Mens Haircut Styles

Mens Haircut Styles -it's a style for you flea market! here, it's 25 dollars. this is 30 dollars. or with a kiss. this is eight dollars. this is seven dollars. seven dollars. i feel awkward right now. there they are. - i didn't recognize you. / - oh my gosh. - heechul. / - heechul.

heechul. (what were the girls surprised by? coming soon) (it's the final episode of a style for you season one) (what were the mc's thoughts before the final episode?) i really don't know. (sad) i feel bittersweet. i've gotten so fond of them. we were able to meet weekly through this program. so i'd just wait for the day everyone got together.
i'm not really sad to say goodbye to these girls. i will miss the bond between me and this show and the other side of me that i revealed on the show. one, two, three. hey, hani. (it was fun) our 12th mission. the last mission. (what is the last mission?)
step 12. a flea market of your own. open a flea market. flea market. finally, we are hosting a flea market. (step twelve, open your own flea market) (flea market, exchange or sell one's own items) i always thought i wanted to do it sometime. what should i sell?
i don't know yet. (the hardest mission, open your own flea market) this was the favorite of junggigo. these are soyou's sunglasses. it's two and a half dollars. really cheap! i will sell it for eight dollars. 30 dollars. i will put it around your neck. (coming soon)
(hashtag, open a flea market) (promote your flea market) - what? what is this? / - what? pick a color that you like. - can we see it first? / - yes. it's a number. - three. / - four. - i'm number two. / - one. (internet broadcasting set for publicizing flea market)
(there are three internet broadcasting sets) (three bjs will help the mcs) (one empty room) hi. - one, two, three, hurray. / - one, two, three, hurray. (number one, bora) hello. - hello. / - hello. i thought a guy was coming.
is that so? should i call heechul? (who's in room number three?) i don't know who will show up. gu hara. gu hara. it can't be. (two rooms left) (confused) do i get anything? what's going on?
(scratch, scratch) so am i facing a situation... in which i need to plan and publicize... a flea market on my own? (hani being alone) - wow. / - wow. hello, everyone. (silence) hello, everyone. today i have
heechul kim as a guest. hello, everyone. it's a celebrity. awesome. here. yes, i'm a celebrity. - yes, can you look here. / - hello. this is my first time doing this. it's my first time seeing you, too. i'm here, too. (a style deal for you went online too) (the mc's favorite items went on an online market)
(ten cents per entry will be added to the final score) (hara's glass cup and mini candle warmer) (bora's summer item one-piece and leather clutch) (hani's book "zombie" and her stage clothes) (promote your favorite item) it's a dress i wore on this show. a vacation look. these look better in real life. if you look closer, you can see they're hand-made. they're so nice.
this is my book. it has a stain from kimchi fried rice. i should get it out. (choose a flea market concept) a style for you flea market. - the concept is important. / - yes. do you have a concept you like? (curious) let's see what's coming up.
a bikini. maid, nurse. a dress. don't wear any. don't wear any. wait, wait. this fan says, hara should bring many eco-friendly items on a budget price. personally, i really like eco-bags and i plan to bring many of them on that day.
hara, saving the earth. - hara, saving the earth. / - because - that's good. / - eco means eco-friendly. that's good. i like "hara, saving the earth". for my concept, i would like to ask for help from close celebrities and stylists. they talk about girl's generation. they are typing in here.
many people are telling me about it. one fan says "i like all sistar's members and it would be nice for you to ask them." of course, i will ask the members and park seo jun. i will ask my friends infinite, too. i'm not very close to song joong ki. i'm sorry, i don't know song joong ki very well. i'm the only male among the mcs.
i will bring items that will appeal to ladies, such as skirts and socks. perfume would be nice too. if you look at the chat room, signed bottles are hot. signed bottles. i could sell it filled up with water. what about a kiss mark? you can stamp a kiss mark on a clear bottle. bong sejak says why not print a kiss mark?
yes. so, i will print the kiss mark and put it on the bottle with my face, too. that's good. kim heechul's way to win a girl's heart. i don't have a friend. how can nobody be here? don't come, don't go. it's june 8th.
there is no one. what should i do? hey, pigeon. (poor girl, she's cute) ah, hello. i will host a flea market on june 8th. can you make it? of course, i will come. really? if so, please take a selfie with me.
like this, we are taking a picture. which channel does it come on? - it's called a style for you. / - i watch it everyday. - do you watch it everyday? / - yes. (thank you) (i must've done something good) (taking a picture to promote the flea market) (and again) go, go!
