organized and he's got good athletes over

>> yeah, you talk about his dad going into the edgewood hall of fame october 20th and think about the guys he's running around with from his dad and some of the things he's picked up along the way, but playing for frank arnold back in the day and all these different guys,

and it's really paying off for o'connor football program over the years. >> don: breaks down at the 30. frank arnold is your head coach and rutledge is your d-line coach. >> chuck: not bad. >> i tell you what, don, they

haven't had to put the ball in the air but this kid is one of the best weapons in the entire city, and i'm amazed and marvelling of this kid as baseball player, but as a football player, he's really something special now that the college scouts are looking to

handle the football players, too, so he may have some options. i know utsa is excited about having him as a baseball player but he's sturdy and i am impressed what he can do on the he's one of the kids that can stretch the field and a big play

guy when given the opportunity and he will be a force for this squad as they go forward. >> you know, they made it kind of clear that he's all in for baseball. i don't know how much interest he has -- patterson with the nice 360 spin move to buy about

five more yards. but i don't know how much interest he has to play football when you hear the passion he has for baseball. >> chuck: take a look at another great run by o'connor. he's been so successful running the ball.

>> i tell you what, utsa has got themselves a good one if he ends up there for football, or who knows. >> hughes, down the sidelines, touchdown, o'connor! hughes just tightroped the sidelines and put the o'connor panthers over 40 for the night.

wow! speed and vision and agility to get behind that blocker. stays inbounds and tries to make it 42-10 and that's what he does, all o'connor panthers here at gustafson stadium tonight even with a back-up quarterback, they just keep running athletes

out there, and o'connor in full control. >> chuck: well, hughes only touched the ball five times last week and scored on three of them, so they've got big players and big play makers all up and down this line-up. >> don: o'connor is rolling on

18 yards for the last touchdown. warren will have it. across the 30-yard-line is benjamin green, again, doing a nice job. kyree johnson, again, out here, again, for quarterback. pretty comforting for coach malesky you can take your

starter out. let brandon butler in on the football game only one incomplete this year and took him down the field for another punch. you never know when you have to plug someone in. you want to be healthy as much

as you can, but it's cool to get the guys in and get them some snaps. >> don: houston with a nice pickup down at the 40. that will move the sticks and it's 1st down strike for kyree johnson. millard bradford, again, to make

johnson to noah and brings it to 2nd down. >> chuck: another big target. like every team has got a huge play making tight end. >> don: don't forget to register for the san antonio all-star cheer challenge, the for info.

the block and houston showing speed, houston down to the 20-yard-line. great block after the catch, green finally brings him down, but a nice job by that warren offense to make it happen. >> chuck: i was more impressed with the throw, to tell you the

truth. i thought kyree did a nice job dropped back, looked at two or three receivers before we finally found the guy he was looking for wide open in the soft spot. really nice poise delivering that football.

>> don: felipe gomez brings johnson down with his numbers on the night. >> chuck: yeah, i mean, most the count, vincent james was probably the better of the two throwers, but-- >> it's going to be the end of the 3rd quarter.

they did not get the snap off in time. johnson is wondering if they maybe had a false start. but it's not. when we come back, they'll try to make it 42-17. johnson has them on the move as we go into the 4th quarter.

and. gustafson stadium, as we start the 4th quarter. i was talking to one of the board members and they love having us here on thursday night lights, with the band members having a great time. kids have to go to school

tomorrow, but they like the football games on thursday night and the director stan lang doing a great job of trying to schedule these games. 3rd down and 15, warren's gone backwards with the first goal at 5 and johnson keeping and fighting down at the 20.

he'll be short. really no decision here. you're down 42-10, just go for it. 4th and 10. starts with houston, wide. the slant and houston is behind him, caught it. >> chuck: wow!

>> the 1st down for warren. what a great catch. i don't know if he got it from simply vantage point, but what a fantastic point. >> chuck: he had a guy on top of him and a guy underneath. >> 1st down and looking into the corner.

it's caught and a touchdown for the warren warriors. noah garcia on the receiving end of another touchdown. warren is not out of it yet. >> chuck: he had one touchdown catch coming into this game and he's got two in this half. just the size and athletism.

it's 42-16 and will stay that way on church's chicken thursday night lights. >> don: a big night for those two, kyree johnson and noah garcia, really sparked this offense in the second half, the last drive, eight plays, 70 yards.

