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Mens Haircut Atlanta - ♪ everyone fallsin love sometime ♪ i don't know bout you ♪ but it ain't a crime ♪ and if you loveyou love you love ♪ you love youfor long time baby ♪ and if you let me touch ♪ and if you let melove you til the morning ♪ mmm, ah, mmm, ah, mmm ♪ if you let me love you - good morninghunties and huncles. did y'all miss me? ah, i miss y'all.

I know some of y'allmissed your girl. i got comments like, "latoya,when is season ten starting? we miss you." well, i'm back y'all,and it feels good. i was on a much needed break. sometimes vlogginggets overwhelming and at the timewe were traveling. we went to london, (upbeat music) atlanta, la (singing) san francisco. we were invited to theyoutube headquarters. oh my gosh, i'm so excited.- yes.
bahamas. (lively music) so many places. we felt like, "let's spendthis time just focusing on our friends and family andwe'll put out a vlog weekly as we travel." that's what we did. now we are back andwe're so excited. let me just tell you guyswhat we're doing today.
we're about to meet upwith ayana and grayson. zayn and i are gonnahave a little play date. samia's at daycareright now running around and having fun withher daycare friends, so ayana and i aregonna go out to eat and probably hit up a fewshops and get some clothes and cute-ify ourstuff and whatnot. okay? okay y'all, so we're atmy favorite restaurant,
jack astor's and i'm with ayana. - what's going on hunties? - [latoya] you look so good. - thank you. - [latoya] this isthe best hairstyle. i know i say itevery time i see you but you look so hot.- i appreciate it, thank you. - [latoya] so sexy withthis hair, like fire. hi, grayson, hi.
- [ayana] want to say hito the hunties and huncles? say hi. - [latoya] oh, he's(mumbles) that. - he's such a big boy. - [latoya] can yousay hi to the hunties? - can you say hi auntie? auntie, auntie toya. you're so cute. - [latoya] and zayn ...
y'all he scratched himself. last night he wasthrowing a tantrum. this guy throws tantrums whenever he doesn't get whathe wants he throws a tantrum. it's so great thatmy best friend and i, we have kids thatare so close in age. - [ayana] i know, it's so nice. - and they're gonnagrow up together. i always talk about this
but i just feel soblessed and lucky. i pray to god thatthey're best friends. that grayson and zaynare best friends. anyways, i justordered a tuna poke, supposedly it's good. it's raw tuna andyou get it with some wanton chips,crispy wanton chips. i don't know, i'lltest it out, we'll see. - should be good.
i didn't even get ... what the, what? - [latoya] you're so hot. hi zayn. zayn! he looks like a grown manwith his little expression. he's fresh right now inhis little white shirt. look at you lookinglike a grown man. what up dog?
looking like you're in abusiness meeting right now, talking about hedge funds. how are we gonna make ... oh, god, all right, okay. were you smokingtoo many cigars? this is how i have to eat. you get a pass becausehe's under the weather. he's just getting over a cold. granddaddy.
i have to hold himbecause if i put him down he's gonna while out. my kids are crazy. both of them. they wanna do everything. - who's their mom. who's their mom? you guys know? queen of babies.
- shut up. anyways, bon appetit, y'all. (funky music) - [waitress] dessert ladies? - [ayana] thank you. - [latoya] oh no, no thank you. - hey guys, what is going on? - hey! - i'm here with the princess.
- ses. or the queen, not aprincess, of course. - queenses. (laughing) it's a new word started here. - that's our ship name. anyways, i'm super excitedabout today's segment because, one, we haven'tdone an update on samia in a while.
- samia, is a little girl now.- samia is almost two years. she's almost two years. we are planning her birthdayso it's gonna be ... - yep and she's gonna havea princess theme party. i'm so excited. - like i said, samia update, and it's special because we'vepartnered up with pampers. - pampers!
- we got an exciting gift for you today baby.- for samia. - first update is,samia's super fashionable. she loves fashion. every single day she goesin this draw right here and she wants to wear herprincess dresses; her tutus. we have a dress full ofprincess dresses for samia. what's another update? - she has gone fromsaying single words to
much more structured sentences. which is great. one of my favoriteupdates of samia is that she sleeps in her ownroom; in her own bed, for the most part. right about 6am shejust starts crying and then we gottawake up and grab her and bring her to theroom for an hour. - yes.
