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no uncle, please don't harm him. he is not at fault.i have come with him. please, please spare him. please leave him, uncle. don't hit him, please. it was not his fault.he will not show his face again. rascal, you kidnappedmy niece and brought her here. i should really appreciate your daring.- please leave him if you are a real man the touch her.- please leave him

let me see how you touch her. raj! even when i knew that a demonlike you will follow me till here alone i brought herfrom mumbai to vizag. that means there is someonehere who will support me. okay, let me which braveperson comes in front. call him. call. there is no need to call a storm. the storm comes and takesaway everything with it.

understood. okay then let ussee from where he comes. will he come from the ground or sky? come on call him. people pray that yamraaj'sshadow should not fall on them. but you personally invited me. whenever a whirlpool comesthen it does need anyone's invitation. it comes out tearing the ground. then whom should i tear.

nowadays young boys go togym for half an hour and sweat out. and after coming outyou think you can kill anyone. learn to donate bloodrather than shedding it. ravi, you make preparationsfor your wedding. who will explain these fools that.. ..against my punchtheir hockey is of no use? can't they see? 'sanskrit shlok' hi kartik.

what's the problem? i think there is someprogramming problem. one second. great kartik. thank you. smoking is injurious to health.keep it down. hey, because of whichsorrow are you smoking? i love a girl for last three years. neither she says yes nor says no. i told her that i will change myhabits but still she does not agree.

if she says yes thenwill you say no to cigarettes? marriage is not likea broad band connection. whenever you feel you connectand whenever you feel you disconnect. i am not in a moodto listen to a lecture. tell me whether youwill help me or not. where do i need to fit the connection? tell me the address. hello. hey, princess of lazy people.

do you know what the time is? did you go to the party with theforeigners that you are still sleeping? do i send you to enjoy withforeigners and spending so much money? you have started again. just think that if i marry a foreignerthen your dignity will be at stake. as it is money belongs to my father. your father?where did the money come from? my father gave yourfather 200acres of land. only then he is ableto earn something.

don't flaunt so much on never forget to taunt me on this. okay, father and i rely on your dowry.are you happy now? why do you get angrybecause of my truthful talks? tell me how are you? what should i tell you?next month is my exams. as soon as they are overi will be back to india. my india is great. come soon. i have foundone in a million boy for you. better than the foreigners.

now you are becominglike tv serial mothers. you want to get freebut getting me married. i am getting late for college.i will have to leave. will talk in the evening.- bye dear. why are you so beautiful? the moment i see yousomething happens to me. there must be noboy in this world that.. ..would not becomecrazy seeing your beauty. you are the best.

electric motors work on theprinciple of electro magnetism. electric motors contain a coilof wire that aids the magnetic field. when electric current is passed.- i am dead. hearing electromagnetismis just like electric shocks. but when the charges movethey produce magnetic field. so the electric field. it is better that i have fun outside. hi. - hi. what's going on? chilling out.- as usual.

what happened to her?- i don't know. hi. - hi. what has happened to you? my mood is off. why, what happened? hasn't your father paid the fees? a boy is followingme for last so many days. he says that if i don'tsay yes then he will die. why does all this happenwith simple girls like you?

look at me. i am so beautifulthat boys don't even dare to tease me. they feel that she looks so beautifulthen why should she even look at me. she must be having a boy friend. thinking this they just go away. so be beautiful like meor else nothing can happen of you. i told you my problemthinking that you will help me. but you started praising yourself. love is of two types. one is love at first sightand that happens by mistake.

and that happens withnormal people like you. because you do not have much options. for people like me there is a secondoption and that is love at last sight. love at last sight. last sight. we have a lot of options. that is why we thinkand then take decisions. we make proper enquiriesand then say yes. will you say yes evenif you do not love him? parvati, who likes to leave his familyand friends in india and study here?

even then we do it. we do not like allthe heroes of the movies. but still we watch their movies. life is also somewhat like this. what if you fallin love at first sight? me. there is no chance. no one is capable enoughto impress me in first sight. he will have to think like me,talk like me. i am not going to find someone here.

what if you find? it feels nice to hear. for a moment i will leave my anger,ego and attitude. and will be afterhim till he says yes. let us solve your problem first. the person who threatensto die will never commit suicide. it is easy to say i loveyou but difficult to follow it. understood. so chill. come on let's go for party and pizza.

ready. click it. even my mother will havethe estimation of my power. i am going to frame thisphoto and keep it in my home. so that boys see it and run away. a little to the left. i love you. what? what nonsense are you talking? is there anyone else whom you love?

even if there was no oneelse i wouldn't have let you come. do you think it is a joke? listen beautiful girl. if you do not say yes quickly. then i will not spare thebeautiful girl standing behind. do you want that your friend'slife should be in danger? no. then say that you like me. nothing can happen by justby your liking me and me liking you. since last threeyears a boy is after me.

he is just after you.but did he do anything? i want him to wait for some more days. why so? so that i am able to know him better. how will the problemof that fellow solved? listen if we love someonethen we need not see how rich he is. we should see how soft he is at heart. you come with intentions are as strong as rock. no, no actually i like him.

really. come out lover.- what happened? my scene has been rejectedand your line is clear. has she agreed? my father sis o stingy.he does even give a call. if he calls once then i willtalk to him about our relationship. and then we will go to honeymoon to. hello! hey hello. where is he?- he must be on his way. call him.

do it yourself. your fingers are very soft. they are very softand i really like them. so friend,is family planning going on? what did you say, mother? 200 boys.all of them want to marry me. what can i do mother?what is my fault if i am beautiful? i don't know how manymore will be crazy behind me. all this had to happen.

there is a queue for marriage. hello, since when are you calling.keep the phone. yes father. yes, i wake up early, i sleep less. i just study the whole night. every morning i praying. why are you laughing so much? i was acting but boysare really crazy for me. his father called at the right timeotherwise i would have been fooled.

yes she is fair. hey, he is a crazy lover. what is it? get a side. so you have come again. hey dwarf, where is aunty? i do not know. go and find her. will you tell me or.. she will not fit into my pocketso maybe she is on the terrace. is your husband beingatrocious to you again?

he has sent you on terraceto hang clothes for drying. naughty leave me. how have you suddenly come here? when will you marry me, aunty? how many times willi have to come here? really, are you ready to marry me? aunty, if i was married 20 yearsago then i would have married you. as of now i will besatisfies with your daughter. what?

now don't do so much drama. and let your daughter marry me. who said that i willlet my daughter marry you? what is this aunty? don't, talk likethis to break my heart. please aunty. please don't do this way.- hey, what are you doing? okay, i will talk to her. but.. ..what will be my benefit?

of course your benefit is there. i am marrying sandhya for you. day and night i think thathow much work aunty has to do. that girl is not bothered about you. i am tensed about yourhappiness and sorrows. that is why i was thinkingof being your son-in-law. then i will be ableto take good care of you. and will take care of sandhya too. have you ever thoughtthat when we will have kids..