- i'm a fan. / - yes, i'm a fan, too. it's a style for you. thank you, bye. let's go! huh? is this a radio broadcasting branch? who is on right now? hey, hello. (running into the booth quickly) (what radio show will hani promote her flea market on?) (lady jane's radio broadcasting starts)
what's going on all of a sudden? our surprise guest hani of exid is here. hi, it's hani of exid, here. every sunday, a style for you. a style for you is on at 11:55 p.m. on sunday. it's my first time as an mc on the show. i've been watching it too. so i'm promoting this right now. flea market with a style for you.
i hope many of you will enter - the market online. / - please. why don't you sing "ah, yeah"? why are you so lost? - good, good. / - i don't know why you are saying this. - ah, yeah. ah, yeah. / - ah, yeah. ah, yeah. good-bye. thank you lady jane. (find items to sell)
(hair salon in sinsa area) (one man determined to find a way into ladies' hearts) (nervous) (heechul has decided to cut his hair short) even the light seems as if it is judgment day. it's been a year since i last had a haircut. (gunhui, hair designer) i thought a lot about this. it was about fighting my own ego.
should i listen to hara, bora, and hani or not? should i tie your hair like this? no, just cut it. why aren't you greeting me saying "sir"? i thought a lady was coming. i don't like how it looks, it's distracting. heechul, you are distracting. your hair is distracting.
hey, stop talking about my hair! if i cut it on a style for you... (cutting starts) (antsy, antsy) honestly, i'm really sad right now. in the past, haircuts were considered to be upsetting. (meanwhile, the eyes get watery) (heechul's hair coming off) will you gather my hair and give it to me?
(what is heechul's new look?) (handsome heechul is back) (in the midst of it all, he's taking a photo) (mixed feelings) i'm all right now, really. it just feels weird. it doesn't feel like me. of course, you had a long hair for quite a while. (hashtag. ready for a flea market, success, romance) ta-da.
this is my stylist seo sookyung who will help me prepare for flea market. yes, i will. i'm donating. clap, clap. - ta-da. / - ta-da. they're mirror styles that are good for summer use. - it's a gain if you buy this. / - it's a gain. it's a total gain.
(getting donations from stylist, successful) this is my dressing room. what? my cat. hey, hey. eco-bag. it's full of my favorite eco-bags. this one has a tie as a strap. these are my hats.
here they are. there are red, blue and white ones. please come and enjoy my flea market and enjoy "hara, saving the world" with me. i will see you all then. i will do my best preparing. the first celebrities to help me are here. (sistar members) (hello.)
- this hat is very hot now. / - it's hot. - hot, hot. / - hat with a visor. i used it a lot when practicing, on regular days, or when going to an appointment. i heard it's for a good cause, so i brought it. (soyou's cherished item, sunglasses with red frames) thank you. please put them to good use. - hi, dasom. / - hello.
my - cherished item. / - cherished item is a sweatshirt. i hope many of you will take interest in this. i heard it was for a good cause. i hope it is used in a good way and i'm very happy to take part in this. i wish your happiness. we wish your happiness.
i came here to get help for my flea market. there are so many pretty clothes. there are a lot that i can take. please help me. as a starter, why don't you work in the shop today since you need to open a flea market on your own? as an exercise, i will give you some sales tips. please teach me some sales tips! first of all, you need to dress well.
so, i should go change now. yes, and you should wear some of our clothes. then, i need to stand in front. how do i know if they will buy this or not? welcome. these clothes are from this shop. - really? / - yes. (looking away) selling stuff is difficult.