- which beats having herthere most of the night. - she loves cuddling with mommy. - i think another greatupdate is that now ... - she's potty training. samia is finally potty training. no more changing poopy diapers. yes! oh, just kidding,cause i have zayn. laud!
let's go ahead and openup this special gift that pampers sent samia. - exactly. - so excited. - are you ready? i'm gonna go get that for you.- get it. just get it.- i'm gonna get it. - it's a surprise samia. - [adam] samia are youready for the gift?
- she's like, "i'm nervous." - [adam] are you ready? - look at that big box. - all right samia. pampers has sent us this gift. we're gonna read this, okay? it says, "open me first." oh! dear samia, an excitingpackage just came in the mail
from pampers easy up and thislittle letter has your name and a tale. it says, "you should openit in a minute or two for inside you'll findsomething special for you." we're so happy for you. it's an exciting day. - [latoya] woo, hi baby. - good-bye to diapersis what you'll soon say. we can sing a happy song,
we can do a silly dance because today you'regetting your first pamper easy ups training pants. if you're excited to see inside, there's a specialphrase we want to share. say, "i'm ready for underwear." she's ready for underwear. all right, congratulationsfrom pampers easy up. all right, samia, let's open it.
pull it, pull it. ooh. - [latoya] open the present. - come samia, open. - open the present baby. - ooh. - [latoya] ooh, you loveopening up gifts, don't you? wonder what's in that green box. - can you rip it samia?
- [latoya] itmatches your shirt. whoa. - good job. - she's so excited.- okay. what's inside of here? - oh my gosh! pampers easy upstraining underwear. samia you're a big girl now! - look samia.
- [latoya] oh my gosh. - yay! my baby's growing up. - mama, these are mine. - [latoya] yeah, that's yours. do you want to try one on baby? - pampers easy ups. - [latoya] shegoes, "open please." open?- dora.
- [latoya and adam] dora! - yes, you know dora. - [latoya] 23training underwear. - ooh dora. - oh wow. it feels like anactual underwear. - yeah, it does. - it feels like herpampers swimmers that she has as well.- oh, she's getting ready.
- look at her, look at her,look at her, look at her. she's so excited. - you wanna put it on? - she's like, "thank god, nomore big underwear anymore." see ya later diapers. oh my gosh, there so soft. here, it's like an underwear. oh wow, bubs, look at that. - [adam] transitioningto underwear
is definitely a big deal. it's a big step forsamia and for any toddler so we're excited thatwe were able to do this in a fun way with her. shout out to pampersfor reaching out and collaborating with us. she's definitely gonnathink it's underwear. she's making that bigstep, that big move. - [latoya] next upis zayn's update.
- yes, samia's gonna helpme with zayn's update. - [latoya] are yougonna help daddy? - all right y'all, so i'm inthe car with my cousin, milan. - hey y'all. - isn't she super cute. - stop. - she looks 12, but she's 18. can you believe it- embarrassing. that you're so old now?
- so old, but look lie i'm two. - i know. you're an adult, but your momdoesn't treat you like one. - no, she treats melike i'm six years old, the way that i look. we're about to goget some piercings to show that i'm my age. - oh my god. no, listen.
y'all, i'm so nervousright now because her mom doesn't knowthat we're going. i feel bad. - i don't feel bad. - i don't feel bad,i just feel like, should i tell her ... that we're going? i'm doing this withouther permission. your her child,your not my child
- true- and i'm taking you to get your ears pierced. i thought that she knew. when i was like, "milandoes your mom know?" she was like, "she knows, but she didn't know thatwe were going today." she doesn't know thatwe're going today. i'm like ... - she'll find out.
what's she gonna say? take it out?- what, yes! - no, she can't say that, man. it's my ears. right here. - listen, now that you turned 18 you're a little sassylittle girl huh? anyways, i want to getmy nose re-pierced. - which is gonna kill.
- i know because i'mpiercing through scar tissue and when i try topoke my hole back in, like poke an earringthrough the hole, it was not going through. it went half way, butit didn't bust open. i didn't bust it wide open, yo. - y'all, no, i can't do this. this is all wrong. i can't go in there.
i can not take you to getyour freaking ears pierced without your mom knowing. i can't do it. this is terrible. - i'm taking myself. - you're not taking yourself. i'm in the freakingdriver's seat. i'm taking you. y'all.