..then they will call you grandmother? just think that youwill give them bath. you will wash theirnappies when they urinate. you will get all thebenefit sitting at home. you are always talking about sandhyaand she does not want to marry at all. what difference does itmake if she does not want to? you at least talk to her. do you really love sandhya so much? i cannot live without sandhya.

stupid. enough, i will do some setting. the deal is final from my side. thank you. you are very nice. you must eat on time so thatyour stomach does not get upset. where is the taxi gone?i will miss my flight. i have cancelled the taxi. have you gone mad? my flight. you have gone mad.

you are trying to proposewithout saying anything. think something.kartik is also going by that flight. both of you will go together.just imagine. both will sit next to each other. hand in hand with kartik.then you will fall in love. in the sky speed breker. then plane will makea jump and you are in his lap. thank you, friend. if you were not there thenwhat would have happened of me.

i love you, brother. yes reddy, tell me. i want a small favor from you. don't open your mouth. let me guess. you want an importedbottle for yourself. i have stopped drinking. take sandhya along with you. she is also going by the same flight. you will get blessingsof a young beautiful girl.

then all your evildeeds be washed away. if that girl remains with me theni would like to do more evil deeds i was just saying.. the plane will takeoff and she will land on me. don't do this way.she is scared in the plane. don't increase my burden.- she is a girl and.. what is this?why are you pleading in front of him? a person travellingwith me should have a class. even if he comes nowi will not go with him.

hey, he has come. why are you standing there?keep the luggage. now your dreams will be fulfilled. miss you brother.- me too. hey brother and sister,will you celebrate festival today. the luggage is heavy. let me tell you a specialthing about kartik.. i am not the kind of girlwho will read bio-data of a boy.. ..and then fall in love with him.

okay, but at least listen to me.. shut up. if he asks me anything then tell him. one more thing.keep your cell phone fully charged. the moment we land in hyderabadhe will give you a call. i am missing sandhya, cannot sleepwithout her, and cannot eat without her. give sandhya's number and address. sandhya, sandhya. he will plead in front ofyou to get information about me.

it is my challenge.- you do not know about him and.. get lost. tell me some of yourchildhood stories. on seeing you it seemsyou must have had a lot of fun. i used to play onlyhigh class sports like golf. but from face you lookto be kabaddi player. you will not be able tounderstand high class talks. drive the car. are you pregnant?

what do you mean?i have still not got married. i asked because there aremany diapers in the luggage. that is for my brother's children. i have a joint family. aunt on duty. tell me something else beauty. my parents' have found a groom for me.- wow! i am going to get married. invite me for your wedding.

he became very happyknowing about my marriage. give it to me. i will manage it. no thanks.i can manage my own luggage. hello, there is no needto stare at me like this. don't think of doublemeaning in every matter. i was talking about this luggage. passport please. what's your name? name please.

parvapari rajvenkat vijay satyadurga kaameshwari vijayalaxmikaamini sandyakumari. oh god. i mean if this isthe size of your name.. ..then what would bethe size of the surname. there is no need to grandfather gave me this name. i will get angry. thank you.- you are welcome. passport, please.

here it is. you are so selfish. i gave you lift till the airportand won't you offer coffee to me. no, thank you. i knew that you were a miser. wait for a minute.i will get two cups. yes ravi, i have started my game. his condition is worth seeing. i will help you with your luggage;will stand in the line.

will you like to drinkcoffee or will have tea. he is crazy about me. i told you about hyderabad. but now i am thinking ofmaking him crazy about me in dubai. okay, your brother-in-law is coming.i will talk to you later. bye. her, have some coffee. it has extra sugar. when ravi asked you to give me liftthen why were you being so arrogant? do you think i amjust like any other girl?

not at are a very special person. okay tell me how ishould apologize to you. i get very angry if someoneavoids or ignores me. so that means i have brokenheart of a beautiful girl. this is for was hanging in the designer shop. when it is worn on beautiful hands thenit will look all the more beautiful. some special things areonly made for some special people. please. if you do not acceptthis then i will get hurt. we are getting late. finishcoffee and i am waiting for you. okay.

sandhya, your time starts now. hey, thanks for the gift.this is really nice. even you. what is more interestingin the book than me? hey, do you know sometimes it is veryboring to travel with some people? you feel as to when you willreach and the journey gets over. but with some people youreally enjoy and it is happening. and you feel that the journeyshould continue for some more time. according to me whatdoes your experience say?

i am feeling as to whywe left the house today. i mean if i would have left yesterdaythen would have reached today. okay. you have a good sense of humour. this is my seat. can i sit here? will i go standing to india? shall i sit on pilot's seat? did you like anything?i keep coming on tv. brother, please adjust a little.

look madam,god has given you a beautiful body. he has given me an antique body too. neither you can take my body nor i.. that is why you sitthere and i will sit here. stop playing with seatand let me sit on my seat. hey stupid, get a side. why are you fluttering like a bird? naughty girl. every seat has a name of theperson who is going to sit on it.

comedy punch. it was not comedy,hero but an emotional line. my name is platinum kumar. why such a strange name? because all kumar'sof industry have finished. did you get any award? you don't get awardsin industry but you buy them. even i have taken one on hire, son. you talk differently.why don't you do dubbing?

this is my inner voice, son. you don't get what you want. nowadays girls thinkthemselves to be talented. but i can judge everything. just by moving eyesand lips and shoulders.. ..they can trap aninnocent person like me. is there anyone else inside you? no, this is my talent. what nonsense is he talking?

don't you like girls?- yes. haven't you got married yet? i am still not that old. i think you havenot seen a hot girl yet. you must not havefound a hot girl like me. i know something is happeningto you on seeing me. this is enough for you, idiot. are you relaxed than before? a little more than more.

where is platinum kumar? platinum kumar has got punctured. really. i think i will haveto awaken his feelings. kartik, we are in flight and it isnight so what do you feel like doing. i feel like eating lentiland rice and sleeping. and what about you? i feel like having drinkand getting intoxicated. from your face it doesn'tlook that you drink.

excuse me.- yes madam. two pegs.mix vodka, gin, whisky and rum. i don't drink cocktail. it is not for you. both are for me. why two? without drinking thismuch i cannot sleep. look, your liver will get spoilt. and as it is no husbandlikes a drunkard wife. do you think so?- yes.