(a living mannequin) (dancing in the clothes) is this good enough? (i want to buy) let's see how many different bags we have. why are you packing? no, i will pack. i'm the one who asked for this. how much would this be worth in money?
it's very heavy. go. (d-day) (the day of flea market) (acquired goods to sell) what should i buy? can i have a sausage? thank you for the sausage. (foodie hani, now it's only too natural)
it's really good. what should i give? (found an item) it's a dollar. (one dollar socks?) my concept is one plus one. so if you buy one, you get one free. how much are these? are you buying all these?
yes, i'm opening a flea market. thank you. good-bye. i hope you have a good business. bye-bye. bless you. this is pretty. this ring and... they are so cute. it's pretty. i think it looks good on me.
this would be heechul's favorite, i'm sure. fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars. you did so well. i'm embarrassed. thank you. papapa, hello everyone, i'm park heejin from ansung. i will put it to really good use. thank you so much. that's it for my impersonation.
it's heavy. let me put it here. - thank you. / - yes, thank you. i will sell a lot. this is not me. it's a fake me. hey, hakguen, how have you been? i'm opening a flea market, so i came to you as you are in my network.
you look like the first pupil. i think you could greet like a groom here. saying welcome and everything. something you would want to dress your boyfriend with. i'll look for something like that. i want a girlfriend. this is good too. it's summer, so a pattern like this works. i prepared a voucher for this too.
what? wait, it says a style for you. bye-bye, i'm moving onto the next location. with this scent, this must be the place. well, why isn't anybody here? - good afternoon, ma'am. / - good afternoon. good afternoon, ma'am. i heard women like scented candles, so i came here. but i don't know anything about them, not at all.
i'll put some scents that women would like together and give them to you. even if this is for a good cause, i feel a little bit sorry for your donation. so... sorry sorry. sorry sorry sorry sorry. i fall for you baby. dan dan, let's do it together. dan dan dan da dan.
can i take these? i will take all these. i'm hosting a flea market today. i will leave my kiss marks on these. don't you think you need more? well, let's make it 20 then. can you maybe give five more? (got bottles) (acquired the goods to sell)
here we are. - ma'am, this is gift. / - hello, hello. - it's so heavy. / - can i put it here? my bora, you are getting prettier everyday. - your hair is so pretty. / - really? (flea market items for bora) this, i got it for a present. she gave it to me as a present. isn't this pretty?
this is also something really awesome, everyone. (acquired designer lee juyoung's items) so can i take it like this? can't i just take it like this for the market? look at this, what do i do with this? isn't this too pretty? this is really pretty. does this make any sense right now? look at this color. how can this be?
touch my body, body. touch my body. (the four mcs have acquired their items) (open a flea market) (flea market at the sinchon area) (the last mission for a style for you) (four mcs communicating with the viewers) (it begins when the four mcs bring the items) (first to arrive is hara with both hands full)
what is it? why do you have so much? i brought these from my place to sell. here is hani's. here is heechul's zone. this is hara's zone. wow, it's impressive. all these are mine.
i honestly like these items and if the buyers put them to good use, i won't feel bad at all letting them go. - hara. / - hara. she already looks like a shop owner. i want this. how about this? i want this, it's mine. can i buy this?
what do you think about the atmosphere? we haven't even started yet, but with all the fans and spectators, this place is already filled. generally, let's not set the price too low. because after all, it's for charity. - it's for a good cause. / - it's for a good cause. i feel so weird right now. there they are. (with a different hair-do)
i'm so nervous. i think they will laugh at my hair. can you hide it for me? - are you nervous? / - absolutely. it still feels weird. i guess all my talent was in my hair. honestly, you can't find these items easily. so if they sell too cheaply...
i will walk over this. then what should the lowest price be? it should depend on the item. - i didn't recognize him. / - oh my gosh. hey, who is this? - who is this? wait a minute. / - it's a global star. - come here. / - come here. - wait. / - i feel powerless. it's crazy.
