Mens Haircut to Make Face Look Slimmer

Mens Haircut to Make Face Look Slimmer - Kaeun, you're hanging out with juyeon a lot these days. you're always with junga. that's because i'm told to. juyeon has the real power these days. what are you talking about? junga is the manager of the team. juyeon does all the important planning. there is a hierarchy.

what do you know? if you want to last long at work, you have to go with someone who will last long. we have to take the 'ju line'. no, the 'jung line' is better. no, the 'ju line'. - 'jung line'! / - 'ju line'! the 'jung line' is better. the 'ju line' is better!
"beauty bible" building what item can we cover this week? what's wrong with your voice? is something wrong? i have a cold. it's a pain to find something new all the time, right? don't talk. just gesture. right.
how about going with a beauty trend that's a steady seller? okay? got it. what can we do? here, drink this. what? what's going on? did you cause trouble? no. there's no trouble. i have a bad feeling.
i think they caused trouble. this is frustrating. what did you do? she lost her voice. say anything you want right now. this is our chance. i'm sorry. eyoung! why are you suddenly acting like this?
why did you buy this? it's just to show that we'll do a good job. something's fishy, right? something's up. stop acting strange and just suggest items. what are some steady beauty trends? how about oil that was released over 40 years ago? isn't there cream that's over 200 years old?
not products. trends. creating skin like a princess or looking much younger than your age. beauty trends regardless of season. women's eternal desires, s lines or v lines. they're still trends that are in. there are heart lines and egg lines since v lines. really? aren't u lines in these days?
female celebrities wear dresses a lot. don't their backs look pretty? do such lines look good? that seems to decide beauty. right? then... too bad she can't say it. let's go with this theme. creating lines from head to toe. nice!
we can have s lines and v lines, too. you'll be like me. juyeon! you surprised me. i have the best lines. i'm second. i'm between first and second. fourth. lines don't just exist in social life.
they also exist in beauty. v line. s line. many other lines. this is for all of you who make an effort to create such lines. lighting, make-up and most importantly... hair! you know a good line starts from
the hair, right? shall we begin han chaeyeong make-up? han chaeyeong is like a barbie doll. let's steal her charming line. just invest 5 minutes for yourself. that's very important. challenge body lines like stars. creating perfect lines. let's start now.
the editors are focusing on beauty lines from head to toe. the first person they meet is a hair designer who gives volume to stars' hair. min yeongminmagical hands chosen by miranda kerr,park jisung, ko soyeong and ko junhui the theme is 'bring out lines'. we're exploring the best lines from head to toe. there are three things that are important for women.
hair is like your life. - it's very important. / - that's right. we know that. i look good because of my hair. me, too. we want to learn how to make the best hair line. okay. i'm curious. miranda kerr. isn't she really pretty?
she's so pretty. all women want to look like her. miranda kerr is a top model with a lovely face and great body. she is a star with perfect lines. everyone wants to have hair like hers. her hair contributes a lot to her looks. she looks sexy and mysterious. she has a low and narrow forehead
and a round face. she has high cheekbones, too. she has a slightly oriental look. the reason she has such a sophisticated and western look is her part. her part. and the curls. thick and glamorous curls. her hair helps.
what about her part? she has a part in the side and brushes all her hair over. if the volume dies down, she brushes it over again. she looks like a goddess. men think she's really pretty. a part can change looks like that? of course.
could i look prettier if i change mine? what should i do? me first. you first? how do you think your face is? i have a wide forehead. it can make my face look long. a few strands can change your looks. take a few strands from this side and...
- here? / - yes. part it a little more in the side. it will make your face look longer. 2:8? yes. what about me? you have a round face. i have cheek fat, too. i don't want to look chubby, but thin.
the part in the center suits you, but it can look a bit depressing. really? that's not good. part it in the front and side. go back diagonally and then sideways. it will make this part and this part look better and it will look dimensional. it will make your nose look sharper. i had a 2:8 part in middle school.
i used one pin in my hair. that's not good, is it? you got around, huh? you must have. we brought someone who was concerned about her hairstyle. could you help her style her hair to look nice like miranda kerr? - help her. / - okay.