okay then i will not drink. cancel, cancel.- sandhya. don't leave your habits because of me. i am not leaving because of you.this is my own decision. i am leaving drinks right away. move.- okay madam. happy. what is this? at least say good girl. what kind of nature does he have?

thank you. veg or non-veg sir. sandhya.sandhya.- what is it? will you have something to eat? no, no i am not hungry. you eat. one veg, please. thanks.- welcome sir. are you a human being? when a girl says she is nothungry that means she is annoyed.

don't you know how to make her happy? i know it. but if i ask you reasonof getting annoyed.. ..then you will giveme hundred excuses. if i try to make you happy.. ..then what is the guaranteethat you will become happy. it means waste of time and effort. it is better i havefood and go to sleep. so that i get upearly tomorrow morning.

i was joking. open your mouth. i don't want.- open your mouth. you eat and sleep. will you be happy if i say sorry? hey, i have taken this for you. open your mouth. you look like a small kid. have it. very good. you know kartik.

other than my parents' youare the first one who made me eat. thank you.- was it tasty? now he is coming to the point. i think he is also feeling something. you? sandhya. you have really done very wrong. you will never understand this. he held my hand.who gave him entry in the flight?

i hate myself. i feel like taking a bath with acid. idiot. what is it? why are you staring at me? hey.- you.. leave me. it is not wrong totease a girl jokingly. but it is wrong to insult her. excuse me.- yes sir.

can i get some other seat? sir, it is not possible. then done thing.make me sit with the luggage. you naughty boy. he is not talking at all. i think i will haveto get him back on track. kartik. - yes? what happened? i was getting coffee here.

and i saw a six year old boy wasabout to fall from the accelerator. i jumped and saved him. very brave girl.- thank you. go and change in the washroom. hey mr. khadoos, i very wellknow what to do in the washroom. don't you have shame at all? a girl as beautiful as sandhya.. standing in such abig showroom and saying that.. ..her clothes have got spoilt.

this is the chance to impress her. buy me a dress and win my heart. become a hero in my eyes. why should i spend money? so you will not buy.- is the money hanging on the trees? okay then, i don't need this dress. sandhya,sandhya, you are so open minded. i hope no one saw you. let's go in that corner.

your card. this is for you.- thank you. and this is for you. why for me? i don't have the habit oftaking things from others forcefully. okay, so keep this. good.- always. how is this dress looking? the choice is mine. you are even a miser while praising.

you are looking very beautiful. i am feeling very hungry.let's go and eat ice-cream. are you a child thatyou will eat ice-cream? i am not a child. tell me your date of birth. for ice cream you areasking me date of birth. and for chocolate youwill ask me bank balance. it is better we leave. you should have broughtone for yourself.

i don't want it. use the spoon. we will get late. kartik, what do you thinkabout love at first sight. anyone who believes in love atfirst sight gets aside from the world. love is blind aswell as dumb and deaf. love is that diseasethat does not have any cure. you can also fall in love with mother,neighbors and their children. new philosophy.

hello baby. forget it. okay cool. he misbehaved with me so won't yougo and beat him. it will please me. you are so is not his but your mistake. if because of you i keep beating peoplethen my entire life will go in this. are you praising me or scolding me? you finish your ice-cream.i will just be back. hey baby. come here.

what a hot chic? you are right. come on let's take her. sandhya.. excuse me, where is the girl? we didn't see her.- boys.. sandhya, sandhya! sandhya! why are you in so much tension?

you got scared. isn't it? you thought that they took me. wrong thoughts musthave come in your mind. look at your face. i am so sorry, sandhya. i should not have slapped you. no, why are you saying sorry? i did not get angrybecause you slapped me. but i realized my responsibility.

it was my fact i like it that. if i do anything naughtythen you can scold me. mother says that no manwill be able to tolerate me. he will run away in two days. but you are different kartik. you tolerate my every mistakeand childish behavior smilingly. you calm down my anger. and the most importantthing you take care of me. kartik, i think..

..i have fallen in lovewith you at first sight. i did not come to knowwhen and how did it happen. i am in love with you, kartik. i never saw you with such intentions. but why, kartik? don't you like me? sandhya that is not the case. you are very nice. then am i not worthy enough for you.

i am not worthy for you. please kartik,i am ready to adjust with you. your desire can never be fulfilled. we can never be one. i am already married. oh god.. my bad luck. whenever you said that i am a small kidi thought you were saying it lovingly. i really used to feel nice.

my mother always used to tell meto be away from love and fairy tales. of course,i am the most beautiful girl. but still i should cometo india for marriage.. ..and she will find a nice guy for me. i had thought that iwould be friends with you.. ..will impress you,will marry you and will live with you. but nothing happened. you refused. it was my stupidity. after watching wantedi wanted to marry salman.

but he does not want to get married. after watching chennai expressi thought of marrying shah rukh. but even he is married. to fulfill my dream of seeingtwin tower i went to america happily. but even that was blown up. i never got what i wanted in life. listen..- what is it? if i have made any mistake then.. no, no you have not made any mistake.

whatever wrong happens withme is because of my stupidity. how many children do you have? i don't have any children as of now. not even should be having 3-4 up till now. who is that unfortunate? i am asking about your wife. i don't share things aboutmy wife with a stranger woman. bringing me till here you havemade me a stranger in just a moment. now your marriage is not your personalmatter but it is going on in my head.

where did you meet her? vt..- what? sorry, in ooty..- what happened in ooty? i went to ooty in a train from vt. wait, sinoo, stop. how much more will you make me run? where are you going? by returning the rabbityou must have impressed her. no, i really likeeat eating non-veg food.

that is why i ate.- you ate it. she also reacted in the same way. you ate it. how can you do this?are you a human being? he was so cute. poor thing. this is evil deed. what is evil and goodwhen you are hungry? enough. for running fast it is rabbit. for jumping it is monkeyand for barking it is a dog.

so will you eat all?- dog! i don't have faith on you. i swear upon your hairi have never eaten a dog. you are scolding meas if i have eaten you. enough. in the next birthwhen you will be born as a rabbit.. ..then someone will cut and eat you. if you cut me then iwill be a very happy rabbit. go to hell. i don't understand whysuch stupid people are born.

don't meet me again. i hate rabbits. i love rabbits. how nice it was? - yes very nice. good morning.- very good morning. sir, do you want a cigarette? will you drink coffee?- no, i already drank it. from the time i have become footballcoach i never thought about girls. after seeing this familyeven i wish to have a family.

