Mens Haircut for Big Forehead

Mens Haircut for Big Forehead - Hey. no, keep it down they're sleeping. whatare you doing? you're going out too? where are you going? oh, nice. we were going togo to that but we're going to an explosions in the sky concert. yeah. 

You wanted me todo your makeup? well, as you can see, i'm in the process of getting ready myself soi don't have time to do your makeup but i can throw you some tips while i do mine andmaybe help you out here and there? does that work? yeah, i'm sorry. maybe another time?i can do your full makeup and everything. do you have all your stuff with you ? good,okay well, "pop a squat" and we can get started. i was just going to apply some face serumsfirst. you don't use any? what is wrong with you? just kidding. i have one i really likea lot. this is the nip & fab fix dragon's
blood plumping serum, it's amazing and itjust hydrates your skin and locks in that moisture and then i like to use this ain'tmisbehavin dermadoctor acne control serum, just on some spots that i have. do you haveany spots? a couple? do you want to try it? okay. i'm just going to pump a little biton my fingers, rub them together, don't worry i washed my hands and let's see... you haveone right there. lift up your chin. yeah, i get them there sometimes too. then yourforehead. it has a nice cooling effect i think. let that dry before you do anything else.i'm just going to use the leftover on my skin, just where my spots are. and then i'm goingto apply this one too. do you want to use this too? okay, here. just close your eyes.good. it uses hyaluronic acid, i think that's
what it's called? and it just locks in moisture,i don't really know too much about it, maybe one of your friends do. you can find a videoon youtube about it. yeah, it smells nice, doesn't it? and just let that set. kim kardashian-i mean, not kim. kylie jenner talked about it on her app and of course i'm subscribedto it because i'm obsessed, well not really obsessed, but people tell me i look like herall the time. i know. it was weird, like i went out the other day somebody like stoppedme on the street and told me i looked just like kylie jenner and i was like "really?i don't see it?" alright... yeah, let's see what it says. it says: this light serum deliversan instant shot of moisture to dehydrated skin. hyaluronic acid + delicate velvet flowerblend together for an intense hydrating effect
plus looking plumper with the appearance offine lines + wrinkles reduced. i dunno. okay, so next i like to apply a primer to my face.this one is the porefessional to minimize the appearance of pores from benefit. it'soil-free, do you have one you like to use? good. yeah i just like to mainly put it inmy t-zone, like underneath my eyes, a little bit on my forehead and also just a littlebit like on my chin and my upper lip. where do you put yours? you don't have as oily ofskin as me. you inherited mom's skin, lucky. oh, yeah, well that's i guess normal. andthen i like to prime my eyes with an eye primer because i know that i'm going to do my eyeshadowsoon. do you use an eye primer? you use concealer? well, i'm going to change your life with thisurban decay eyeshadow primer potion, okay?
it has a little doe foot applicator so justclose your eyes for me. i'm just going to pop a little bit of it on your eye... thenthe other eye... then i'm going to blend just lightly with my ring finger because that'sthe softest finger. did you know that? okay, i'm just going to do the same to me now. ireally like urban decay but i heard that, well my friend julia told me that their eyeshadows,or their single eyeshadows have far less fall-out than the eyeshadows in the naked palette,which i think is true because i have one of their single eyeshadows, which has littleto no fall-out and then i have the naked 2 palette, which has a good bit of fall-out,which is kind of annoying. are you going to do your eyeshadow? nice. well, i have somebrushes if you wanna use them. okay, i was
just asking... you can use yours. i have thisone that i just got from colorpop a little while ago, it's the kaepop crenshaw, supershock eyeshadow from colourpop it's just a really nice neutral brown color but you'renot wearing brown, no? yeah, i love brown as an eyeshadow, especially matte shadowson myself because i think it's not too much, but just enough. if you know what i mean?do you use colored eyeshadows? yeah i stick to neutral shades. what is your favorite colorthat you have? that's pretty. are you putting that on tonight? nice. yeah, i don't reallyhave a favorite color i guess. i really do like "cobra" by urban decay but i don't thinkthey make it anymore. no, i don't know why. i like looked for it at sephora and i didn'tfind it. it's like this, it looks olivey colored