- he became handsome. / - i didn't recognize him. - i didn't recognize him. / - he became handsome. - it's an idol star. / - i feel powerless. my senior. hey is this that "normcore" look? heechul, what's gotten into you today? so anyway, we are... - this guy is so weird. / - very. - he's silent. / - suddenly, i don't feel comfortable.
why is it weird? is it my hair? because you are handsome. - this is no joke. / - how did i look before? you are really handsome. i didn't recognize him. (i didn't even recognize you at first) (a different side of heechul, who used to be so close) he's really good-looking. he's really handsome. he's really good-looking.
he's so handsome. awesome. (now my heart beats like crazy) (the staff fully understand how you feel) what's your flea market concept today? for me, i wanted to win women's hearts. heechul, you don't have to sell anything, really. - heechul. / - you don't have to sell. my concept was to use everyone in my network.
did you ask your celebrity colleagues everywhere? recently, i wasn't entirely myself so i couldn't pick up many things that i wanted. still, i managed to get good items. for me, it's "hara, saving the world" and "prepare for summer". i brought items for the summer season. what about hani? mine is "one plus one".
i will go with quantity. if you buy one, you get one free. well, since we don't have much time, - should we go to our booths? / - let's get prepared. - here, let's go. / - let's go. wait. for better access, it shouldn't be too neat like this. we don't need the boxes.
this can't be here. all these needs to go. you will run your shop well. me? i can run my shop very well. i can even sell half-eaten ice-cream. this. don't even take the tag off. these t-shirts should be put all randomly. randomly, like this.
it's 10 dollars for pants. - it was 108 dollars. / - it's much cheaper now. i can put whatever price i want. how much is this? wait, this is ten dollars... 15 dollars. here, take the good items. i should hang this. i can only write short phrases well.
my fellow member soyou gave me these sunglasses. they look new. i've got sunglasses. and dasom gave me...should i call this gym chic? she gave me this. finally, hyorin gave me this hat. is this guy sleeping like this? maybe junggigo hugs it in his sleep. (yoo seung woo, sung kyu, mad clown)
i will hang it over here. wait, maybe i shouldn't put it over here. - let's put it more... / - in the front? yes, so people can touch it more easily. (price also written big and visible) all of these are ten dollars. really, there is no margin for this. buy one, get one free. carryover products are ten dollars for two.
seasonal products are ten dollars. mostly it's just ten dollars. it's hani's happiness in ten dollars. this is really cheap, if it's ten dollars. isn't it? these mascaras are five dollars each. mascaras are five dollars each. what's hani selling? clothes and shoes.
test, test. she even has this. there are many products here to buy. - hani, why are you not saying anything? / - what? does it feel like talking to a different person? (i'm shy) (what's wrong with her?) - why? / - you looked like a sister before. see? i told you i shouldn't get a haircut. you are like a man now.
even my cat avoided me. anyway, i will stop by later. - okay. / - yes. cheer up. (heartbeat, heartbeat) how can a haircut change someone so much? he even talks differently. what is this? is it woo sik's?
that's right. he has an appointment today. wow, but this is so... (items from woo sik) so where are my stickers? i put a lot of work into those stickers. did you follow my sns? i mean i don't even kiss a girl like that. it's my kiss mark for a style for you flea market. what do i do?
it's been so long since the last time i kissed. (we hope the next time it's with your girlfriend) first of all, let me show you this. on every bottle i will put a sticker which i promised on the internet broadcast. are the stickers ready to go? okay. mr. choi. - have you started? / - i've started.
really? can i promote my item here? first, i prepared today - a simple product. / - today's flea market. i put my lips on this. wow, this is an idea. - this is great. / - i put my lips on here myself. i even uploaded kissing on it on my sns. in the past, top stars shared their dna with hair.
hot did it. - with this, i will / - heechul is sharing his lips. put my lips on here like this. - this is an idea. / - and also... what's this? it looks like a chinese character. - emoticon. / - emoticon? it's also comes with this cute drawing. that's sincere. so here are the emoticons i drew.
