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Mens Haircut Trending Now -i'm gonna teach you have you canactually cut your hair and this is just one style are you needis a set of regular whal clippers or you can use conair justwhatever type you want to use and we're gonna be using for this orfrom my hair i'm gonna be using a number four guard from the top to thehair am gonna be using the number three yard for the sides and the back of myhair ok or she needed refers to the stop to hair now you can use a number three on top in thenumber two on the sides if you want your hair shorte.

that this is basically have it's burning you can actually be india's listening 30minutes and you can save hundreds of dollars each year could your own hair and have let my hair grow home purpose justto show you this demonstration in the course as you see here need asmall mirror so you can see the ako your hair and i'm just narrating this for youbecause it's hard for me to talk incurred at thesame time and what you wanna do you or
take the blade in and make your blade take the lever forthe blade all the way up so you can get the closest kar do youwant to stick your dordogne so what i'm doing here now asi'm actually stick in the form your own and as i stick to forego our own alwaysstart at the top on on the top my hair there so i'm justtaking the 4-yard and i am just cut my hair now the room that i'm actually in age really
little bit warm in here and it more havea fan blow in saliva would blow hairy we're the it's a littlebit hot so have to wonder taking up hidden dry my kid just a little bit nowwhenever you cut your hair you always make sure thatyour hair is actually dryer and as you can see here my hair willit's just a little bit where and i'll have to actually drive dolphinjust few minutes a mistake in a four-guardfor guarded i'm just going over the top in you were a girl with the car fairly
/url and make sure that you do i haveany stray hairs and it's really a easy way to do it i mean it's really foolproof you can'treally miss it whenever you're using the guards and it really really foolproof so don't beafraid to try to cut your own hair have been cutting my own hair forprobably ten years or longer now and you can actually do really quickly what you do a few times you getthe hang used to it so i'm still just take in thefall garden just going over the top
real good make sure that again old hairs could pretty even and this is whati like to call rugged style haircut i usually wear whatthey call a military-style a heart attack the this is just a quick way you know out wearing it this waysometimes and you just use in the 3 gore or the foregoing tarp in the three or on the side is whati use now you can use whatever you do depending on how long you want totalk and
how you'll to if you wanna part yourhair you want to use either probably about garth you want archeraired if you want fair to shorten a 3-yard on the top into your own site weird so now you see me here and changed myactual are 3 no romance and i just start from those for and i will look to the side noticewhen i get to the top of my hairline a ghost raider i don't her lip becauseif i curl it because i'm using the 3 three-guard here in i'm gonna need a
the top of my hair were actually usedfor organised on make a gap so you just go straight to isall you want to do and it's just a very simple process youjust start from them our love your hairline got there will not hear their in go straight up with to go straight upwith the in your you're gonna do fine but you don't work early in on withoutyou here because if you do all that some other hair from the topeuropean myers just a little bit where
because it's really hot %um slept in alittle bit in hair is really hard because with its way or even dare so you willmake sure the jeep dry hair and her goal as far as i can go home each side before grabbing a mere him once i get so for mac i have to grabthem here put it behind my head and then i look inthe big mere which is my main mere in that way i cansee to right now i'm just looking sad thatsmall mere this man my head
workers say the back of my hair comehere to see we're on actually the curly hair you know you do like to see it is justgo down from the very bottom your hairline hardly a do tell and what she do once i had like i'mdoing here you go all the way to the after yourhead could impact your hair there and thenyou just repeat the year this just let them do here and you know after i used to pay anywherefrom eighteen dollars
for the barber to cut my hair so starcurtain all hair silver years ago in you know some people depends on howfast you have a rosy may have to cut it 2-3 times a minor people maintain yourhair you know at a certain path then you look good once a week you notice cream mostly and if you went to a bar wats league youknow that clear the least about forty dollars a month youcould be in ten dollars a pair but over a year's time you save a goodbit amor ni luck may have been cut my hair now forten years or more
an absolute a lot of money over the last10 years just given mon sep america you know it's just really a simple process to do and justtrying to aimed towards the camera here thisworking let you see how next week at the back in the hair the then i just go to the office saidearlier the same day start from the bottom up my hairline in a ghostwriter when i get bored talk to my hairline like a sailor can'treally stresses unearth
when you get to the top your hairline healways will go straight up because the peak curly in your gonna rounder even the goor crack through the top your hair in because you have a lower guard hugo worker looking good you hear youmake your hair and everything looked the picnic area to go come to obtain coach tom shorter just wanna simply go straight it as you can see here you know he hadtake you lock your door of occasionally
with the brewers in with a hairdo just make sure youalways have a clean wembley it's always best to cut your hair whenyou're in a air conditioner room unfortunately for this 1i wouldmean an air conditioner and so i have to take my driver right here injust kinda dry my hair more various kar its hard liquor when youwhen it's where even amp so you don't you don't load take a showerand incur to hear
course because getting taken to shareyou get the hair of a movie you always want to start with dry hair hey if you're coming home from working inthe mood cut your hair more cut your hair in the evenings init's always best to sit and do nothing interdisciplinaryonly to hear the dry i'll in then you can cut your hair then shower after that way show world a ride
well as you can see here it's not reallya player process to do yes the up since i'll wahad regionally done well can always take my mirror and go back inknown over the back to my hair several times eventhough i can see it good always want to make sure that i don'tbelieve in history hairs ham so just to be on the safe side always taken the blade and the door multiple times over backfrom here