and i'm sure you've seen me wear it beforeand it has glitter in it but it comes off more as black, it doesn't seem as mustardywhen you apply it, which is nice. i need another eyeshadow color... i'm going to add a littlebit of, oh i brought this palette out here, this is my go-to palette. the coastal scentsrevealed 2, it has 20 colors if you want to use any, you can but i know that you're setwith all your shadows, huh? what palette do you use? nice. did you buy that yourself ordid you get it as a present? oh... yeah i just like to put a little bit of a differentcolor on the lid and then the darker color on the outer corner and then sweep it intothe crease. the lighting in my room is terrible though so it almost feels like i'm puttingmy makeup on in the dark so you'll have to
let me know if i look crazy or anything. andthen i'm just going to go in with a blending brush just to make sure all the fine linesand stuff are gone. just the outer edges and stuff, i don't want to go too crazy. how didyour blending go? let's see, close your eyes. not that good... here, keep them closed i'mgonna help you out a little bit and go in there and make sure to blend out that harshline, especially in the crease. okay, the other eye. blending is just really essentialin the eyeshadow stage because you want everything to look seamless and natural. i used to domy makeup the opposite but i've learned that it's just about enhancing your features andi think the blending aspect of everything enhances the eye shape almost. okay, good.what do you think? it's probably different
from what you're used to but i think thatit was very needed. just going to go over mine again a little bit. okay and then let'ssee...what are your other steps? do you do liquid liner? i'm not going to do liquid linertonight but i am going to apply a little bit of pencil liner on my upper lid, just to makesure that there's a little bit more dimension so...i've been trying to pick either one,a good liner or a pencil. it's so much easier for me to do my right eye, because i'm right-handed,than my left. do you have that issue too? it's rough. i'm just going to go over witha matte black color that i have in this naked 2 palette and a little sharp brush too. youhave a naked palette, don't you? do you like yours? i know yours is different from mine.good. yeah, they're really popular, so expensive
though... i don't think i'm going to get another one because i already have one,i don't know... the third one was really pretty but i think that this palette kind of replacedor tried to become a "dupe" for that. okay wish me luck on this other eye. i am reallynot too confident with my ability. yep, i messed it up. i think i look kind of crazynow. what do you think? yeah. i'm just going to have to go over it a little bit. mistakeshappen. whoops. what did you used to do in middle school with your makeup? i feel likeeveryone has really funny middle school makeup stories. or i know i definitely do. i usedto put heavy eyeliner on my bottom waterline and just cover my eyelids with glitter. andfor some reason i thought that was really cute to do. it doesn't sound as bad as mine...i feel like sometimes whenever you're doing
your makeup it becomes uneven so then in orderto, like, even it out you just continue building and building until everything looks a mess...but hopefully that doesn't happen this time. okay so next i'm going to do my concealer.are you done with your eyeliner? let's see your wings... they're even, i'm impressed.good job! let's see what i have... oh, i've been loving this nars concealer. do you useconcealer? a little? yeah, you only need a little, you have really good skin. i'm justgonna pop this on my few little blemishes that i have and then down my nose, becausei'm going to contour and underneath my eyes. i look like i have some type of weird somethinggoing on...okay, then i'm going to take... do you contour? i guess you don't really needit but i use this contour cream from topshop
in the color "sweep" and i'm just gonna it...or am i messing up my steps now? right here. then over here. do you want a little bit ofcontour? i can just use it and then you can buff it in with the rest of your foundation.okay, the trick is to use it from the top of your ear and go down to just about yourcheek and you don't want anything too crazy because you don't wanna look too "made-up"you know? it's all about looking natural. and then i like to take a little bit and applyit to my nose. i usually do it with a brush but i lost the one that i usually use. andthen i'm just going to add my foundation, which i've actually been using a differentfoundation but, a bb cream but i'm just gonna use this rimmel match perfection today. whathave you been using? i don't know where my