for everyone who comes, do you give them this with all three stickers on? it's lips people put on together. i should put the tumbler in front. this bottle was originally 12 dollars. so with the sticker price, disregarding all the changes, i will sell it at 20 dollars. why? won't they buy it?
i don't know the price of things. just start with it. if it doesn't work, then change it. i will use more a luxurious strategy. take the good times. one plus one. it's ten dollars for two carryover products. (many people waiting for the flea market) it's five o'clock now, so it's for next two hours. let's do our best for next two hours.
since it's for a good cause, let's go. - one, two, three, go! / - one, two, three, go! hi, everyone. - now we are open. / - the flea market is open. this is my money bag. (everyone is entering after using hand sanitizer) (can the four mcs sell all their items?) oh, hey, come on in. this here is five dollars. this is ten dollars.
here it's two for ten dollars. you can give it to your girlfriend as a gift. this really can't sell for ten dollars. i've got no margin. mascara and mascara remover together. they are five dollars, two and a half dollars each. this is a steal. during the season, it's too expensive to buy. you'll regret if you don't buy it today.
it's really pretty. they are all men. you should get this for your mother. or your sister. these days, guys wearing this are hot. no way. seriously, it awakens protective instinct. it awakens protective instinct. oh, this is so pretty.
(customers' wallets are closed) it's a drawback that i have only women's clothes. i didn't think about male customers. what are you looking for? please look around. - are there men's clothes, too? / - yes, there are. there are t-shirts. how about this? how about something like this? how about something like this? i like anything you recommend.
- then, the green one. / - the green one? yes, the green one. this is seven dollars. it's seven dollars. can i do a bank transfer? no, i can't do a bank transfer. here are men's clothes, t-shirts. - i want this! / - me, me! how much should this be?
20 dollars. this t-shirt matches mine. this is salesmanship. - matching t-shirt. / - it's salesmanship. - red matching t-shirt. / - it's salesmanship. matching t-shirt. i will give you the one i'm wearing. this is 30 dollars. - 30 dollars. / - 30 dollars.
30 dollars? it's a deal, 30 dollars. it's a deal. it sells if you wear them. how about this one? do you want this? it's 30 dollars. - 30 dollars? / - 30 dollars. - can i have a bag? / - you can choose a bag. this is ten dollars. are you buying this?
well, i haven't paid for it. then, i will sign it after you buy it. do i need to buy this? this is ten dollars. i will give you a discount. how much do you have? hara, how much is this? i will give you all of them for 50 dollars. 50 dollars.
- this is really cheap. / - this is really cheap. this is really cheap. the price is not set yet. - do you want to buy this? / - how much is it? how much do you want to pay for it? ten dollars. you can't have it for ten dollars. think about it. dasom wore this herself. - is ten dollars enough? / - how much would you pay?
11 dollars. go away. - i will give you 40 dollars. / - 40 dollars? dasom's is sold. i think she didn't wash it. it's not washed. okay, this is a hat. so i will say about 25 dollars. - 25 dollars. / - what about this?
that's about 25 dollars, too. should this be more expensive? - i will buy both for 50 dollars. / - wait a minute. wait, now it's an auction. raise your hand for 25 dollars. - any hands? / - 30 dollars. 35 dollars. - me. / - really? then, 40 dollars.
- 50 dollars. / - 50 dollars.? 55 dollars. we have 55 dollars. we have 55 dollars for soyou's sunglasses. 60 dollars. - 60 dollars. / - 60 dollars? sold for 60 dollars! all of a sudden it's an auction. it's sold for 60 dollars.
(if it stays like this, bora's strategy will win) my cherished items are making some money. i must have made more than other people. what would you like? it's only ten dollars. this tumbler has my lips like this. - it's only ten dollars. / - it's expensive. - is it expensive? / - it's expensive. how much are these scented candles?