garcia's second touchdown of the night. bryan dausin found himself quite a bit a quarterback in this young man. he came in the 2nd quarter and has given life to the warren offense, even though they're a bit overmatched with a very good

o'connor football team trying to go 5-1, highly ranked on our platform. the warriors may have something to build on even if they don't win tonight. nice job for jalen hughes to get down there to crain. sanchez is there to catch the

kick. actually, that was brian huerta. sanchez came out of the ball we saw the back-up, butler, here he comes again. the junior, tall, good size. i was watching him down on the field before the game, and i was impressed with a lot of the

guys. they were making it look easy. >> last six possessions to o'connor, they're not messing around. a late substitution here and we'll take this break with them with david malesky always trying to fix things and improve it,

doing pretty well for his squad now, 42-16. they have $2500 band performance to the top band performance all depending on your votes sponsor bid north carolina furniture direct. if you like to o'connor band, text 411 and if you like warren,

band 12 to 45203. if you have any more questions, go to o'connor has got it with 1st and 10 and butler to patterson at about the 3. if you're the o'connor panthers, you're going to run clock with a lead like, this but you never

know, one more touchdown by warren may really spark their interest in trying to get back into this. >> the kids are still hitting each other down there, and number 75, the sophomore, these guys are really mixing it up down there.

>> jacob vasquez, the free safety on every tackle. that kid is all over the place. turn and hand to patterson. he's got speed and the corner, in the 40, runs out of bounds. >> chuck: they've had a lot of success running that play all night long, cut back left and

look how well coach had the young man is, the presence of mind to put the ball in his other hand, to fight another day. >> 25 yard pickup. >> just like that. this time to ryan huerta. getting some carries in there

with the kick return. >> give that young man some varsity snaps, like playing in a football game and you can wear some of the rust off. >> 3rd down at the 7. joshua crayton on the tackle. >> chuck: i'm really impressed with this o'connor football

team. last week, i didn't really get a chance to see much of their game and i saw some of the highlights and i thought, wow, that really gave them a game last week. you know, they've been battling a little bit of the injury bug, a lot of the teams have been

doing that this late in the season. >> butler is big and he's fast. >> chuck: patience running there, but i tell you what, they have really looked the part tonight, i mean, they're right back to where they were on their non-district schedule.

kind of picking his way and as you said, he's a tall young man and done the most with his opportunities when he can. >> don: 1st down for o'connor panthers, leading 42-16. near the eight-minute mark here near the 4th quarter. picks up about three or four,

the first team offensive line is still in there so the faster receivers, and now, they sub the entire second team offensive line in. the starters come out, and it looks like the entire offensive line for o'connor just went on a crash diet and everybody lost

about 30 pounds. >> chuck: i tell you what, they really have done the job they were youthful coming into the season but that particular group did a fine job tonight. they have a freshman in there playing, and played in every single game, started every

single game, all five of them. >> don: in there now for the offensive line is brooks, chavez, noah stout, and alex grimm. >> o'connor is calling a time-out to make sure they give these guys the experience. a lot of times you're coaching

for next year as you give these guys some experience. o'connor 42, warren, 16. >> check out the smile cam and welcome to cw35. chuck and i and mike hernandez down on the sidelines. we get a look at the other teams in our area uaw and texas state

looking forward to being out >> don: trying to get out of this, nice job by jason coronado. a loss on the play. what did you say the two places? >> herbert's taco bar and grimm. those were my two favorite places back in the day.

they're still there. they must be good. >> that was a long, long time ago. >> chuck: yes, it was. >> don: 1902. >> i went to the university of north texas. before that, it was north texas

state. [inaudible] i'm not sure what that means, but -- coming up after this ball game, it's "the flash" and "the supernatural." i like the t-shirt they showed earlier, the cw35 crew. stick around here on the cw35 for more great tv "flash" and

"supernatural." you know what, that would be the first punt. chuck, we said earlier, [unintelligible] but you can win a family four pack of notre dame and army, the shack roll series coming to the alamodome, just text:

>> don: we've seen johnson most of the slight. he throws a slant and too far in front of houston, kind of led him too much. we saw johnson most of the [inaudible] gomez with the should be a good time. >> they bring it here every once

in awhile. that one is caught and williams across the 40 and out of bounds right there. nice job. with his athletic ability to grab it with one hand and shows his speed. >> yeah, he had a big game last

week, too. i know they were trying to give him the ball more in the air, but nice job by corbin green coming all the way across the field with a nice angle to run him out of bounds. >> don: here's fonseca down at the 21-yard-line.

>> chuck: they like to get a lot of guys involved with this running game, williams -- they're all good. >> don: they all play a lot. a lot of these guys were starters. caught and touchdown for houston, who will be playing in

that san antonio all-star game and dennis cuts the lead to 20 with a chance to cut it here to 19. >> chuck: a nice job by vincent james, coming back in a little bit cold. that was a really nice -- squaring the shoulders.