the most importantthing is to remain alive. the bungalow over therebelongs to mr. rathore. she is his daughter. he will kill you. you have quite a lot of information. share the informationof the house with me. i will give you whateverprize you ask for. she is a girl full of will not be able to woo her. don't worry.i will tell you everything. she is a very nice. whoevermarries her will be very lucky.

but you will become great, sir. enough. take more. i have not toldyou the most important thing. she has a younger brother. wait, sister. keep your foot on this.- but why? i am asking you to keep your foot. what is this?- it is a thorn. you should have thrown it.

why didn't you tell me earlier? no problem. take care in future. brother and sisterreally love each other. for the brother hisworld is his sister. they go together everywhere. whether it is school,park, cinema or enjoying picnic. sir, pay for the cigarette. now i will come one thing. open my account. he cheated me also.

why is this gol gappasmaller like your eyes? make it bigger like your head. i think i will have to.. who is playing in the invisible mode? you should not kickstraight in football.. who kicked this football?- i.. how dare you kick my football? i play football with my handand you spoiled it by kicking it. has anyone playedfootball in your family?

have you ever seen world cup on tv? then why did you kick the football? shall i bow in front ofyour mother i just kicked it. you dare to argue with me, senseless. today you have just kicked a football. tomorrow you will kick your luck also. sir, you are crossing your limit now. you will teach me my limit. how dare you talk to me like this?did you join my classes?

if you want to join myclasses then tell me immediately. i will give you 25%discount. tell me, will you join my classes? if you become my student then i willteach you how to kick and do a goal. i will teach you everything. are you scared of coming alone? then come with yourfather or elder brother. and if everyone has goneto office then bring your sister. anytime in the academy.

if you don't come then i will come. come on boys, fast, hurry up. hurry up and move. pass the ball.- good. hey rabbit,you..what a pleasant surprise? till now you were after animals andnow you are after human beings also. you should be ashamed. what has my innocentbrother done to you? he should be dug in the ground.- sister.

is his talent just leftfor eating roadside snacks? am i talented? the way he kicked the ball in themarket even the football was trembling. for you he might be just a brother. but for the country he may be pele.. ..maradona or he canbe shining star like ronaldo. send him for practice onceand see what i do with this child. what will you do?you will kill the child. am in right? come on.

stop there. sister. i am going to reveal a secret. apple fell from the treeand newton became the scientist. there is a teacher theory behind it. can you tell me that atthe time when the apple fell. why was newton sitting under the tree? how did he know the timingof the apple that would fall? a teacher like mesaw the talent in him.

like a monkey he climbed the tree. he took out the applefrom the bag and threw it down. this is a surprising truth. it has never been mentionedin newton's theory. then.. it was not the season of apple. so that is why the teacherthrew the apple from hand. today newton has become so famousbut did anyone think of that teacher. no one has mentioned him.

very soon there will be popular.. will have money,car and shining trophy in hand. but i will get nothing. come into this world. your talent should popularizein the entire world. even in up and bihar. a young brave boy ofooty will become victorious. you are newton of tomorrow. and i am that unlucky teacher.

now the decision is yours. think and then give me answer,you brave boy. i will play. congratulations friend, youhave been selected for the world cup. world cup?but i have just joined today, sir. gold can take time to sparkle butluck does not take time to sparkle. you keep your passport and visa ready. we will have to goto germany any time. don't get emotional and cry.

you can do one thing. take your brotherhome and make him healthy as there is hungerfor victory in his eyes. i can swear upon you and say that. next world cup wouldbe in his black hands. and your fair hands in my.. she went away. isn't this too much?selection in world cup on day 1. i wanted to pack theentire family in my hands.

listen, are you angry with me? i misunderstood seeingyou running after the rabbit. i thought you will catchthe rabbit and put it in the cage. as it is your namewas not written on it. i am not heartless asyou that i would eat animals. so much love towards animalsand so much rudeness towards me. i just played a small jokeon you and you are hurting me so much. it was just an excuseto come close to you. i am a vegetarian andwould die a vegetarian.

i fell in love with you when youi saw you running after the rabbit. if you do not love methen say that i hate you. get out. i will pack my bag andgo to vt straight from ooty. greetings. even if thegirl is dumb she would do.. .. but she should not be pricy. even if she is a bihari willdo but nepal would be far, father. she should be sexy thatshe presses your head and my feet. i think she is interested.

what should i tell you?many girls are after me. why are you telling me?say yes to any one of them. other than her whomshould i say yes to? i will narrate youmy romantic love story. my only grandfather died at young age. he was just 99. only twodays were left for the century. before he could blowthe candle he died. i booked an urgentticket to drown his bones. i went and sat in thesecond class of indian railway.

the moment i sat i saw her. an indian woman draped in sari. south indian beauty with hindi accent. then some dark bald hooligansenter the compartment. to save herself from themshe starts playing a game of songs. dear.. are you listening to my love story? yes. i think she must have heardmy love story earlier so she left.

in dreams she was deepikaand you were shah rukh khan. aren't you ashamed of speaking lies? i wanted to become a directorbut became a football coach. what should you possesto become a good football player? we should do practice. we need love. do you know whatanswer a player gave.. ..when he was asked aboutthe reason of his success? he said to drinkchocolate drink every day.

milk is the secret of my energy. this is not the is the secret of my energy. he should have said so. so tell me what we should do. we should fall in love. good. today we havetalked too much about love. tomorrow we will learn about marriage. marriage?- yes, marriage. one day we all have to get married.

learn to love the ball. first learn to hold it properly. concentrate on the goal. run after the goal. the moment you get the opportunitykick it and put it in the post. come on children, start the practice. goal, goal.. say yes. what is so special in methat girls get attracted to me?

you came here suddenly. you would have givenmessage on what's app. i would have sentdriver to pick you up. but he is actually on leave. leave it. i make coffee very well. i shall get ginger coffee. hello. i have not comehere to have coffee made by you. oh, i finished the whisky at night. what will i make her drink?- enough.

why are you after me? i do not like you at all. we cannot be good partners. stop dreaming.- but why? i don't think it necessaryto answer this question. don't show me your face again. will you be able to forget this face? i was not doing time pass. but for coming closeto you i was doing time pass.

i don't want to failin your eyes and go. in these last 48 hours i haveaccepted you as my wife from heart. now you have to decide that whetheryou will call me husband today.. ..or even you needa grace period of 48 hours. just think but youranswer should be yes. all these talks are very nice to hear. what do you know about me? about my nature or thinking. i am very stubborn andi get angry on small matters.

my parents' fulfill all my wishes. and if it is not fulfilledthen i get very angry. do you think you will beable to handle all my tantrums? people who think marriageto be a burden are weak. this lover has loved you from heart. love is that power thatcan change the luck of a person. just think once from heart. hello. what has happened? since morning i am noticing.why are you avoiding me?