- which one? / - scented candles. these are really expensive. i can't ask for more than ten dollars. - yes, you can. / - yes, you can. i have five more dollars. do you have five dollars? okay, then it's 15 dollars. okay, thank you. okay, bye.
let it go, let it go. hi, welcome to the super show. wait, was this 20 dollars? this is 15 dollars. one, five, zero, zero, zero. five, five. - no? / - did you give them five dollars? this stuff is difficult. okay, this.
okay, okay. i like the candle. this, i'm sorry. people have bought it at 15 dollars. okay, sorry. okay, thank you. bye. okay, do you want a selfie? welcome, welcome. only the good ones are left.
the manager and staff are running the business. now i'm just... - 50 dollar bill. / - i made this much. it's no joke. 842 dollars. is this a lot? gu hara made 1,400 dollars. bora made some 1,200 dollars. - what about hani? / - she's not doing so well.
i should've gotten more for the tumblers. other products are valuable too, but for those who came here from overseas, this is big. also had i promoted with this, even without any of these, i could've made the most. i will make the rounds. - let me go see bora. / - but i'm second place. - who's in first place? / - hara is.
let's work harder, heechul. - you guys were doing so well. / - aren't i good? other than being a celebrity, it's good that you have other skill. when i'm done, i have nothing. - you sold well too. / - i sold a lot, but most things were under ten dollars. really? you have an issue. you can't make a deal. earlier, i sold soyou's sunglasses for 60 dollars.
- really? / - it was just a pair of sunglasses. - we did an auction. / - we did an auction. for items like that, we do an auction. - okay. / - this smells like junggigo's place. i just visited hara and bora and learned how to sell stuff. everyone, we only have 5 bottles left. - no. / - no. they're 20 dollars...
with a selfie? since a hug doesn't last unlike a photo. okay, it's 20 dollars with a selfie. come, choose an item. bottle? it's 20 dollars. you keep selling the items. please send the ones who bought the bottles. one, two. one, two, three, okay. this is five dollars.
no, it's 20 dollars. - why? / - this is amethyst. this is amethyst. (heart pounding) (gasp) i just got here from china. wait a minute. so here you are. you are winning the hearts all right.
i guess so, but i'm... thank you very much. it's five dollars for all earrings. okay, it's five dollars. everybody, look here. at first, there was nobody here. but i made the best of it and as a result so many of you are here. look, everyone.
- i love kim heechul. / - i love kim heechul. - fair skin kim heechul! / - fair skin kim heechul! kim heechul. wow. it's one plus one. it's eight dollars with one plus one. i will buy it for eight dollars. - eight dollars. / - eight dollars. four dollars each. like this, isn't it pretty?
do you want to try them on? no, you should buy this. 400 dollars? 40 dollars? i will sell it at 40 dollars. - thank you. / - thank you. (fan service is an extra) here, it's five dollars. - did you pay for this yet? / - not yet.
hurry, you need to pay first. - how much? / - it's five dollars, here. please press the button. - wow, thank you. / - five dollars. how much is that? the lowest i can give you is 50 dollars. this is a popular item now. i can't give you 50 dollars. i need to bring some back. well then, good-bye.
our shop is doing very well. - what about 45 dollars. / - no way. - can i have a five dollar discount? / - no. - let's compromise. / there are many who would pay... 50 dollars for this. look, that was 50 dollars. can you see that guy? he bought his for 50 dollars. i will pay 50 dollars.
here you go. - i will put it in a bag. / - yes. - thank you. / - 50 dollars. here, seasonal products are ten dollars a piece. carryover products are ten dollars for three. if you buy a lot, i will feel so great that i don't know what i would do. now i will sing a song for you. (cheers)
up, down, up, up, down. i don't know, your eyes are acting innocent. you play around with me. then i feel loco. oh oh. you make me crazy. it's an involuntary roller... co-coaster. su-such a monster. (feels obligated to buy something) - i want this. / - do you want this? do you want these two?
you bought these two for ten dollars. here is a kiss. (the last minute for the flea market) it's the last minute. now, it's over. three, two. donation. hey you, pick something here. here, take it.