>> don: trying for extra point and it's good and it's 42-23. >> chuck: a nice, nice throw by vincent james, the senior, that's hirsch third touchdown pass of the season. he's thrown for over 500 yards on the season, and you can tell, i know what you talked about

earlier where you said james seems to be the better thrower of the two. i like what kyree johnson did with his feet. >> chuck: he had some nice throws, too. >> don: he absolutely did. here's the kids going to the

alamodome on january 7th, the u.s. army american bowl, and the san antonio all-star game presented by age. the coaches talked about his ability to run and catch and do those kinds of things, but they really marvelled about some of the intangible things, a good

leader, such a young team over here with warren. these are the kind of guys you look to. these guys, they compete hard and don't like to lose a drill on practice much less a thursday or friday night, so it's kind of cool we're getting there.

these guys not only played tonight but also later, because that all-star game is a lot of fun with so many talented kids, and you know, a lot of them have already committed but there are some that may have fallen through the cracks. there are college scouts looking

to fill out the rest of their roster so a chance for someone to make a name for themselves one last time. >> don: absolutely. with a whistle and stoppage in >> up to, o'connor. that's their final time-out of the half..

>> don: i told you about the father-son officiating and what a great time to spend time together with your dad, right? so if you're interested in becoming an official, the texas association sports officials, they can always use you. they are looking for officiating

crews from across the state of texas and all looking for help, so to be a football official, they provide the training and you just have to commit. for more information, looking to make a few extra bucks on the weekends and hang out with your dad who may want to be an

official, too, go to >> chuck: as much as i complain about it, i should probably do if i had the time, i would do it, baseball for sure. nice to see what it's like on the other side. it's obviously not an easy job,

and it's these guys all do a great job dealing with anonymity everywhere you go and the money is not bad, not bad at all. >> warren with an onside kick hughes gets you the inbounds and steps out of the 20, had it been a penalty. >> which brings us to tonight's

uniform star segment, chuck. >> all right, let it rip. >> don: i've always said for the last five or six years that the o'connor panthers have one of the best, if not the best and cleanest uniform in san antonio. they went with a new jersey look and the numerals are one color

blue and i like when they outline the jersey numbers but the all white look is the best of town even with this vegas gold pants they still have going, it's still a very, very clean look. i love the helmet stripe down the million dollars, the

shoulder stripes get an a-plus, the whole notre dame blue/gold combination is a a-plus, and the [inaudible] but, other than that, it's great. i would go with the panther on both sides. >> don: i'm just telling you, there are some football fans,

there's a whole segment on >> chuck: i'm just happy when i can look across the field, and i applaud both of the schools because we can see the numbers super easy. >> for the warren warriors, really good look.

the purple and black is really good. i think they need a little more white in the pants. the white in their jersey numeral really pops, kind of a tcu look, and tcu has a good uniform. they, too, have the same

shoulder stripe, because they play in the same district, and they all order their uniforms from the same company, but they have their own individual font style jersey number. see how that-- >> look man, i still have nightmares.

the white jerseys they had with the gray numbers, i was talking about kids that weren't even on the roster. >> don: i kind of like the new look, not bad. >> it's time for play of the night, the play of the night. chuck, i'm let you call this

this is awesome. >> chuck: all you need to know, bro. i have a defender in front of me and i'm going through you because i can. >> don: roel sanchez with the really nice play and throws it out for the flat for 1st down

and noah with two touchdowns >> chuck: warren has to be a tough act for somebody. just clean up some of the mistakes and grow up that defense a little bit, you guys are okay. >> don: another pass out there too garcia.

>> chuck: that was -- out there to garcia. >> he's reliable, good hands, outstanding hair. you're the uniform guy and i'm the hair guy. >> don: i could very well be the hair guy, couldn't i? >> me either.

i like kyree johnson's look, too. they have the lettuce coming out of the helmet, that's a good look. james 2nd and 5. a defender guarding nicely and o'connor's gomez. warren could go with a brighter "w" on the helmet.

it's hard to read with all the same color. they need silver to make it really pop. nice play by that young man. marquez down by the sideline. >> james over the middle, off the hands of quinton starks, who had it in his sights.

i'll never forget that game at alamo stadium marcus and how fox sports net and the dallas media machine came down here saying why do we have to play a state championship game in the rock pile of all places, when they used to play in the texas brian won a home at home flip.

he won the home and he got alamo stadium, and the dallas folks were upset over this rinky dinky san antonio and they put the whooping over the marauders. >> chuck: i was there and that was a lot of fun and you look back and think. >> i'll never forget that story.

went off to arizona state and everybody forgot he was from san antonio. he was the first-round pick. >> holding, defense, against inlegible receiver. >> don: speaking of the nfl, here's what's coming up this week on fox 29, you have the

carolina panthers take on the cowboys and we'll have complete coverage on "maxx sports" and sports sunday. >> chuck: we don't like to take our foot off the gas when it comes to dallas football. >> don: and on sunday night football on news 4, we have the

chiefs and the pittsburgh steelers. >> the steelers look so good to start the year and they came out and philadelphia wrecked them last week juan maldonado and malesky and the team with her sights on a championship and dropping to 0-1 in district

>> well, we know that o'connor will probably be the >> don: houston is athletic enough to bring that one in, keep his eyes on it, the concentration. >> chuck: still a lot to play for for warren. >> and you know, they're not

going to quit. coach dausin says we're young, and stay play hard and they all about in, it's just a matter of buying into it. >> don: starks can't quite find him down to 1:07. so you like to field kickoffs, chuck?