can i know the reasonof your seriousness? do you want to listen?a new girl has come in my life. that is why from todayi am not bothered about you. don't lie. you are bothered about me. how can i take sucha big decision so soon? there is entire lifeleft for thinking. you can think tillyour hair turn grey. good bye. hello, there is noneed to do so much drama.

now what is it? will you tell me which habit ofmine you don't like? i will change it. don't avoid me like this, please. i don't like it. then what happened after that? i think you see less of hindi movies. villains came in between two lovers.. sorry, brother. will you apologize after pushing?

do you think yourself to be a hero? where have you come from?rascal i will.. hey, i apologized. what sorry? hey! - sorry. i did not see. then see now. will you do fighting with me?do you have life insurance? didn't your parents' teach you that.. ..every auspicious workis done by breaking the coconut?

after seeing in moviesi thought that.. ..ooty is just to romancebeautiful girls in mountains. but there are villains also here. you spread pollution in ooty also. did you think i did not hit my aim?i did it purposely. come on tell me quicklywho sent you here to beat me? will you not tell me? dear, where are you?are you on upstairs? i am downstairs.

dear, if i put sacred thread around yourneck then do you have any problem? hey, sit and talk. i have not come hereto sit on table and chair. i have come to take my love from here. no one will raise a finger. i am already very angry. sodon't entice me more by interfering. dear, i have packed my luggage.are you coming? she will not come. i will come, kartik.

what a life? girls arenot even given a chance to think. all decisions are taken by men. sandhya, all flightsfor today have been cancelled. i have some urgent work.i will have to go. my friend has senta car so i have to go. it is easy for you to say bye, kartik. have you ever thoughtwhen will we meet again? you are not feeling bad at all. shall i say one thing kartik?

vasu is a very lucky girl that. she got a husband like you. you want to be with her as soonas possible and spent time with her. that is why you are going. i have come to indiajust to divorce her. now there is norelationship between us. everything is over. greetings, sir.sir has given these keys. okay, is sir in the office?- yes sir.

i will bring it. - yes. good bye, sir.- okay. sandhya, what are you doing here? why don't you leaveme with my circumstances? what happened after marriage, kartik? like other marriages evenour marriage started with romance. what is your problem?you both were very happy. she gave you complete libertyand fulfilled all your wishes. what else did you want?

understood. you mustbe beating her after drinking. or you must have lost interest. according to you only thesecan be the reasons of divorce.. ..and not something else. what else can be the reason? you loved married to her after fleeing. and then got bore. the girl whom i lovedwas absolutely different. now she was not the one.

she changed after marriage. all girls change andeven she was like that. they don't change.- really? you have not got marriedand still you know so much. watch the picture. where are you darling? i am just enteringthe lane from the highway. i will reach in just two minutes. if you do not reach in twominutes then you will keep waiting.

hey, i was just joking.i can wait for you till eternity. you should not talk while driving.keep the phone. now just watch this. how much more willi have to wait, kartik? i was just getting the petrol filled. enough. you have novalue for time and me. i will come and takeyou for the movie. what is the fun now?my mood is not good now. there is no need to come.stay wherever you are.

dear, dear.. where are you, kartik? i had come to the friend wanted some money. you are great kartik. if you take care of your friends so muchthen how much would you care for me. i love you kartik.- love you too, dear. bye. who was on the phone?- your sister-in-law. she was feeling happyas i have given you money.

she is very nice. - yes. now watch this. where are you? my friend needed money thatis why i came to state bank of india. aren't you ashamed of spendingyour hard earned money on friends? and doesn't that idiotfind anyone else except you. surviving on your incomehe has become fat like a bull. ask that uselessfellow to earn himself. who was on the phone?

your sister-in-law. she was telling me to keepgiving money to friends in this way. do you know she has avery good opinion about you? my sister loves me a lot.she is very good. isn't it a superb party? wife. what are you doing, darling? dear, it is my friend's birth day so.. you are taking drinks.

but dear i promise that iwill reach home before i am drunk. did i say anything? just drink in limit. now you enjoy the partyand chat with your friends. i will not disturb you now.carry on with your party. i love you so much, dear.i love you so much. bye, sweetheart.- bye. how sweet? just watch this.

sometimes friend's birthday,sometimes friend's new car. or sometimes friend's new home. you keep enjoying every day. it is just sometimes. oh no, you are stinking. dear, dear wait. even you are enjoying. but i was totally finished. i started feeling that sheis my husband and i am her wife.

any girl would react in this way. first you run after themas if they are your life. winning them over isjust like winning world cup. in world cup there is just one final. and every match isnot considered as final. before marriage thatgirl is our target. and after marriagewe become their target. a brave person beforemarriage becomes a timid one. i fulfilled all her demandsof cell phone, shampoo, make-up..

..powder,bangles, earrings and beauty parlor. what did i get in return? broom and rolling pin. i had thought that after marriage nightswould become colorful with wife. but nothing. wives want that we shouldspend the entire time with them. even we like it butit is not possible. there is work and so manyresponsibilities on our head. we have to make ourchildren capable enough.. that they havea stand in the society. because of all this thereare differences in husband and wife. if wife understands thisthen there is no problem. she enjoys findingdiscrepancies in husband. i don't know what she enjoys in this? whether it is love marriage or,arrange marriage. she used to make me workmore at home than in the academy. in loneliness she adhered to tv. wow!

thank you so much, kartik. come on wife hold theknife and cut the cake. i am getting late. where are you going now, kartik? i have to go for football training. if you couldn't give me time today. then why did you dodrama of bringing me here? did i ask you tocelebrate my birthday? at least don't go anywhere today.

i think i have done some evil deed. listen dear when somegirl becomes a wife.. ..then she wants love,care, time and presents. and that is important. but when a man becomes a husband.. ..then fear is greaterthan emotions for him. he wants to make the futureof wife and children safe. so that his family doesnot have any problem in future. i love you the samebut cannot give you time.

i also do not liketo leave you alone at home. i miss you a lot. i also want to spenda lot of time with you. but every husband ahsto yearn for wife's love. we will go to honeymoon once again. wherever you say whetherswitzerland or paris.. ..but for that i will have to workhard day and night and save money. i love you, dear. happy birthday. all girls are the same, kartik.

before marriage theyget angry on small things.. ..on their parents,brothers and sisters. and after marriage she fightswith husband for every small matter. you learn to balance andmake her understand with love. only husbands should do everything. even the wives should understand us. just imagine that yourfather has gone to office. he says that he will be back by 9:15. but at that time he callsand says that he will be late.