(it's already over) i will see you soon, it was fun. thank you, everybody. (flea market mission completed) here, this is 25 dollars, 30 dollars. this is for eight dollars. it's two and a half dollars each. it's really cheap. (who made the most money at the flea market?) we met every single week.
i loved it just by itself. i think this will stay with me as a good memory. we should do the counting seriously. should we open the cash box? what's the expected ranking with today's sales? honestly, when i saw bora and hara, i thought gods of sales came down to them. bora wore slippers and a fanny pack and she hosted an auction.
- i was so surprised. / - i did something too. the way i did it was to wear the clothes myself. i sold them by wearing them myself first. you are a god of sales. you should make a new tv show called "god of sales" with bora and hara. bora, i think we'd be good at it. we'd be good at most anything. i should make a sales for you. i have no choice.
shall we open it now? (who won the first place at flea market?) first, the fourth place is... - as you expected, hani. / - how much did she make? - wait. / - it's hani. - how much? / - wait. 1,690 dollars. - that's a lot. / 1,690 dollars? just by counting this only?
the one in third place earned 1,993 dollars in tatal. and it's bora. did i win over bora? you sold a lot. two of you have the same first digit number. - hara and i? / - it must be two. - it's good to see you. / - the one who made 2,530 dollars is in first place. it's hara. how did you do it?
(hara earned 2,530 dollars and heechul 2,352 dollars) (the mc's items were auctioned online, too) (ten cents per entry which will be added to the total) (currently the first place is hara) (it's possible to win with the cherished item auction) (hani's total is 2,900 dollars) (heechul's total is 3,912 dollars) (bora's total is 3,977 dollars) (hara's total is 4,475 dollars)
almost 400 to 500 dollars were added. a god of sales. congratulations, hara. - a special gift for the winner. / - what is it? - could it be a trip to hawaii? / - i'm in last place. this looks like a voucher for a trip to hawaii. she's smiling. it must be something. flea market... profits from the flea market will be donated by
hara and heechul, bora, hani. i will just run off with this. still, we have our names written on it. honestly, our names being on it is not important. - it's important that it's for a good cause. / - yes. - someone is here to receive that money. / - really? hara should donate it yourself. to save more children even if it means one, we will pass on this profit to the children in nepal.
(hara and heechul, bora, hani successfully donated) it's the first meeting. how is this? bora. let me get at least one, give it to me. everyone. (the behind story now begins) honestly, for me, while i was on a style for you, time really flew by.
really, we met every single week. (hara with a fastidious image and perfect looks) because... i'm your endorphins too. as i was monitoring this show i realized that - gosh, i know. / - i was really mean to you guys. i can't look at heechul. why? it was always some auntie seated next to me.
why didn't you look like this earlier? i'm a divorced auntie who was just passing by. i thought an older lady came today. today. because i've been mean to the girls. (heechul became a real man now) now with this new hair, he's okay regardless. but back then, even with good-looking clothes, he just looked like an auntie.
and there was bora's chair. (bora gave heechul a red chair as a present) i put it by my bed. i had so much fun making it. i just tried and it went very well. so that was really enjoyable. in our own way, this is a fashion-related show. but at first, hani showed up with the worst fashion. - the overalls. / - yes.
(hani has now found her own style) did being on this show help you? i learned so much. now my team members don't ignore me. i saw you going to work and you did change a bit. at first i was very intimidated, but we became close quickly and easily. also you guys were very dear to me. i was very thankful for that.
she's cute. i think it will stay with me as a really good memory. i should've cared more about you. i'm sorry, hani. why are you crying? we don't call each other all that much. but even under a lot of stress, when i come here, the thoughts disappear and that really comforted me. i really liked that. we were laughing like this together,
as people our age should do. that, by itself, was really nice. it's awkward. i'm kim heechul. it's very nice to meet you. (as time passed, they were like real siblings) hani. do you have to go? (heechul, hani, bora, hani made the happiest style)
since the chemistry among us was really nice, the viewers liked a style for you better. - isn't it true? / - yes, really. for all the viewers who have supported us all along we would like to say thank you, again. and - hani should do it this time. / - yes. - finally. you've never done it. / - hani should do it. - we are a style for you. / - you. - you. / - you.

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