styling hair to make the face look pretty she has many concerns about her hair. what are you concerned about? i have a wide forehead and large cheekbones. my face looks big. do you think your face is round or long? it's just big. her forehead is wide in the side.
here, too. her cheekbones stick out and she has a short chin. well have to solve these problems. women get scared easily. will a haircut suit them? they're afraid of change, so they let the hair grow long. what happens? it gets boring, right? i'm going to solve her problems.
it will be like she received plastic surgery. just with her hair. i'll show you a 'peeling' cut. creating a small and thin face just with a haircut. i should try that. shall we begin cutting? i'm going to start with a straight line. here's a tip.
it's prettiest if the length is down to the collarbone. slightly above or below the collarbone. you can cut it pretty without mistakes. we'll go slightly below the collarbone. it will be shorter if you get a wave. so, i'll cut it at that length. how nice. wow.
she's surprised. once the cutting starts, the fear reduces to half. take a look. it seems like you're teasing her. i am. i thought a round face should be covered with the hair. a long or round face is pretty much
decided by the front line. you should cut your hair if you want, but focus on the front line. you'll layer it to make it look light. do you see the line? it's straight. that's more elegant. the top line should have a slight layer. for bobbed hair, this part here. it looks blunt if it's heavy there.
layer it a bit in the inside. it's a straight line cut with a lighter feeling. her face looks thinner. - she looks younger, right? / - yes. she has more hair in the back. it can look a bit stuffy. it makes it look like she has less hair in the back. you can balance that by cutting in the back. it will make it look like you have
more hair in the front. you have to thin it out a bit like this to have volume. her hair tends to sag. she shouldn't have long hair. the weight will make her hair sag more. set the overall line like this. something important is left. i told you about the bangs.
the bangs. the 'peeling' cut. how much hair depends on the width of the forehead. she doesn't have a lot of hair in the side here. right? her forehead caves in a bit. she needs a dimensional look. see through bangs which are popular.
the front line is important to bring out the facial line. her part is here. just make us of that. draw a triangle like this. if you only want a little, draw a smaller triangle. a smaller triangle makes the face look smaller.
i'm going to cut it. you said you haven't had a haircut in a while. you can do this by yourself at home. i cut my bangs once in a while. here's a tip. don't lift it like this. you'll be looking at it like this. they'll end up here. comb it sideways. it looks like her face starts here. right?
add some gradation. this should be a bit longer. round. it looks like this when you tie it. it's natural. this goes behind the ear. pull this forward and cut it like this. the sideburns. from the tip of the mouth.
the sideburns make her face look smaller. some people get sideburns on purpose. this is the key for see through bangs. the middle? make it lighter in the middle. it has to cover the eyes a bit to look pretty. it won't look pretty if it goes up like this. even if you pull your hair back like this, sideburns can make the face look smaller.
you just have to style it now? the scalp has to be really clean if you want the hair to style nicely. what should she do about scalp care? if you want healthy and abundant hair, first, wash with shampoo made for the scalp. apply a mask pack for nutrition and moisture. leave it for 5-10 minutes. when you rinse it, use emulsion.
then rinse it. the nutrition is absorbed better. rinse it off and dry with a towel. start blow drying from the scalp. each strand will come alive. now for the last stage, ample. healthy sprouts grow from rich soil. the scalp has to be healthy if you want a hairstyle with volume.
apply it to hair that's slightly wet. it absorbs quickly. if you apply ample on slightly wet hair, it will absorb better. use this pointy part. apply it and rub it, so it will absorb. it's not oily? no. it helps increase volume. apply it where there's less hair.
spread it out evenly. before you style, there is volume mousse for more volume. shake it. squeeze. doesn't it look good? it's like whipped cream. is it alright to use on wet hair? yes, before you dry it. i told you.
why do you apply it to wet hair? - it absorbs better. / - right. don't apply it on the scalp. evenly on the hair. even if you don't blow dry your hair, it will have volume. now dry it. finding the hair line that suits you. make a note.
she looks like a different person. i'm really surprised. she really looks younger. i gave you plastic surgery. it's true. here's a tip. the bangs. her forehead doesn't stick out. this front line here... can you turn a bit? make this come alive.