so you have dinner and sleep. so what will you say? i love you father. good night,father and will keep the phone. but if by mistake husbandgets late than the usual time.. ..then he will not be spared. if brother goes on tour then.. ask him lovinglyto get a sister-in-law for you. don't come back alone.please, brother. but if a husband goes out for workthen straight away enquiry starts.

where are you?in which hotel are you staying? who is with you?who is laughing at the back? just call me rightaway from land line. money spent on hotel's telephonebill is more than the travel. kartik.- dear. can you please comehome soon today evening? we will go out somewhere.i am feeling very bored. please, please. nowadays you are getting too bored.

i will come in the eveningand set your mood right. is the signal green? first, come home on time.then we will see. there is no auspicious time for love. come on. go, bye. 5:30. i will wait for you. he is mariyaapa.he has played under 19. he is a good forward player.

he did 10 goals in last season. sorry sir. he is muunuswamy.excellent defender. if he can improve his doublingtechniques then he can do wonders. i am sorry. his name is shiva. superb goal keeper. if he remains in the team then.. mr. kartik,can you please switch off the mobile? i am extremely sorry sir.- it's okay.

look dear, what have i gotfor you to set your mood right? keep it in the fridge. what happened, dear? are you feeling well? you are just botheredabout your needs. do you know i did not feelbad at all while leaving my house? but when you leave me alone inthe house and go then i don't like it. oh, so loneliness is killing you.- kartik, please. every time you are botheredabout physical happiness..

..and not of emotions. even animals do this then what isthe difference between them and you. dear. can't you feel my love? good morning, dear. you must be thinkingthat i am worthy of you. why are you saying like this? it was you who came after me kartik. and impressed me withyour talks about your love.

what is the matter? tell me clearly. tell me that if something happensto me then will you able to live. why are you talking negativeearly in the morning? let's make a new beginning. you can see everyone'sproblems except me. academy, students, selection.i am nothing. dear, football is my career,my life and dream. try to understand. if that is your dreamand life then what am i?

by saying vasu,vasu you came after me. you wooed me and married me. i had told you that iam stubborn and short tempered. if everything does nothappen according to me.. ..then i make home difficult to live. you had said to listen toyour heart and not of your mind. but you did not love me from heart. you just loved my body. this slap has said everything, kartik.

so i have come to know thatyour love was just a show off now i have realized kartik that i madea very big mistake by marrying you. whatever might have happenedi would not have raised hand on her. i made a mistake.i apologized any times from her. but she did not forgive me. we husband and wife was stayingunder one roof but miles apart. it seems as if two strangerswere jailed in a hostel room. we had too manyexpectations from marriage. but faith came in between belief.

till when will itgo on like this kartik? we should divorce each other. we are not like localtrain passenger that.. ..we get down anywhereand whenever we like. we are husband and wife. after all what did i achieveafter staying together. other than pain and tears. whatever may happen? i have held your hand onceso will not leave you all my life.

i cannot tolerate pain anymore. free me. if you still loveme kartik then let me go. she never understoodhow much i loved her. what could i do? what happened after that? i was standing ashamed in the housefrom where i had brought her bravely. she says that we cannotlive happily together. that is why your daughterwants divorce from me.

maybe the mistakeis mine so forgive me. whosoever has made mistakebut my daughter will have to suffer. a person does notpurposely make mistake.. ..but circumstancesget them done from him. every person whatto get true love in life. he becomes so possessivefor that love that.. ..he does not wantsee or think anything. he has got some wrong notions. and there is no remedyfor wrong notions in the world.

the real meaning of loveis to understand each other. i have loved you truly. if you are ready to comehome then i am ready to adjust. i keep on waiting at the door butshe did not turn back and saw once. i thought that shewas annoyed with me. but that day i cameto know that she hates me. that day life taught me one thing. after marriage wifeshould understand a husband. and a husband shouldlove her all his life.

it is very unfortunate that societyalways thinks that we are at fault. whatever a woman may do butthe allegations are made on men. women just think thatwe men have no feelings. now you asked me so many questions. did i hit after drinking? or burn her hand with cigarette. or i was fed up of her. there may be many such questions. hey, i really didn't mean it.i am sorry.

it's can talk and lighten your mind. please, i did not mean that. it's okay sandhya. thanks kartik. kartik, can you stop somewhere.i just wanted to freshen up. did you try to meet vasu again? never. the girl's life becomes verydifficult after a broken marriage. poor vasu.

she is pitiable and what about me. what about you?boys quickly find another girl. really. is it so easy?will you marry me? here, drink water. sorry. no, one usually gets such shock. listen, you must be havingmany friends. call them here. tell them about me andlet's see who chooses me. hey, isn't this too much.

what drawbacks do you have? if not then call up. come on try it. hi sandhya. hi ramya.- put the speaker on. what is going on? nothing. life is too boring. why? didn't you find any boyfriend? no, i haven't found any till now.

listen, a friend is sitting with me. he is very hot and sexy. 6 feet height and six pack body. please forward his number to me. of course.but there is a small problem. what kind of problem? actually he has been married once. but he is going to get divorce soon. so i hope you don't have any problem.

you only marry him. to hell with him. i thought you were my friend.. ..and you are trappingme with a second hand groom. are you my friend or enemy? keep the phone. you enquired about me. but you did not tellme what your liking is. exactly like you. if i would have got youthen i would have loved you a lot.

i will miss you kartik. it is very easy to say. just imagine that if youwere there instead of my wife.. ..then what would you have done. your wife was wrong. i can understand if someone leavesfor bad habits or irresponsibility. how can anyone leave a person like youwork hard for his wife and children.. that he cangive good life to them? you sit here and iwill go and do unloading.

unloading? hello mom. forget about hi and bye. the flight came in the morningand you have still not come. you are very brave so whyhave you got tensed so soon. i am not bringingany foreigner with me. keep may think yourself to be cool but for me you willalways remain innocent baby. i am feeling very tensed.

mother, my flight got cancelledso i am coming in the car. just be not have faith on stranger drivers. ask him to drive slowlyand don't talk too much. don't worry. mother, i am fine. mom, i want to talksomething important with you. i want suggestion for something. i understood. i hope youare not bringing any problem home. i am coming home so i will tell you. good night.

are you getting bored?do you need company? what did you say? what rubbish are you talking? so you are talking in english. please teach us some english, dear. this was the first lesson. very good. why did you touchme without my permission? okay, now it is my turn.