one of the trickiest area sticker is right around the crown on the back youhere when you get around the crown area if your hair grows like man it's hard to take the regarded i'm goodthe size with in in this catalogue around the pram are usually drop down to a to go order a gift to the crown in my head that wayi can get those hairs that urges swirled aroundthe the crown there in our can actually could he you know alot better
this have to be careful when you use inthe two are specially if you could top your hairwith for gordon the size and 30 yr you don't wanna get too harsh withit because the two guards gonna make your real surecarrying good cause you have gaps between on hereit so i'm just still working with athree-door more into the black in my over to the side making sure that onlythe stray hairs it's really a simple process what you get to hang energy to cut yourown hair save a lot of money cut your
own hair if you have children as if you have the love male children you can cut theirhair say there have been a little bit of around the crown that there's a world10-year and that's win i try to take the three gorges gizmo services opinion right now undermy circumstances still little bit they'll well do here injust a few minutes is asked which the origin are actually take the to your
you know training really good museum better with shorter sure gold when you get finished cutting your hairof you think you're finished you get all your hairs your pair kurt then it's always best to take the societyyour hair where it meets your hairline the tard just make sure you just kinda paper and real do it that way didn'tlike me have a olexson signaled up
you can take in landing and reallynervous when you first begin it may seem like it's a little bit tedious were the is really not that meant to be i can remember when i first story cut myhair you know it's i was a little slow atfirst me when i get the hang it got used to the size the guards i wantedto use the lucky just breeze right through think this her kurt took me a map 23 24minutes to do
the could have been a lot faster if split more the world see how bill multiple times over thesides in there just making sure a ghetto heard the leaving stray hairs is nothing worse than not being able tosee it great thinking you've got all your hairspecial around you here the end before you know it someoneseason as a hand to me is if it happens to youdon't feel they're just hours noon
and make sure you run over your haircivil terms that weld the important thing is is to use twosmall mere with the larger mere make sure your sample eileen you do just fine with now apologize also a forehand that this cabinet with my mir's owner got about 3d mir'sonly see them on their trillion when mir'smuch is a key and into the camera view that way you can see exactly what i'mdoing
your and i am just cleaning up a little bit just provinceor for hair of mine hellraiser more clippers dry my hair just a little bitmore and its kinda natural its okay it'sreally the the ancyl have a little bit yourtalk hurt your hand to be a little bit longer than your size course st reason for using efforts iscored
but you don't want to be real noticeablethis while you were a taper your hairline were the top your landmakes sun there knows why it's always best just to takein the f do you can lower your garden newsuse a two-door if you use enough you to use enough forguard on the top in a three-guard on the side the moretapered really good and good you to go wronginduce guru the size with the size me the top your hairline
but basically for the most part i'm justusing to yards are using her garden number two york to get the crown heared it someother smaller yet the there's oh how how long you want to hear as i saidbefore if you were a part your hair use a5 nor copier piercing homes do hard so whatever whatever guard you use onthe tile just always remember no lingard lower
for the science as a general rule to you the billion real good even if you use aservant or alltel then use a six-car on the sides use itto your own car using organs lissa course you're doing a hand tomilitary-style the rounded mahanta military-style cool areusually uses 3 go out on the town of you know whenyour own son because i don't like shaving the sizecompletely
all to the skin sure just a little bithere 1 i'm doing now as i'm taking athree-door for drama herald just to make sure i get blended lindareview with the sides usually take the to go order to goaround thrown at them my hair lmao names or are usually thetwo doors world them change in my guardian in this roomgoing to cram so i'm actually taking the two guard
working the crown here their little shorter get doing withjournalism i wanted to show this in real time thatway i can bakkie through it to show you how simpleand how easy is to x culture in under 30 minutes in under 30 minutes is pretty girl eventhis is even i'm slowing down somber caused have been swaying in evander stop in and just dry my hair little more
if you notice while you're facing thefacing me for the lips i love my head if you notice there's a little bill still with the longer hair were myhairline next size there that a no reluctant to will passed through reason for dry my hair me making sure my hair dryer than out a 3 garden go back up again in few minutes but now i do from the size and my hairis a
they the darts completely home of in i use aa sure is i can get it pulling the lever all the way here andthen i'll make a straight line across horrible here's you know girl just over my ears just alittle bit that working at the pair of my peers so generally is when you're building anew years just takin take take don't use a garden just ghostlyoverhears
strains you can get it but they'reusually use learn me in just making a strange unit there andjust tell you there so i'm doing now is a sacred in the netcares but he's just a straight blade with noguardian just going down the back a minute haveto be careful there to not this that your hair the only real close to you here detergent heregavin it you always have to be careful occurredin with her leaning towards on there
just make sure you kill slip incurred we're not supposed around your hairline wear your hair onnext sat your hair if you found it is just alittle bit then you could take in all your resources to move the and then go straight to from the size wehare that way you can you go there that hairthat's coming off the top your hair where it meets your hairline in st.disney kid you can use could really sure ruling indian the says
here and that's basically well colonnadequicker the rugged style her make sure that you get your hairline the back to your name in all those years real good when you'recutting overhears just make sure you go he the top two years so it was good to takethis mom here recheck everything and there's really not our whole up to
what's a a.m. minister of fillercountenanced always take the mir recheck my hair look at the top look atthe back look at it from so and it's how i like it team i'm satisfied with them skirt suita massive burn wood so that's mostly how you cut your ownhair it's really a great way to do it save yourself a lot of time so you savea lot of money going to the barbershop and don't be afraid to venture outbecause you can't really miss it when those dollar.

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