- [milan] it's gonna be okay. - no, because i'mimagining like, okay, when samia's 18 years old, you're gonna be taking herto get her ears pierced, tattoos, this and thatwithout my permission? - no. - right, so then i have tocall your mom and tell her. - why am i not ...- well, you can tell her. - so i can callher and tell her?
- yeah, call her.- okay. where's your mom? - the beauty supply store. - [answering machine]hi, it's jillian ... - oh, great. - i'm surprised, you're really the onlyone that she answers. if it were me calling, shewould have straight declined. - that's so true.
i'm her number one. sorry 'bout that. - [milan] wow. (answering phone) - hello, auntie jillian. auntie jillian? - [jillian] yeah,i'm hearing you good. - okay, you'rehearing me good, okay. we're at a tattooplace, milan and i.
- [jillian] yeah, okay. - okay, so, she's allowed toget her ears pierced, right? - [jillian] yeah, if shewants to get the second ones. - okay, so cool, so then ... okay, we're here. i just had to call andconfirm and make sure because she has me drivingher to get her ears pierced. i had to make sure thatyou were okay with it and you knew about it.
- [jillian] whydidn't she ask me? - why? i don't know, maybei'm cooler than you. - [jillian] she saidshe's waiting on latoya and then now you take ... well, she could have asked me. - to do what? - [jillian] she said ... i said, "where areyou guys going?"
and she was just waiting on you, so she couldn't go get me. tell her she's a liar and ishould tell her no she can't. (mumbles) - okay, well,you're a liar milan. - how am i a liar mom? i wanted to surprise you. - can she get her nosepierced with me or no? - [jillian] no.
- okay, okay, okay, okay. all right. faruse is about topierce milan's ear and then she's piercing mine. how do you feel about this? - i'm excited. - [latoya] you're excited? why are you excited? - because ...
- [latoya] this is exciting? - she sounds reallynervous here. - [latoya] that is hilarious. you watch my videos. - i watch your videos,and so does ariel. - [latoya] who's ariel? - my friend from school. you texted her. what'd she say?
- yeah, i was like, "ariel, i'm about to piercelatoya forever's ears." but, she didn't reply. i'm so nervous, for milan, because she hates needles. - she'll be fine. - [latoya] are you sure? - yeah. - [latoya] she's a big baby.
- i'm a freaking baby. are you a professionalear piercer? - [latoya] okay. did you go to school for this? - nope. - [latoya] wait, what? how do you feel? - whoo. i think i'm gonna cry.
- [latoya] are you sweating? - no, but i'm scared. - [latoya] okay girl,you're about to do it ... yo, you have somelong hair girl. i love it.- thank you. - [latoya] she pretty - are you gonna count?- [latoya] she cute ,okay. - yeah, i'll count for you. - [latoya] what languageare you counting in?
hold on, i feel prepared. - one ... - you did it? - two, three. - [latoya] yay,that didn't hurt. oh, it's so pretty. - wow, i'm so mad. i though it was gonna hurt more. - [latoya] milan, milan ...
- [faruse] did youwant it to hurt? - no, but thenyou're like, "one." and then you did it. i'm like, "oh my god." - [latoya] now, one one ... oh my gosh, okay let's go. - oh, that one hurt a bit. - [latoya] oh, did it hurt? - why does it hurt, why?
your left ear hurts more? - [faruse] yeah. - [latoya] wow. - it didn't hurt. oh, i feel good. - [latoya] it's so pretty. oh my god, milan. - [faruse] do youwant a lollipop? - [latoya] yes.- yes, give me a lollipop.
- great sport. okay, so now faruse is gonnatry to poke my nose ring through my nose. yeah, through my nose. i can get it half way through but i can't push itall the way through. - [faruse] you haveto pick a nose ring. - i have one. - oh, okay.
- oh my god, oh my god. wait, hold up, hold up. - just tell me if it's hurting. - mm-hmm. - it's hurting?- no. - you just have to wiggleit around to find the hole. my eyes are watering. i'm scared. - there's like a piece ...
it went really far in. - right.- there's a piece of skin. maybe just get it re-pierced. - why can't you just pokeit through real quick? is it gonna hurt? - probably. you need something sharpto poke it through. - thank you though for trying. - no problem.