now i will touch you. i will touch wherever i want to.- leave me. in your luck.. from top to bottom you are full offault and you think you will kiss her. i will break as many bones of your bodyas there are alphabets in english. are you ready? now the girls of thiscountry are not that weak.. ..that they are afraid of rowdies. don't forget that a womanhas given birth to you.

if every woman slaps youthen you will not remain a man. i am son of mla here. now you cannot go alive from here. mla means public servant. you should be public'ssaviour and not their destroyer. thinking this i am feelingpity on those people.. ..who ate snack andvoted for your father. nowadays internet is the fashion.. ..and the bad deeds of politiciansare not hidden from public.

hey idiot,you were talking of learning english. if you get admission herethen my style of giving punishment.. different fora naughty child like you. where are you running?where are you running? i want to beat you more. come on get up. you will tease a girl. you will tease a girl, rascal. you thought of heras your private property. you tease a girl. you teased her.

no, no.- get up. come on go and touch her.- forgive me. go. let me see how you touch her. you have a desire to tease. come on. let's eat food. have malai is famous dish of this place. hey! - talk with respect. her name is sandhya. sandhya, please cometo the police station.

we have to make some enquiry. no, she will not come. hey, why are you speaking in between? what is your relation with her? she is my wife. without ring and sacred thread. it is modern times nowadays. come on sandhya, let's go home.children will be waiting for us. the meaning of piousrelationship of marriage.. that husbandshould protect his wife. just make them understand. sorry sandhya, i had to speaklies in front of the inspector. maybe it was a lies buti felt very happy at heart. i wish i should have gonewith my wife on such a journey. then the story wouldhave been something different. even i feel the same. if before you met vasuwe had met on such a journey.. ..then it would have been so good.

i would have never left you and gone. sorry. i was very tiredso that is why i dozed off. this is my house. come, i will make you meet everyone. now, at this time. why not? come on. come sandhya. mother, father. mother, she is sandhya.

greetings, aunt.- greetings, sandhya. do friendship with her.she is your daughter-in-law. she loves me and i amin love with her sweet talks. go and find an auspicious time. what are you saying, kartik? i did not understand anything. i am not married till now. the story that i narratedwas not mine but that of my friend. that was ravi's.

he married a girl whomhe loved about 3 years ago. i only helped them in getting married. how did all this happen? without knowing and understandinganything about her i married her. she was never mine. what did you say?you loved each other. but till that time we hadnot understood each other well. ravi, will you beable to live without her? when she could not understand my love.

and feel my sacrifices then whatis the meaning of living together. do you know who the luckiestperson in this world is? the one whose life partner loves him.. ..and supports himin happiness and sorrow. without knowing each otherproperly they married each other. and everything went wrong. after that day my opinion about love,marriage and girls changed. but i fell in lovewith you at first sight. i would have shown youdreams and win your heart.

and could have made you mine. but i wanted both ofus to know each other well. so that there are no misunderstandingsbetween us after marriage. so tell me if i did anything wrong. just think that if we knoweach other well before marriage.. ..then it would be good for you,me and our future. that is why i did like this. i am very sure thatyou would be my bride. why are you so quiet, sandhya?

stop the car, kartik. but what has happened? i am asking you to stop the car. what is the matter, sandhya? were you testing me? a girl may toleratea slap but never cheating. cheating? yes, cheating.for last three days i am with you. you narrated a story and idid not doubt you even for a moment.

you acted very well. i had fallen in lovewith you at first sight. but i was surprised hearingthat you are married. when i heard about your wife i placedmyself on her position and thought that. i would have takenbetter care than her. but all that was lies. but sandhya i saidall that for our benefit. what benefit, kartik? if after 10 years youcome and say sorry sandhya.

for a happy marriedlife i was taking your test. our relationship was a lie. then what? but sandhya i did all thisso that we can understand each other. so you came with me to know about me. tell me what you could know about me. sandhya, i.. i will tell you. that she is an emotionalfool and a weak girl. and she has faith on me.

so our life would be simple. you just wanted to know this about me. sandhya, whatever youare thinking is wrong. i know and understand that it isvery important to have understanding.. ..between two people to stay together. but it is wrong to playwith each other's emotions. girls want faith andnot clarity in relationship. and i do not have faith on you. it will be difficultfor me to forget you.. i am not an actor like you. but still i will try. i hate you kartik. sandhya, sandhya please.. she looks the same. may god prevent you from evil eye? no evil eye should fall on you. no evil eye should fallon you and your mother. and even on your husband.

why? who will see you except for me? let it be. how were your exams? why are you just moving your head?can't you speak? have you forgotten hindi? leave it daughter. this discussionwill take a very long time. come on let's go inside. my dear, you were to tell me somethingand take some suggestion from me. no, nothing. come on tell me now.

i said nothing, mother.don't irritate me. sandhya, consider me asyour best friend and not mother. and as a friend whatever suggestioni will give you can never be wrong. what happened, child? what is the matter? he did very wrong with me. okay, but what do you want? mother, you are my friendas well as my mother. you take a decision for me.

whatever you think is right. son kartik, shall i talkto sandhya about marriage? come, come inside. i am feeling shy. what if she feels bad? sandhya. - yes? did you recognize him? hey, you are gotya, right. how are you?

great. he recognized me. - yes. don't be scared of him, child.he has a disease. disease? and that disease is called sandhya. he keeps on repeatingyour name all the time. while eating,sleeping, drinking and being awake. when will sandhya come?what must sandhya be doing? oh god, he troubled me a lot. do you remember you usedto get many hick ups earlier?

he must be the reason for that. not only this. he has writtenmany poems while remembering you. if you hear them then you will go mad. come on recite one poem. i will recite later, aunt. hey, what is the need to feel shy. come on recite.. do i have the permission? of course..

sandhya, oh sandhya, you arejust like lava of a burning volcano. you are the sweetnessof bakery's cake. you are just like freshred tomato of the farm. you are apple of the eyeof the farmer of that farm. even if elephants see youlift their trunk and salute you. sandhya.. - yes. no, i am speaking whati have written in this. sandhya, oh sandhya. enough of it now.

i have just come intomood so let me recite. you are a car and i am your wheel. you are a mouse trapand i am your mouse. after meeting you i feelas if mobile has got network. how did you like my poem, sandhya? very nice. this is nothing. i have writtenmany more.. - that's enough.. she is tired so let her rest. you can recite later.

now that i am in mood let me recite. go. uncle is waiting for you. go now. i am asking you to leave. bye..bye.. - ok. he is such a nice boy. he is a bit crazy. sandhya, sandhya..herlife is just sandhya.. you had asked me totake decision for you. so i think this boy wouldbe appropriate for you.