makeup brush went. my foundation brush, areyou hiding it from me? well i guess i can just use this one. that's weird i thoughti brought it into my room with me but, guess not... just gonna brush it on. do you everlike love a foundation and then you find another one and then you're just like, "i can't believei used that other one before?" that happens to me a lot. sometimes i like to put the foundationon the back of my hand because it's easier than like going like this to the bottle buti don't know i'm just not doing that now. i can't believe i forgot my brush but i'mtoo lazy to go get it. unless you wanna go grab it for me? no i didn't think'simportant to get down your neck so there's no lines and then i'm going to add some morecontour, contour my face and add a little
more color. i'm just going to use the toofaced chocolate soleil bronzer and then i've been on a new thing where i contour my forehead,to make my forehead look smaller. i don't know, i don't know why i've been doing's just like, i feel like we pick up new habits doing different things. of course it'smaking my hair go all crazy but it's okay. and then i'm going to do my eyebrows. do youwant any contour? any more on top of the other cream contour? doesn't hurt. here, i'll adda little bit for you. go- and now let's do the other side and a little bit more overhere. good. okay great so now i'm going to do my eyebrows now. i like to brush them outwith a spooly first and i don't know where, oh there it is... and i just brush them upwardsand then i've been using this brow marker,
the touchback brow marker in dark brown buti like it and it says "for maximum color flow store marker with tip down" and i definitelydidn't do that but it still works really nicely. this is like a great alternative to powderbecause it doesn't cloak your hairs, it just kind of adds product a little, beside know? and just, just like that... do you fill in your brows? no? well, i mean i don'tthink you need it i just think that my eyebrows are very sparse so i like to. and i'm justgoing to add a little bit of a lighter powder from this little palette with a couple littleshades. gonna use this mirror now... okay that'll do the trick. here lemme brush outyours at least, okay? good. just wanna go upwards right there. nice. um, i'm almostdone, are you almost done? good. the next
thing that i just do is i just take a littlebrush like the one i was using before and i like to add a little bit more of a browncolor underneath my eye but just real simply, nothing too crazy or heavy or anything justso that it's even with what i put on top. i think it really helps with smokey eye lookstoo, but this, this is kind of subtle tonight so nothing too crazy. now i'm going to addsome blush. do you wear blush? i've been wearing mac melba, i like it. and i just apply itto the apples of my cheeks, just for a little subtle glow. i can't believe you only wearbronzer, i'm definitely going to put some blush on you tonight. you will notice thatit makes a huge difference in the look. here, okay, just gonna pat some onto your cheeksand i heard a tip from goss makeup artist
to not smile because your cheek moves wheneveryou smile so then it's down here, so just stay still... get it on both sides and makesure it's even and blend it so you don't look like a clown. good. what do you think? i toldyou. alright, i'm just going to apply some mascara, i've been really liking this ultratech curve mascara from kiko cosmetics, which one have you been using? oh, i'll let youtry this one when i'm done. i was using, i usually use essence's lash princess but i'vebeen liking this one a little bit more because it really separates my lashes i think. i alwaysfeel like i look a little crazy when i apply mascara... i'm just gonna apply it to theother eye; i think that mascara really ties the entire look together. that, and lipstick.but then i wanna full face of makeup by that
point if i just have those two, i don't knowi really like makeup. don't you? i think it's fun. i'm going to apply a little to my bottomtoo, make sure to get the outer corners on the bottom lashes. okay, so blink for me wheneveri tell you to blink, okay? blink. blink. blink. blink. okay, other eye. blink. blink. blink.blink. good, now look up and i'm just going to rake a little bit through your bottom lashes.okay, perfect. what lipstick are you gonna wear? that's a good choice, i'm just goingto pop on this one because i have it handy. this one from inglot, i really like it. oh,but before that, and don't apply yours either yet i want to apply a primer to you, a lipprimer. go, for me... this helps a lot if you're wearing matte lipsticks like i do.i don't like anything too shiny or sparkly.
alright, good, now you can apply your does smell like cotton candy, doesn't it? okay i don't have on a lip liner i'm not beingtoo fancy tonight. and here is my makeup look, what do you think? yeah, the lighting in herekinda sucks but when we go outside you can see it better. i think you look great, letme just set you up with a powder. close your eyes, just gonna put this all over your face.i only like to put a little bit of powder on my lipstick just to mattify it but... okay,perfect. well, good, looks like we're ready to go, okay. great.

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