How To Donate Hair For Locks of Love

How To Donate Hair For Locks of Love - Hi everyone it's april with hair 101today we're going to show you how to donate hair for locks of love. 

And we're going to chop her hair from very long all the way down to a pixie cut. like an anne hathaway look the rules for locks of love to have to have at least ten inches of's okay if it's been colored or permed but it can not be if you have bleached your hair you would have to let that hair grow out and be cut off before you can donate againso her hair is natural. she has not colored it or permed it. so we are good. and you also have to have at least 10 inches. and if you have layers in the hair, the shortest layer
that they would be able to use would be 10 inches so if you took a regular 10 inch comb that would be how you could tell how long the hair is she's probably got like 22 inches here so we are good. and we are going to cut the top to about there. she'll be able to use all of her hair which is awesome but if you do have layers that are shorter than 10 inches you can still cut that hair off and donate it they will just separate the hairs out that are too short
and keep the rest of it for the kids that are losing their hair for medical reasons what i'm going to do now.since we're doing a pixie cut on her. we are going to divide the hair into 4 sections and put pony tails and braids in each of those 4 sections. so like a "t" on the head. and this will help have more of a uniform length through all of it now on the top sections you'll want to keep them a little bit more towards the side. you don't want to do it right on the top of the head
because you want to have that length on the top for the pixie cut stilland just make sure you put the elastics or the hair ties in really tight i usually even braid the hair after that too. so that it's a little bit easier so bring it away from the head a little bitbecause you have to cut above that once you get that. measure it and make sure you have your 10 inches and then you can braid it really quick while it's on the head. because it's a lot easier
to braid on the head than after you cut it and then i'll stick a small elastic in the bottom of this. now if you were going to cut it into an a-line shape you would pull all the hair into the back of the head and do a low pony tail in the back.but since she's doing a really short pixie we are going to do 4 so keep that in mind if you're trying to do a little bit more length to leave on your head. you would just do a low pony tail on the back you would just do one big one so i'm just going to do the rest of those sections and then we'll start
alright now we're going to cut all these off.this is really easy just go a little bit above the elasticor the hair tie and chop it off.easy as that. there we go there's one. there's two. you just chop through it it's too big to do it in one big swipe and then you're going to have a really funky haircut here. so we are going to take these braids.and then if you go on the locks of love website you can just print out a little donation formyou don't have to have this
it's up to you. but it gives you some of the directions and makes it easier you are supposed to put them in a ziplock bag and seal it up. then you fill out your form and then you stick it all in a padded envelope it's 234 southern boulevard, west palms beach florida and then.. sorry about that. then stick it all in there and make sure you pay enough postagebecause it would be bad if it came back and you had to do it again. make it easy on yourself and just do it right and then now we're going to wash her hair and get it all wet
alright so now that you have the main bulk of the haircut off you have this awesome haircut that no one would ever want to wear ever.. we're going to part it off in 5 sections. we're going to start with the mohawk. and you go a little bit above where the head rolls. and section that up i'm going to "v" it down i'll show you here. spin her around we are going to make a "v" down in the back like this
and that will help us leave a little more length back where her head starts to roll there we go. so put that in a clip and then we're going to take a section down from that "v" right behind the ear and if you don't want to use clips you can push the hair like that.just to separate your sections out it helps you to know where you're cutting where you need to go next
okay now we have our 5 sections there we go we need to get the sides i'm going to do the right front side first now in this haircut there is a little bit of length in the fringe around the faceso i'm going to take a razor and cut off whats left of this hair and just kind of start at the ear back and angle it forward so that we have a little bit more length on the front
you hold it up above your fingers and chop it out. and that's going to keep it really soft so you will not have any tough lines around her ears or her face i'm picking up little pieces of hair and texturing it out now. make sure your razor is sharp when you're doing short haircuts like this and now i'm going to take it forward.and angle it around her face the other way.i did this one this way. and this one this way so she has that little point.then i'm going to go through
and chop out in the perimeter on that side also ok i'm going to do the same thing on the other side with the hair up start right above the careful not to cut their ear off then i'm going to pull it forward now go down on this sideyou see how it has a really soft edge to it.that's what the razor will do for you. so it's really important when you're going from really long hair to short hair that you get enough texture in there