there is no hurry. you thinkcarefully and then take decision. till you don't say yes he will wait. no.. my dear beautiful, sandhya. very good gautam, very good. gautam.. i knew you would getcrazy after hearing my poem. you will not be ableto control yourself. come, i will recite more poems.- no. i want to talk to you.

i loved someone else. with kartik. but now we both have separated. thank god. it is okay sandhya. won't you ask me thereason as to why we separated? if i ask you then i will notonly doubt you but also on my love. our priest never tells wrong. yes, he has takenout an auspicious time.

have you told everyone, son?- you are right. yes, i have told. we had gone to the priestto match horoscope of both of you. engagement of 9thand marriage on 14th. is it fine, child? i have not asked you about the date. i am asking about the relationship. i am ready, mother. son, forget whatever happened.

why don't you apologize to sandhya? go and make her understand. if someone hates you then thereis no harm in winning her heart. but if no one is ableto understand then.. ..what is the funof making her understand. hi. can i have your phone number? sure. 9030031228

this is my number. i'll save it. sandhya, i am coming, mother.i will just be back. okay, no problem. my life.. let me see by what nameshe has saved my number. now what has happened? get a side.

can we go out? my friends want to meet you. sorry gautam, today i don't feel like. it's okay. you should get beating. if you act mischievous theni shall lock you in the bathroom. don't you know what you should playand what you should not play with? you are a big boy. keep quiet. - what happened?

don't do acting.- she lost sister's watch. is this what they teach you in school?- what is it sandhya? you are scolding her for a watch. leave it. buy a new watch. you don't know how importantthat watch was for me. was that watch given to you by kartik? today on this auspiciousoccasion of second.. of kartik monththat is 9th of november. t mohan rao's daughter sandhya is gettingengaged to g padma rao's son gautam.

this auspicious ceremony is.. ..taking place in frontof both the families.. kindly all of you stand up. now the boy and the girl will makeeach other wear the engagement ring. put your hand forward. now you put it in his finger. why did you and kartik get separated? he cheated me. at this time you arealso doing the same thing.

enough, gautam. let me ask. according to you he triedto prove a lie as truth. what are you doing? you are also trying to hide your love. i had met kartik, sandhya. i love sandhya for last 20 years. i did not even ask her thereason as to why you both separated. should i be happy that she.. marrying me or shouldbe sad that she still loves you? when is she happy or sad? when is her mood good or bad? i have never been able to know it. but one question is confusing me. without getting married itwas just a thinking to test her love. you did what you thoughtwas right for your future. but did you think what sandhya wouldgo through when she knows the truth. i had thought.

i cannot understandas to why you did all this. i had only one reason to say lies. so that the future oftwo people is not destroyed. sandhya and mine. if there are misunderstandings aftermarriage then the life gets scattered. just as my friend raviand his wife's got scattered. then why didn't youtell this thing to sandhya? because i love sandhyamore than my life. that is why? only love is notrequired for marriage.

even now i am not able to understand. sandhya is beautiful. she loves you and you love her. so is this reason notenough to get married. not at all. nowadays people just thinkfour days love story as true love. love happens in just a second. nowadays you find love on what's app,twitter and facebook. the new generation doesnot know what true love is.

live in relation is becomingthe trend of new generation. meet, date and do party. and then leave the partner. they think this is love. for me love is not tocheat the person you love. the day i saw sandhyai fell in love with her. i wanted to marry her. for me marriage meansfaith between husband and wife. sandhya could not understand thelies that i told with good intentions.

then how will sheunderstand me all my life. she should be happywherever she lives. on one hand he is losinghis love and is still not unhappy. and i am getting my love but i amstill not happy from inside, sandhya. i bravely went tokartik to tell him that.. ..i will be very happy with sandhya. but now while getting engagedwith you i am feeling very scared. look aunty,everyone seems to be happy. but sandhya is sounhappy without kartik.

if she is hungrywe will serve her food. but kartik will makeher eat with his hands. if sandhya cries thenwe will wipe her tears. but kartik will notlet her cry at all. when she gets angry then he willpacify her without asking her any reason. before marriage peoplespeak thousand lies. but no one thinks about the reasonof lies and what effect it will have. you don't make this mistake. if any lies is told forgood then it is not lies.

and there was goodnesshidden behind kartik's lie. usually love lessens after marriage.. ..but his will surelyincrease after marriage. his thinking is great. marriage should take placewith each other's consent. not for being angry with that person. by marrying me you wantto outburst your anger on kartik. you don't think about allthis but think about yourself. no aunty.

if i marry sandhya then we willbe husband and wife for just namesake. our body and souls would be separate. sorry aunty. a person gets angrywith a person whom he loves. that is why you don't seekartik's anger with hatred, sandhya. never leave him. i am saying this to youbecause i love you a lot. and i want to see you happy always. i know that you would neverbe happy without kartik, sandhya.

don't listen to anyone. do what your heart desires. go sandhya. thank you gautam. mother.. now don't be late. you love sandhya a lot. maybe very much. love does not just mean to achieve.

but true love.. one that does notlet anything harm his love. kartik, kartik.. where is kartik? he has just left for airport, child. three months after kartikwent away from sandhya. what should you doto become a good player? that is there but there shouldbe understanding among team members. just as in lovers. - just like lovers.

yes. just like in lovers. if some problem comesup then solve it. if someone makes a mistakethen you should forgive. some days ago i met saniamirza on the opening of the shop. i asked sania that her husbandis from the enemy country.. ..then how do youlive without fighting. do you know what she replied? sandhya, if heart likes someone then.. can make the brain understand.

so today i made youunderstand about love. tomorrow i will explainyou about marriage. okay. let's go and play. i am not able to understandthat what i should do. kartik is not ready to forgive me. i don't know why do somany problems come in your life? you just keep onrepeating love, love.. do you have any brain?if yes then use it. listen.

what is it? will you not forgive me? we do not match each other.- let it go. we do not match, we do not match.. no one gets a perfect match in world. we have to match. do you know you look likea monkey when you are angry? look at your round nose. okay. if you hurt someone then youshould give a gift and pacify him.

no, let it go. today you are giving giftso tomorrow i will also have to give. you will make demands after marriage. you will give me stone rings andin return will ask for diamond ring. i cannot do this.- who said this nonsense to you? you lied to me but for our good. you loved me thatis why you did acting. leave it.i don't have faith on you anymore. i don't think that by marryingyou my future will be happy.

we will not get along. bye. hello mr. kartik, the great. stop. i give an oath to you. what is it? please tell me whichhabit of mine you don't like. i will change it. but don't avoid me. i cannot tolerate. i cannot understand thati gave in with so little.

yes and after thatit was just fun and fun. shoes and socks.

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