- i'm just gonna try topoke it through myself. - [milan] oh my, uh-uh,i don't wanna watch this. - that was (mumbles). i got it y'all. i got it. look. oh, thank god it's through. it's through. - [milan] yay!
i was waiting for thecheers and hand claps. (relaxed music) - what is good everyone? just here at homechilling by myself. latoya is out. something's been on mymind for a while now. not just today, it's beenon my mind for a while. i clearly see everythingthat's been going on in the comments
and it's just that certainthings just require time and ... you know what? let me just turn the cameraand then let you guys know what i got here and we're literally justabout to talk about this so you guys are gonnacatch it all on camera. it's the other half of rochelle. andrew himself.
how you been brother? - i been good man. how you been?- [adam] i'm lovely. what up customers? is that what you guys ... you still call them customers? - yes.- [adam] that's what's up. - customers. - [adam] okay, yeah,so i was saying man,
i've been thinkingabout just connecting. i mean, i've connectedwith you all the time. i ain't got no issue with you.- we talk all the time. - [adam] i see you at the gym,we go out at the ball court a couple of times and he came out to my birthday. - uh-huh. - [adam] it's been love ... - i was (mumbles) by the way.
i enjoyed that. - [adam] oh, i'm glady'all had a good time. (club music) - a lot of times has passed,it's been almost like, nine months. a child was born, zayn was born during thiswhole situation, right? - [andrew] yep. - nothing heals more than time
and i feel like we can create just theline of communication between them tofigure it all out. i'm pretty sure they'reboth humble enough to figure it out. - pretty sure theyboth miss each other. it'll just take a littleinitiation just to make them have that communication(mumbles) down time. we can go back tohaving them out 'til
four o'clock in the morning and not coming home together- [adam] oh my god. at each other's houses. - [adam] you'realready planning that? that's gonna happen. i am not surprisedif that happens. - i'm sure that they'rethinking about each other. when we do this they'llbe happy that we did this. - [adam] exactly.
- i figured theymight do it themselves if we don't do it. - [adam] eventually. we'll think of a masterplan and make it happen. - straight. - [adam] straightup, let's get it. - hey latoya, i'm soexcited for season ten. i can't wait to see you,adam, samia and zayn. - hi, i'm so excited.
please start season ten becausei love you so freaking much. you're my favorite youtube. - i am so excitedfor seasons ten. it's the only thing thathas been keeping me going and not going insanethis whole entire year. - [latoya] so, kadeem ishere, milan's boyfriend. oh, and he brought his friend. what's your name? - paris's boy.- troy.
- [latoya] oh,paris's boyfriend. - [latoya] wait, soare y'all talking? - [latoya] aw, so what'dyou like about her? - how do i (mumbles). - [latoya] okay,wait, wait, wait. sorry, sorry, i'mputting you on the spot. my bad. i did not mean to do that. anyways, kadeem istalkingish about how milan's
second hole in herear is too high. - too high. - [latoya] how is it too high? - why is it too high? - because she doesn'thave any in the rest so it just looks awkward. - [latoya] why are youcoming here talking ish to my cousin, yo? he's always talking shit.
- he's so mad. why are you mad? - [latoya] cool pants,did you put bleach on it or did your mom spillbleach on your pants? - [milan] exactly.- i bought them like that. - [latoya] oh, okay, youbought them like that. all right, that's the new swag? - and the holes like that. - [latoya] anyways ...- where's jillian?
- [latoya] why you askingabout auntie jillian? - because i like (mumbles) - just chill out. - i like her more than milan. - [latoya] oh, okay. so, what do youlike about milan? - there's too muchto go through. - [latoya] let's talk.- really? - [latoya] there's toomuch to go through?
- wow, (mumbles) why. he is so (mumbles). - i don't understand. why when i ask a questioni can't get a straight forward answer, just an answer. what do you like about kadeem? one thing and one thing only. - he's nice. - [latoya] okay, he's nice.
i thought he was rude. - not good enough for her. - she's annoying. - [latoya] oh, is thatwhat you like about her? - she's crazy and ... - [milan] how am i crazy? if you think i'm crazy,you have not met latoya. - crazy? yo, what is she ...