it looks better that way. like a celebrity. her hair is much nicer. really. if you want it to look shiny, essence. in the ends. do you see it shining? not the roots, right? in the ends. that maintains volume. in the ends of the bangs, too. it makes the face smaller.
don't be disappointed because you're not born with the face you want. if you bring out your hair line, your facial line will come alive, too. got it? you didn't cut your hair for a while and you have bangs now. what do you think? my complex was my wide forehead
and high cheekbones. thank you for the 'peeling' cut. i became a doctor. it really sounds like plastic surgery. hair is important for women. it's very important. thank you for making her look nice. we appreciate it. thank you.
tell me the truth. what was up with you and eyoung? why were you brownnosing us? tell me. i won't tell. she said i was in the 'ju' line. the 'ju' line? your line. of course. you're in my line. did she say she's in junga's line?
it sounded like it. you can't tell eyoung. okay, i won't. - 'jung' line! / - what? i see the 'jung' line is here. it's not that. it's... it's okay. what does it matter? go over there and do pushups.
come on. juyeon has a milky complex. i love juyeon! the 'ju' line is the best. choose your line well. did junga go to the hospital? yes, i took her. we have to do well when she's not here. - you know that, right? / - yes.
we should do well. i had an idea. who do you think has the best beauty line? juyeon of after school. i like her, too. she's great. - eyoung! / - i thought so, too. - yeah? / - even before you said so. you have good eyes.
who else? shin mina. jeon jihyeon. yes. that's nice. i think han chaeyeong has the best lines. she was famous for looking like a barbie doll even before her debut. a western face and a doll-like face. let's write an article about her.
- what do you think? / - nice. contact her make-up artist. kaeun, let's go. i'm going to do an interview. wait for me. a celebrity with nice lines, han chaeyeong. she has a body with volume and a charming face. we met the person who gave han chaeyeong her beauty secret.
find out the secret of barbie doll han chaeyeong from her. you did han chaeyeong's make-up for 13 years. yes, i'm very grateful. her time passed with me. you must know her face well. i can tell her condition and mood just from her skin tone. i can even tell her health.
you knew her for a long time. there must be many stories to tell. she got married in the time i knew her. she had a baby, too. we have too much of an age difference to say we're like sisters, but we're like family. we talked a lot. did you do her bridal make-up, too?
yes, i did. i was there for wedding events. i chose dresses with her. we're pretty close. she maintained her beauty after she got married. she really works out diligently. she's very easygoing for a celebrity. she's easygoing with food. she didn't have morning sickness
when she was pregnant. she doesn't get overly sensitive either. i had to tell her what she couldn't eat. she's really cool. is that where her nice skin comes from? a comfortable and positive mind and diligent workouts. that creates the best line. are there any make-up secrets?
she manage her skin well and gives it resilience. i just add expression and shine. we work well together. i'm really curious about the make-up secrets. did you take good notes? show us. i'm curious. okay. i'll do my best. - let's go. / - yeah.
han chaeyeong's first beauty secret. here's how to create a perfect egg line. shall we begin han chaeyeong style make-up? i'll start now. apply lip balm first? yes. it's a weapon to create the sexiest lips. there are a few spots that are darker. cover them with concealer. you're still young to know,
but after thirty, your lips get darker. dark circles don't only form under the eyes. they form by the nose, too. use concealer before base make-up? yes, people think it should be used after base make-up. it will show and look more unnatural. i use concealer first. it's much more natural and
you can hide what you covered. is concealer the way to get a shine? the highlight of shining skin is to use a highlighting technique. mix it slightly and twirl it on your hand. people add highlights in the t-zone. the nose. this is important. add highlight to the lower part of the chin. your skin will have volume and
it will look resilient. you can have a v line. with the forehead, this part sinks most. so, here and the nose. under the eyes. that's the symbol of the 20's. it's cute. people use a lot of highlights for the eyes. it has an effect of lighting.
it's shiny. rather than using a lot of shading to create lines, these days, a highlighting technique is used for more volume. it makes the cheeks and forehead look more resilient. under the lips, too. resilience is the concept. is this make-up what makes han chaeyeong
look younger? yes, i did her make-up for a long time, but she's really healthy. her skin has healthy beauty. she likes to make the most of that resilience rather than adding too much make-up. is that it for base make-up? yes. like this. it's really simple.
