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letâ´s more day. the train departs. there are a lot of people nowadaysthat get to a professional level, that manage to succeed without real talent, because of hard training, because their struggle to get there. so i think if you havetalent, certainly you'll be able to get one step further,you will achieve greater things, maybe, even without real talent,you can also get there. so i think the trainingnowadays is the key,

and i think more and more,that every athlete, either a basketball player,a soccer player, any sports, will start training moreand taking better care of themselves. douglas, when he was in ukrainehe also did that sort of thing, when a game ended,and he hadn't played so well, or he felt that something was missing, as soon as he went back home,returning from some trip we would go training,sometimes until 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., midnight, whatever.

if you don't enjoy training, you better not even bother to come,of course i enjoy it, i have fun, i feel good doing it. see you next time. that's it. tomorrow, wednesday, right? wednesday. you're with...what is this here? are you wounded here?from the game? sliding tackle?

i thought you were black and blue. no. sliding tackle. war mark.better that way. my sliding tackle went wrong. again, the gym is closed, we're together. say something in english, dc. have a good night. see you tomorrow on the next training. a good guy,a very good english

say something else, come on. i'm hungry.i will eat something now. ok. okay, something else? i mean, i miss my teacher. who is she? tilly ford, yeah? is she australian? that's nice. i think we're kind of lost here.

no way. i know the area,we're close to my house. i am gonna show you,i am gonna put the map right here. we'll turn rightat the end of the street. we follow the yellow streets,and then we get to the main streets. can you see this house here?it is gonna be grand. -this one?-yeah. why do you train morethan everybody else? ah, because i want to be one day,the world's best soccer player, so i think that only talent is not...maybe i can't get there,

and even though i may not get there,i will keep training, constantly training, because i know i'll give the best of mein order to be the best in the world. and if i don't get there,at least i tried. that is it, man. i think that over time everyonewill start training, because you can see the evolution clearly. you are a role model for everyone. nowadays, on my instagram,evey child is talking about you.

all the time even on mine, which is becomingreally popular lately. also yours? yeah, mine, yeah, mine also. you look good, man. am i cute? what stylish glasses! no, it is ugly.

no way, it is not ugly. ugly! looks like it is out of a vin diesel 's movie, that madman. will you go like me, then? yeah, looking good, let's go then. i believe that regadless the sports,whatever you do, you must have confidenceon what you do. so i'd like to say to all the childrenaround the world that may want one day to succeed in life, to train hard,struggle and always persevere, so one day their time will come.

i think that being a role modelfor someone is something very important, i've had mine, i still have it to this day,i think whenever i see my role model i get butterflies in the stomach,because he's a guy that i always... i wanted one day to be as good as he is,he is ronaldinho. i think he's an awesome guy,not only on the pitch, he is a guy who has alwaystaken good care of his fans, so i always think about that, i think the more fans i havethe better i am, right? so i think...

the fans are part of my life,they are part of my everyday life, i try to greet them all properly,to treat everyone well, because i think that's howa person succeeds and get where he wants in life. if i had to define douglas, the definition would be kindness,that is a good word to defines him, because he is a real good guy,with a big heart. he is a good person,he does things to help people. i never saw him doing somethingto win something in return.

he does thingsbecause he likes to do them, i'm kind of biased when i talk about him. but we went to a futsal game these days,and i had asked him to go there with me, to help the team,so the children could see him. so he went there, and was therefor almost five hours with me, without getting any money for it,nothing, it wasn't for money, it wasn't for marketing, nothing like thatit wasn't work, nothing. he went there, signed a thousand t-shirts, spent the whole afternoon there,on his day off,

simply to go there with me,help me out and give joy to the kids, so, doublas in this respect,he is awesome. it is cool, becauseprobably someone my age when i was a kid like these boys,i would be very happy to see the professional guys getting here up close to share this moment,i think is something very special. what is up, coach? lucas for me, he is like a wife,i am just kidding...

i've had several friendsand to be able to work with somebody that happens to be your best friend, whounderstands you, understand your needs, knows your daily routine,that lives it, breathes it. so the best part of it, is thatmy evolution is also his evolution. so, he'll always want to evolve,and regardless we're friends, so, lucas for me is a personin whom i blindly trust. so i think everyoneshould have somebody like lucas. but i am the only one to have him, sorry. i can live my dreamwithout actually playing,

i can be part of the game,without playing. he leaves everything in my handsand he says "lucas it is up to you." so just from the fact that i feeltrusted by a guy like him, for me is... i can't describe the feeling,but there is also a lot of pressure, but feel pressured working, because i am not workingwith just anyone, i'm working with him, a guy that i'm sure in a year time, two years is going to bethe world's best soccer player. so it is really rewarding to work with him and to be part of his daily life.