- wait, hold on, why areyou putting me in this? me, latoya?- she hunch over like, "were you?" then if i don'tanswer, she goes crazy and start ringingdown my throat. - [latoya] good, straight up. that's how you'resupposed to be. boy, you're not texting me back? - i was in love with her.
then she gets all crazy. - [latoya] it doesn't matter. that's how trindi women are. get used to it withyour jamaican self. you didn't say what you likeabout my freaking cousin and you're gonnaanswer me right now. - she's cute and smart. - [latoya] okay, she's smart. i thought she gotfs last semester.
- why are you exposing me? why you gonna put me on blast? - [latoya] yeah, she is smart. smart ass. but she real cute,yeah she cute. all right y'all, soi'm chilling in my bed with my beebee. say hi beebs. - hi.
- i'm waiting for rochelle. rochelle is coming over. we're gonna talk about- hi. our issues. - hi, hi. - you know, we havea lot to talk about. - hi, hi, hi, hi. - can you say hi? - yeah (mumbles)
- we're just gonna lay all ofour issues out on the table and just express how we feel. my issue is, i have no filter. that can be hurtful sometimes. whenever rochelle has anissue, she does not express how she feels and it makes it seem likeshe doesn't care. rochelle and i, we go way back. we know each other.
we just have a lot of pride and it sucks thatit took so long for us to connect and meet up. better late than never. it's so cute how andrewand adam got together, trying to bring us together. shout outs to them for tryingto save our friendship. i always knew that rochelleand i would come back together and be best friends again.
i just want to get everythingout and in the open. i just want to geteverything off of my chest and just see whathappens moving forward with our relationship. what should mommysay to rochelle? - sorry. - [latoya] she gonna say sorry? - rochelle is here. say hi rochelle.
- hi, hunties. - [latoya] and huncles. - and huncles. - we missed you- and in between. anyways, rochelle andi, we talked about ... - say hi. - you have puddingall over your face. did you say hi to auntie roti? auntie roti.
- [samia] hi auntie roti. - rochelle and i had alittle talk off camera and we're cool now. we're friends. it took us over seven monthsto acknowledge each other, say anything, bring it up. - unnecessarily. this didn't have to happen,but rochelle and i both have so much pride.
we are strong personalities. we are like the same person. - [rochelle] weare very similar, but we're also very different. - right. when i get upset i'm ...- [rochelle] unfiltered. i say stupid things. - [rochelle] just unfiltered. - unfiltered.- [rochelle] you say
the first thing thatcomes to your mind. - the first thingthat comes to my mind. what the heck? why do i do this? it's something thati have to work on. - mommy. - rochelle doesn'tlike confrontation. - if anyone doesanything to bother me, i'm not the type ofperson to confront it
and be like, "hey, can italk to you about something that you said earlier thatmade me feel uncomfortable?" - i absolutely never do that. - you just ignore it. what do you do? you just ... she doesn't say anything. - i do ignore it. i'm very passive.
- so what am i? - you're aggressive. - i also feel like beingon you tube itself, played a role inthis whole thing too. - oh, for sure. - obviously now of this wouldhave mattered or happened or even been about if itweren't for the fact that we're both youtubepersonalities. - the entire fallingout happened online.
- yeah, right. people say, "oh, i'mone of those people who, i feel likecomments don't get to me and comments don't botherme, blah, blah, blah." who cares what they say, right? somehow in the back ofyour mind, somewhere, you are conscience ofa whole bunch of people thinking somethingabout you, right? - right, exactly.- (mumbles) things in you
that you didn't even notice. - [latoya] right. - people keep pointing it out. - you start to question it. - i'm like, "what?" - yeah, really. - no, wow. - people would always say,"oh latoya, you're fat, you're fat, you're fat.
you're gaining weight. you're pregnant. you're fat." i would question that. i'm like, "yo, am i fat? am i gaining weight?" did i gain weightthough rochelle? - no.- oh okay. am i losing weight?
- you're smaller than me. - okay, yeah you gained alittle bit of weight, girl. - i did, i did. - yeah, okay, butyou still look good. - i'm okay with that though. i'm okay, you knowwhat i'm saying? i'm a grown woman,but i'm gonna diet. obviously being on socialmedia played a part in our situation as well.
- yeah, it's one ofthose live and you learn type of situations. - make sure that thisdoesn't happen again. it took us over seven months. - i'm sorry. - all right. - so ... - this is so stupid. - but yeah, i missed my friend.