i'm like that these days. there was a lot to do before. make-up here and there. i just focus on parts that i have to supplement and fill in. i end up focusing on the t-zone. minimum make-up is the trend? don't women look younger and prettier if their veins slightly show?
i think so. here, i match the tone to the neck. i'll do her make-up using the highlighting technique. han chaeyeong's second beauty secret. an arrogant and sharp look. it is cat eye make-up. show us the color make-up now. i'll tell you a simple way.
cat eye make-up is in these days. it's slightly sexy. it's summer, so it's better to bring out certain areas instead of using a lot of heavy make-up. several layers of shadow were used before. people don't do that now. only one or two. i use my fingers.
many people use chip brushes, but sometimes, that causes lumping. if you want simple blending, it's good to use your finger. the eyebrows and eye shadow. you can use one for shading and the eyebrows. you can use a lip product for blush, too. the make-up pouches are lighter now. it's more convenient. right?
that's right. what's most important for cat eye make-up is to bring the inside part out. be as gentle as possible with the outside part. some people have a hard time starting from the inside. then just do the outside part. open your eyes. that's not a bad feeling.
you can connect it to the inside part. it really looks like a cat's eye. beautiful women have cat eyes. your make-up right now emphasized the outside part. han chaeyeong is the trend of cat eye. a cat face. regular customers come and ask for make-up to look like han chaeyeong.
it's like a brand name for that trend. what's most important for eye make-up? with eye make-up... people don't say the eyes are sexy. they say a look in the eyes is sexy. that goes for men and women. i apply make-up to make the most of that look in the eyes. it's make-up for the look in the eyes.
the look in the eyes. i like that. the look is important. a seducing look. several things are necessary. what's most important is the pupil. the pupil. it should look big. so, people do under make-up.
if that's too much, just add a little right under the pupil. it gives the eye a shining look. i like under make-up. it might be difficult to do, but if you have a nice shine in your eyes, how do you under make-up can affect that. it helps to just do the middle part here. not all the way?
not all the way. what's the reason? it brings out the pupil. i used brown just now. if your pupil is black, use black. if it's brown, use brown. you can use a lighter color. write that down. you can do the eyebrows with this, too.
i know. you can do everything with one. many women work now. a big pouch is heavy. there are too many products to use. don't you see that often? women applying make-up while driving? you should use minimum products. like this.
i told you i'd show you something important. - for sexy lips. / - right. a matt look is popular. fluorescent and dark colors are in. rather than mixing a lot of gloss, a sexy look with moist and resilient lips. i'll express that. first, i use lip treatment. wipe it off.
it provides moisture. it's better than not using it. let's see. it's pink with a purple color. it suits different tones well compared to just pink. i like pink with a purple color. what lip color suits han chaeyeong? her lip color is very healthy.
it has a reddish color. even if a pastel tone is used, her lips look red after a while. i envy her. she's healthy in every aspect. she's very healthy. she works out to be healthy. the resilience is natural. she has healthy lip color and resilient skin.
do you think han chaeyeong's beauty line is now complete? there's one more thing. there is a secret that completes her line. are you done now? almost. the highlight remains. this helps create an egg line. this part is slightly wide in the forehead line. give it a partial touch.
here. use a darker color like this. even without shading, her cheekbones look narrow and her forehead line looks prettier. that helps create an egg line. she looks similar. she really looks like han chaeyeong. yeah?
it's very pretty. focus on the parts that shine. that will be helpful. han chaeyeong's line make-up. first, use lip treatment for moist lips. cover dark areas around the lips and dark circles with a concealer. mix highlighter and concealer to add more volume to the face.
shade around the eyes with dark shadow. make the inside and outside look different for a cat eye look. finally, create lips with volume and add shading for the facial line. han chaeyeong's line make-up is complete. we haven't seen the most important line yet. what is all this? oh...
what is this? why are you suddenly dancing? products for a pretty body line. that's wrong, isn't it? - an s line? / - yes. i see. does this really make your face smaller? it helps relieve muscles. it hurts if you do it every day.