otherwise you start looking like you have this big helmet of hair because theres been so much hair growing in from when it was long okay so now that i have those two things done i'm going to take my scissors and i'm going to graduate up so you should have some sort of a guide down hereand i'm going to point cut in and follow it up from that shorter piece. underneath. try not to grab that top hair
that's that will be the length for the sides we're going to do the same thing over here ......still a little bit longer on this side alright then i'm going to go back through with my razor again and pencil out a little bit of this just to give it some nice texture alright same thing with the back. i'm going to take my razor again starting at the bottom and chop away at it and then start right here
i'm going to connect these two sectionsso up here you pull it out and you go down with it this is a really fun thing i like to do.make sure they don't have any moles that stick out. you can take the razor, if it has a guard on it and go against their neck lightly and then once again right here then we're going to pull up this hair from the guide on the top and take the razor and pull it down alright so now we're going to grab our scissors again
and part that hair right down the middleand start with this section right here and take small sections. about and inch.and pull them up and i'm going to stick my had like this, right against her neck this is going to give it a really pretty shape so you put your fingers right against her head. and you cut downward a longer piece. there we go and that's going to give you a good guide and do that all the way across on that section
so this is mainly this section that we're doing.we're going to deal with this in a minute so do that on the other side.take your first section up and what this does. is it leaves that little bit of fringe that you razored out down at the bottom so it's not chopping it off.if you were going like this and then chopping up this would take off the fringe that you had. so i always like to do my necklines with pixie cuts like this.with my hand against their neck and she has some long ones right there. just take those off. and this is another reason why i like to use the razor. i can comb
those up and out of the wayand i can take this along and give it a really nice clean shave everyone has a little bit of hair that grows downward.then that way it looks nice and clean when you go back down so now we're going to move back up into this section of the backand i'm going to start right here i'm going to connect this from the front side.back so i'm going to start right here.and there's that guide from this bottom section below.and i'm going to chop out with a point cut
okay other side alright we are going to take the top section out and mess it up a little bit okay so this is where we are going to have lots of fun with the texture because we need little pieces of bangs out of the top of this hair to do the mini baby bangs and if you do it really blunt on the top it will look like a fuzzy helmet you need to have tons of different lengths like empty space and filled in space so we are going to take the helps get that look.we are going to go around the fringe area
and we're going to slice some of this out so you want to sweep it this way?yes. okay because that's where it's going. when it starts to look about the right length you can take your scissors and you go in like this an lightly with your scissors and shape out a point see how it has negative space go in and do that a lot of this is just looking at it looking at where it doesn't look rightand what needs to change
if it's a little too thickhow are you going to thin it are you going to use your thinning shearsor the razor the thinning shears will give it a more uniform thinnesthe razor will give it a missing whole spot and same with the scissors when you use them this way similar to what the razor is doingyou have a little bit more control there we go. so it's fun on the baby bangs like this to go a little bit shorter where the point is that they would part it and then have it a little bit longer
okay so that's the front areawe are going to go through and pull this all up. we are going to leave a couple inches on the topwe are going to thin it, razor it it will get a little bit shorter lookingbut i'm going to take that front guide piece that we just cut right thereand i'm going to use that as a guide for about how long to do the rest of itand i'm going to point cut into it so that i have longer pieces in there too grabbing all of the mohawk in we'll take it around here so right now when you pull this up
you should be able to see where your back and where your front are going to meetso all that needs to happen here is just chunk out that in between space and it should match up pretty close alright so now we're going to go back in she has lots and lots of hair ha haokay so now i'm going to take some of this out. here's the guide from the side and here's the guide from the topso you can take smaller sections there and it's a little bit more dramatic like thatand then you chunk out and then do the other side
you should be able to see the guide there and theretake out the middle alright so we need to texture now i'm going to take my thinning shearsand do some scissor over comb i'm going to start on this right side right above her earand what you do is you lift the hair with the combmake sure it's all up and take the thinning shears and chip into the ends as you move up and then use the scissors down here to keep the hair lifted while you switch
and then you comb it back down you lose all that fluffiness.because we don't like that right????unless you want to look fluffy i don't think you doso we're just going to do that. roll through on the sides and it's so soft looking when you use these thinning shears i've said it a loti use these all the time they are the 24-20i don't know what brand they are it doesn't really sayyou don't have to buy the nicest pair of these things.