- yeah, it was very weird. - mm-hmm.- to be on the outside of your life, i guess. would you, like, creep me? - i would creep you. i would watch your vlogs. i am creeping. i was just checking to see ...- i would be up on your instagram ...
- ... when it happened. just to see ifeverything was all right. this doesn't haveto happen again. - obviously it'simportant to be vocal. if you have issuesmoving forward can we just address it?- it's also important to not be too vocal. - can we address it? - no, don't touch me, but yeah.
i have a cold. - yeah you do. i don't even know why you'reon my couch right now. - we both need to adapt alittle bit of each other's personalities, right? - i need to be more verbal andyou need to be less verbal. - okay. so, yes, rochelleand i are friends. - like we never left.
- you will beseeing her, i hope. right? - yes.- more often. i'm just so happy i don't evenknow what to say right now. i just feel likemy true self again. - me too. i missed you very much. - i missed you too. can i have a hug?
- only have (mumbles)- no? okay, fine. now you have too. give me your hug, i'm waiting. - oh, god. - this is what we need inour relationship, more love, and affection. let me see. hug me.
put your ... oh my gosh, isn't this so cute? - can i go now? - give auntie roti a hug. - i don't wanna get her sick. - hey what's up everyone? about to head to bed. latoya's upstairs,she just got in. she had a smile on her face.
i think she metup with rochelle. i'm gonna go figureout how it went. hey, what's good? - what's up? i'm tired. come to bed. - [adam] i am in bed. - no you're not. get in.
- [adam] how'd it go? - everything's good. she came over. we had a conversationjust about our ... hold on, let me tellyou guys something. while me and andrew aretalking about having the girls connect, let me find out thatthey've actually had started a conversationfrom a few days ago anyway,
which proves the theory that men need to stay in their lane. that's just what it is. this is what happens whenyou get in girls' business. a lesson learned. - not really. it was a kind gesture. say, if we didn't connect, would our friendship be saved?
- listen, men, stayin your lane man. don't get into any girl talk. this is what happens. you get proved wrong. - oh please. - [adam] shouldhave stayed in ... - thanks for trying. - [adam] should havestayed on my ass. should have stayed on my ass.
oh my god. so yeah, everything wet well. listen, people fight,people argue, dispute, miscommunication. - it's a part of being human. yeah, i just felt like ... i think rochelle sadsomething on social media that latoya didn't find too fun and they just neverreally talked about it.
- [latoya] yeah. - and then, youknow, i guess ... - i was pregnant and you know when i'm pregnanti'm crazy as hell. - i can't reallytell the difference between when latoyais pregnant or not. i really can't. it is what it is. - [latoya] i'm crazyno matter what?
- i can't really take itwhen she says i'm pregnant and she does certain things. i'm like, "you would haveprobably done that anyway." if you want to use thatcard, sure, take it. - [latoya] yes,i'm pregnant y'all. i was, well, i'm not pregnant. i was pregnant. - yes, please make sureyou tell people that you were pregnant.
- [latoya] there'sno where to go. - there's no kids. yeah, hopefullyeverything goes good. we're human. - we'll just see whathappens moving forward but of course that'show rochelle and i are. we're gonna be bff tomorrow. we were always bff, but, wejust had a misunderstanding. rochelle and i arethe type of people,
we have a lot of pride and so, we're back together andeverything is peachy, peachy supreme. - all right guys, so i'mmoving out actually, already, since rochelle'sback in our lives. i'm just joking. we're going tonew york tomorrow. we're getting ready for it. - [latoya] i'm so shocked
that you're packingfor new york right now. i'm shocked. - everyone fallsin love sometimes. - [latoya] he's so last minute. - anyways guys, hope you enjoyedour very first vlog back. slap the thumbbutton, subscribe. monday, wednesday, friday ... - [latoya] shoutout to tory lanez. - yeah, shout out to tory lanez.
on coming through onthe intro there, so yes. make sure you guyssupport his song. - shout out to pampersfor partnering up with us in this video. hope to see you guysin the next vlog. peace. - love you. ♪ don't you, don'tyou say i got it ♪ if you can love me
♪ you can trust i got you ♪ and i got us ♪ all for you ♪ do it all for you.

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