it looks like it will hurt. is this for the shoulder? to relax the muscles. i want a nice line for my arms. should i pinch them like this? it would be better to use dumbbells. you won't get a nice line just by doing this a few times. just do three sets of ten a day.
what's this? it's body shaping cream. it helps create nice curves. it's really cool. it helps with blood circulation and prevents swelling. there's a lot of cellulite these days. this helps prevent accumulation of cellulite in the legs and arms.
these are the products in trend. oh, right. jang yoonju, hye park and han hyejin use body shaping cream before they work out. people with nice bodies are worse. i think you should do that. miranda kerr doesn't eat white foods. she said they're poison. white foods?
flour, white sugar, white rice. even salt is white. white ingredients have a higher gi. even with the same calories, they're not good for the body. kate moss said nothing is sweeter than being thin. what about angelina jolie? she said what makes her full destroys her.
i guess you have to have that kind of an attitude to lose weight. i can never live like that! the goal of diets these days isn't losing weight, but creating a pretty line. even if you're thin, you should have a little abdominal fat. body lines are more of an issue now because crop tops and hot pants are in.
what did you do for a nice line? i tried an apple diet. i ate one every morning and exercised for 2-3 hours every day. i didn't eat anything else. just one apple. how can you do that? i did that for 9 days. i lost 5kg. it's too hard. i wouldn't recommend it. it's not a good way.
it's hard to not eat food. i tried the meal tray diet. what's that? eating with a meal tray. you can decide how much you'll eat before you eat. you end up eating less. i use body shaping cream before exercising. it feels like my line is prettier.
junga is doing pilates. i really wanted to learn pilates. go with her. i don't think she can go because she's sick. it's alright. it's just my voice. son yejin, gong hyojin and shin mina takes classes with her. - is there a teacher? / - the teacher is famous. she looks a bit different these days.
i can go with you? i really wanted to learn. garosugil after work 'm' pilates, sinsa-dong inhale, exhale and back. i'm here. hello. she's the teacher who teaches son yejin and shin mina?
actresses always look beautiful. here is an expert who is responsible for their beautiful line. what does pilates mean? it's the name of a person. a german man named joseph pilates. people mistake pilates a lot. they think it's the same as yoga, but it's not.
pilates enhances muscular strength and endurance. it also increases flexibility of the joints. stretch a bit more. don't slack off because i'm talking. that's what pilates is about. did son yejin and shin mina come here for a long time? yejin came a long time. she came for about 8 years.
8 years? it's been over 2 years for mina. it's close to 3 years. she comes every day. every day? her chart is the thickest. she has to sign it every time she comes. people are starting to wear shorts. that exposes the legs a lot.
i want a pretty line for my legs. of the celebrities who come here, gong hyojin has pretty legs. when people see actresses with nice bodies, they think they were born that way. it doesn't matter if you're born that way. if you don't manage it, you can't maintain it. i'll tell you how to have pretty legs like hyojin. gong hyojin is adorable.
she has long and smooth legs. lean against the wall or a box. place the roller on a box. put the weight of your body on your leg. turn your ankle. one, two, inward. then outward. one, two. then place this leg on top. bend your knee, then straighten it. use the roller like this.
now do the same with the lower part of the leg. turn it outward like this. then do it again facing inward. this won't just make your calves look pretty, but also make your ankles flexible. place your calf on the roller and add your body weight. bend and straighten your knee and you can have pretty legs like gong hyojin.
son yejin also has a beautiful line. she has an innocent look and is famous for her elegant collarbone. son yejin has a pretty collarbone. i want to learn some exercises that make the collarbone pretty. there is a sitting exercise. i'll show you first. sit on the box.
hold the pedal with both hands behind your back. gather your elbows and push down. then go up again. down, up. when you do that, the joint that pulls the collarbone gets a workout. a straight collarbone is beautiful. you need good posture for that. if you do this about thirty times a day,
you can do that. junga is good at this. inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. she doesn't look happy. pull well sideways. gather the elbows and go up. good. like this. you'll develop muscles here.
you'll get triceps. you won't have sagging skin if you have triceps. there is a muscle that looks like a christmas tree. this muscle has to contract and relax well for the back to be straight and the posture to be proper. this is good exercise for the collarbone. fat on the arms is a concern for many people.