they work pretty goodjust get whatever you can find that are fine tapered pay special attention to this area right here where the head starts to roll because that's where it can start to look really like a shelf there you goalright we are going to do this other side lift with the thinning shears take your scissors and chop those outokay right here okay so the sides are looking goodwe are going to do that to the back now we don't want a fluffy back
and there's always everyone has so much hair right hereso you are going to have to play and play and play with that area let seewe have these these are some other thinning shears these are my crazy big chunker things and you can play with these a little bitbe careful with these because they do take out big chunks of hairso make sure you do it on the very ends where you want lots of texturebut they are really fun for short hair
like thisthere we go thats fun so you can see we have all this fun texture back here she can spike it outshe can lay it flat. and when she lays it flat it looks smoothwhen she spikes it out it looks fun not like a helmetand that's what you want to go for alright so now the topwe'll take our razor and we'll go through the top with the razor and then we'll do the thinning shears this needs a lot of texture
thats what makes this work and look awesome i'm going to take diagonal sectionsgoing the way her bangs are so she's combing it this wayi'm going to take diagonal sections like this just pencil through like that on this section so right here.look down and we'll pencil out and texturejust keep working back on the top of the headall the way back you are supposed to stand where you are working so once you get back where you can't see
you can step to the back and do the same thing and take them this way the i'm going to come on this side and do it this way and i just changed my razor before i did this haircutso it is super sharp and that's the best thing to do if you're going to do a cut like thismake sure your razor is super sharp but with that saidwhen you change your razor be really careful because it cuts a lot more hairthan when it's dull so if you're used to a dull razorwhen you switch it up just adjust your tension and everything to the amount of chop you want to get the hair should feel light
it shouldn't feel heavyright in here it still feels heavy i'm going to take a little bit morei'm going to take the hair straight up like this i'm going to use the razor to knock it it will pull it out of my fingers now i'm going to take the thinning shears through this i love it when the hair does this this little rooster tail it's so funi just take my thinning shears and just cut a little more if you see anylong pieces
just go crazy on them this is just a lot of looking where you think it looks thicker and taking it and playing with it alright let seeso i think that we've gotten the basic look of what we want to doi'm going to blow dry this and them i'm going to see if i need to do anything else i always do that when i do a cuti always blow dry then touch up if i need to with the razor or thinning shears okay so for styingit's so easy to do this because you just play with it
pomade makes or breaks a short haircut so i have a dry wax here. this is enjoy dry waxand then i have the redkin rewind pomade. it's just a pliable pastei'm going to go through and dip my hands in this is funit makes spider webs. just put it through the hair and it will make it piecey. and then the dry wax pieces out even just a little bit moreand i just dig out a chunk of this stuff it can be hard to get
and then i either emulsify it in my hands to warm it up so it's more spreadable or you can even blow dry the container a little bit if you want and this stuff is nice because it stays dry looking and you can piece out all of this texture stuff and it helps if you want to do more smooth look you can smooth it down the pieces and it's fun on the side
do you like that rooster tailyes. i do you almost could do a little mohawk with this too you could pull it upthanks for watching everyone. i hope you enjoyed our haircut please subscribe to my videos and share them with your friends and keep the comments comingi've enjoyed the comments it means a lot to me and make sure when you chop off your hair that you donate it to locks of love or if you find another place that does the same thingit is awesome to help sick kids get hairsee you next time!!!!
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