in ukraine was cool, it was like, a period of timethat i needed to evolve, you know? because i thinkif i'd come here right away, i wouldn't be ready in my mindto become who i wanna be, you know? sure when you first got here,were you mature already? yeah, i was, it was good timing.i was in the right mind. i started trainingalmost three years ago, so i kind of started long ago,and things started happening

to a lot of people, so i thought,"man, where did you see this guy before?" -so i guess that...-it is a surprise for everyone. yeah, it's a surprise. but, to people like us,who live it on daily basis, i was kind of expectingthat this day would come, and it came sooner than we planned.right. the best thing happenedin the right moment. the national team... now, it's all happening. bayern

right. so everything is okay, the traininggoes on and we'll get over there. we'd like to give thanks once moreto everyone who helped us evolving. i think i play soccerbecause of my father. he is this kind of guywho is crazy about sports. and he always said that if i wanted toplay soccer, i couldn't drink, i couldn't smoke, so much so that-- he gave you good advice. he gave me advicethat he himself didn't follow

as he used to drink alcohol, he smoked. he used to say, "if you wannaplay soccer, you can't do that stuff." so my whole life, i am now 25 years old,i don't smoke or drink alcohol. you had him as an example, at home. i had him as an example, so... that's a good thing. in my family, my sister,she is my best friend, so much, that she lives with me. she is always with you.

this helps a lot. she helps me a lot, as well. we complete each other. that's good. let's go training, brother. it's so early, bro. early? let's go! 8:30, let's go! wait a minute. escuse me.

wow, you smell, bro! so far, everything is going well,my dreams have been coming true, one step at a timeour dream continues. not only my dream, but also lucas', if i succeed, he'll succeed too. so my family is a bit like that,we are driven to achieve success. i must keep dreaming,dreaming high... dreaming big, i've been dreamingand so far it has been coming true. and best of alli've been living my dream day after day, and of courseindividual titles are also important,

but first, i want to help my team to win. that is the most important thing to me. then, it will come the timefor individual achievements. push the ice over there, fuck it! it is hurting a lot. man, i went to ukraine once thinking that... you know, that i would evolve fastbut it took time and i ended up in ukraine for five years.

which i don't regret,so i'd say to all those kids and to the kids that are coming next, that will follow the same path as mine, that everything has its own time and that things happensafter much training. i wanna get out of here! due to the election we madehere at home, right here voting for the ugliest player... in the whole europe,the guys voted for dentinho.

i didn't vote for dentinho,because dentinho is my pal. are you using hair wax? i'm fine. i'm already losing hair.i'm fine. lucas're losing can't use wax, you know? -are you in a good mood?-gee, imagine ... got rid of the stench, already? that's right, another dayis ending for me. you got the whole day now stop wanting to run,let's play ball, man.

ball, man, let's play ball can you see this guy here?he just wants to push, now i wanna see, the moment of truth has come.take the ball. here, my family against you there.ah, bro! that one was out!he owns the ball and the house... we're gonna win. it is not possible. wait, do you want to bet? 100 euros.

good! the easiest 50 euros of my life.thank you, douglas costa. thank you, douglas costa. leave it there.leave it there. how much? 3 x 1. 3 x 1. can't you count, bro? out. in.

what you mean by out? the ball was out. no way, i'm sure it was in. for sure. look bro, one, two, three, four, and a half. one, two, three, four, and a half, five. i like it that way. good, bro! someone has to do the heavy work

just quality players in this team. you chose the wrong partner, bro. 9 x 8? 9 x 7. do you want me to rewind the video? they're cheating us in our face. i am like oseias in his good phase. i liked to play with the ball,to have fun, i liked to do some trainingon the field

but real training, i just got into it after i realized that i neededto train hard to succeed in life. so i think that ending the day like that, regardless of the weather,regardless of the circumstances, regardless of whetheri am feeling good or bad with myself, i think i have to come hereto end my day training for douglasis no longer felt like a punishment, he enjoys training,he makes the most of it. i work during the week with douglasand we see the result

when he plays on the weekend,so i share the same thrill, the same butterflies in the stomachfeeling that he gets, i feel it too. and that's douglas costa. an amazing guy.awesome. training, on the field and as a person. the three of them. hey guys, i hope youenjoyed my documentary. and if you do, feel free to share it,tell your friends about it, a big hug. "mia san mia" and see you soon.

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