this is necessary for them. it's helpful. the back tends to bend with older age. this is good exercise for a straighter back. shin mina has voluptuous beauty. what is her secret to a perfect pelvis line? i'll show you an exercise on this machine. place your hands on the carriage. inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth.
raise your butt like this. then go back down. when i tell you to straighten your knees, straighten them like this. then back. now, twist the right pelvis. go down like this and back up. same with the left pelvis. you're really flexible.
up again. i exercise every day. don't forget a proper posture is a must for pelvic exercises. we don't have machines like this at home. is there anything we can do at home? sure. the collarbone exercises yejin does. mina's pelvic exercises and hyojin's calf exercises.
you can't come here all the time. i'll tell you how to do them at home. show us. pelvic exercises to do at home. you can buy this ball anywhere. it's just a common rubber ball. lie down and place it under your butt. just move your pelvis. roll the ball with your pelvis.
it rolls, right? then roll it sideways. what's important is that you don't move the knees and shoulders. place it between your knees. squeeze the ball. this works out the inner thighs. you use the inner thigh muscles and this closes up the pelvis.
lie down. put it under your butt. roll your pelvis. like this. the other way, too. more, more. one more time. exhale. good. now, just push your pelvis sideways. don't twist it. sideways. right. don't move the knees. just go sideways.
slide sideways. the other way. slide. that's how you do it. i'll you how to do yejin's collarbone exercises at home. sit on a sofa with your hands like this. now, remove your butt from the sofa. bend your arms. what did we do before?
we moved the arms, but this way, you move the body. if you're good, you can do it with your legs straightened. or with one leg. oh! you can do this watching tv. watching tv? it's not hard at all.
how can i do this? bend your arms and go down. good. up. what's harder than before? your stomach. you have to use your abdominal muscles more. sit. support your weight with your hands. it's really hard, isn't it? again. good.
good. up. sit and take a break. it's really hard. it's hard. it's not easy. arms back. like this... you weren't like this before. now for a calf exercise. use magazines instead of a block.
you can use this spray can instead of a roller. sit like before. lean back. place the can like the roller. twirl the ankle. now bend and straighten your knee with one leg on top. it might hurt because it's hard. wrap it with a towel.
wrap it around. put your leg on it. twirl the ankle. slowly. you can do this at home. bend the knee a bit. straighten it. bend, straight. do it again with your leg turned outward and then inward.
do that with both legs every day. if you use body shaping mousse before doing this, i think it would relieve fatigue. how are you applying that? is there a way of applying it? there's a better way. spray some on your hands. go up your leg in a twisting motion.
- a twisting motion? / - yes. your hands should twist in opposite directions. as if you're wringing a mop. apply it all the way up to your thighs. it's good to do this, too. it's different for the arms. you have to go up in the same direction. the same direction. come down in the opposite direction.
the fasciae are in a spiral shape. it's good to relax them from head to toe. if you do that every day, the exercises will have more of an effect. the line will look better, too. just sit on a chair or the floor. play the piano with your toes. the little toe, the fourth, the third, the second and the big toe.
i can't do it. how can you do that? the foot is always in the shoe. if you wear high heels a lot, the big toe turns like this. this is good for people like that. it's also good for relieving fatigue. hold your leg and pull your toes in. when you push out, don't push at once. push the top first, then the toes.
grab a towel with your toes. move your ankle sideways. then, play the piano again. your toes will move easier. your feet will be less exhausted. the burden on your soles and knees will be lessened. because your feet are flexible. - just invest 5 minutes a day. / - 5 minutes.
it's not a lot of time, just 5 minutes. you can do it while watching tv at home. don't forget. even if it's a short time, the effect can be maximized if you focus. it's the season for bikinis. a diet for resilience and volume. it's the "beauty bible" special edition. it's an ambitious piece for summer.
uie and kaeun's special edition. it's an ambitious 4-week project. find out next week. both sides hurt. it's a serious problem. there are all sorts of lines. a line could result in an evaluation that's different from your skills. if you focus only on lines,
you could miss the essentials. how long are you going to worry about what other people think? focus on creating a line of your own for beauty and skills. keep challenging a line that everyone envies.

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