>> oh, no. >> don: you might think about the collision of the game, and this was earlier. making the tackle for the pick and pool collision of the game. turn it over on downs for the warren warriors. jeremy santos in for

quarterback. that will pretty much do it. they'll snap it one more time, and the o'connor panthers will get out of here with a 42-23 victory, and they've done nothing but move up in the top 10 pretty much all year long. >> chuck: as we said, their one

loss right there with steele with five minutes left to go in the game and that went a little bit sideways. >> don: they're very well coached and organized and disciplined. good skill people, good size upfront all youthful on the offensive side of the

ball and on the defense, the same thing. we have the play makers. >> not to mention the quality of their uniform and hair. >> chuck: amen, brother! >> 42-23, the final here tonight, o'connor over warren. don't go anywhere.

when we come back, we'll hand out our monarch trophy to the team and our player of the game. david malesky, great job and great program for the kids we're coming back on church's >> welcome to the church's chicken postgame report presented by county wide service

company. >> don: the o'connor panthers are your victors tonight on we have some hardware to hand let's not waste any time and go right down to mike hernandez, mike. >> guys, thanks a lot. i am here with the victorious

o'connor panthers! i was telling them -- i was telling them during the break that they have a very, very solid team offensively and defensively with a lot of weapons, great, solid, well coached so we're going to do, this give out the mvp trophy

first. tonight, there are a lot of guys to highlight but tonight, it will go to one of your runningbacks, brandon bradford. congratulations. all right, check this out. 10 rushes, 92 yards, four every time you touched the ball,

you were in the end zone. >> man, it seemed this is the offensive line theirs, as much as mine. every time i touched the ball, there was always somewhere to run. >> you want the trophy or cheeseburgers and pizza after

the game. >> we'll have team burgers when we go back to school tomorrow. >> let's give them a hand. brandon, coach. 5-1 overall and of course, you're 1-0 in the district. how you feeling? >> it's a heck of a way to get

started, for sure, especially playing these guys and every ball game in the north side, it's always tough, and you can never assume anything, so it was a great effort on the kids for tonight, and we're excited to be 1-0. >> off and on throughout the

years, i don't remember, but you guys have always had a solid team, but you have some-- >> we have really good kids and fortunate to have them and really good kids, too, most of the time. we felt we have a good football team and there are things to

clean up tonight and as coaches, we'll never be satisfied, but being 1-0 in the district with the start we have had this year, we're excited about it but we're always hoping and working on bigger and better things. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much.

>> i will step out of the way and you can present it to your players, with a 42-23 victory over the warriors, the panthers from o'connor! we'll run down the highlights when we come back. thanks, mike. >> don: well, that's going to do

it for church's chicken thursday o'connor over warren 42-23, but before we get out of here, let's show you how it all transpired. you saw our man of the night, brandon bradford, scored from a five-yarder making it 7-0 with another one to make it 14-0, as they took total control.

saw a little bit of offense out of warren when kyree johnson comes in, and he threw a couple touchdowns to noah garcia, which was a bright spot for the warren warriors, but hughes tightroped the sideline late in the ball game and warren was not going away, as garcia hauled in his

second td of the night, and late in the game for good measure, houston scored a touchdown for warren, but really, it was all o'connor, all brandon bradford and chuck, this team is going to be one we'll be seeing in a couple of weeks deep at least into the playoffs.

>> chuck: yeah, depends on the match-ups and how healthy they are but obviously, o'connor is one of the best teams in the area, no doubt and we saw that on display and warren, look at the offensive numbers, they're pretty darn good. if they block like they did

tonight and talked about the level of the skill they have, run the ball well and pretty good quarterback play, and if they can grow up the defense as the season goes along, this one is going to be one of the teams that i think, warren is going to have a really decent chance to

be one of the bottom end teams to make the playoffs from zone d if they keep going on the upwards plays. they have to clean up the penalties and it's kind of indicative of a young team. you have one team that is very well coached and veteran on one

side and one that is young and you know, maybe a year away from really wrecking damage in 26a and we saw good things from both teams. >> don: they certainly have the athletic ability, that's for sure with a lot of bright young talent.

the executive producer of lights is dean ratcliffe and thank you for those in the truck and jose garza and mike hernandez on the sideline and stat addition extraordinaire, i'm don harris and we'll see you next week on church's chicken

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