Mens Haircut Catalogue

Mens Haircut Catalogue - (she was pretty) she should be here soon... hold on... i've heard these voices before. maybe it's them. - guess where pretty is. / - goodness. - it's a talking butterfly! / - a butterfly? - flutter, flutter. / - gosh! - flutter, flutter. / - let me catch it. goodness. ilgwon.
gosh... - it's another one! / - flutter, flutter. - flutter, flutter. / - another one is flying. let me swat this fly. - gosh! / - fly... what are you doing, ilgwon? pretty. you look so beautiful today. you're like a butterfly.

really? a butterfly needs flowers. that's why i brought these... ta-da! thanks, ilgwon. hey, it's my favorite flower. hey! that's for pretty. why did you take it, ugly? give me that flower. what are you doing? give it! why would you need a flower?
you're already a flower. you're such a rascal! you're a rascal! you're a rascal! ilgwon, i packed some food. - goodness... / - let's eat together. you packed food... that looks delicious! - thank you for the food. / - sure. - min, where are my chopsticks? / - none for you. what?
i'll just eat then. don't touch this. what? i'm hungry too! i'm going to have some! don't touch it! why aren't you letting me eat? i'm going to feed you! you're a rascal! you want to feed me? yeah. if i don't feed you,
you'll take all the food. ugly. ilgwon, i'm full. how about we play a game to digest? sounds good. i'll be it. - let's play what's the time, mr. wolf. / - great! - better not let me see you move. / - okay. what's the time, mr. wolf?
i didn't see anyone move. what the? you're out, ugly. i didn't move! i saw you. you moved! your gums quivered. it went like this. you went easy on min just now. why am i out when i didn't even move?
that's how i can get you by my side! you wanted me to be close to you? that way i can look handsome in comparison. what? being next to me... - makes you look handsome? / - yeah. yeah, that's right. i'm ugly. i'm ugly! i won't show my ugly face again! hey! why are you getting so upset?
forget you! let me go! i'm going home! where do you think you're going? ilgwon, why are you staring at me? from up close... your pores are this big. keep your distance! why'd you push me? don't come here! why are you telling me to stay away?
- stay away! / - why? you'll hear my heart race! (did you see that last night?) hello, viewers. i'm choi hyojong of did you see that last night. i'm kim jeonghun. hyojong, what is did you see that last night? i told you. just because a skit is funny doesn't mean it's good.
people should watch gag concert on sunday and say this at school or work on monday... "hey, did you see gag concert last night?" it's a good skit if they talk about it. it stands for "did you see that last night?" so what's our first topic for today? jobs. - jobs? / - yes. - jeonghun, we're comedians. / - right.
what do we hate hearing? hey, make me laugh. - we really hate this! / - i hate it. - now you get curious. / - about what? aren't you curious what people in other jobs hate hearing? i'm curious. that's why i did some research and brought the results.
first... stewardesses. what do they hate hearing the most? "buy me something from duty free." they're going to work. don't ask them favors like this. next, for announcers. this is funny. "can you say a tongue twister?"
this isn't on the announcer exam. it's not. next are mma fighters. "does it hurt when you get hit?" they cry at the end because it hurts! they cry! lastly, magicians. magicians... "hey, make me disappear."
"make me disappear." when someone sees a car... "make that car disappear." when they fight with their wife... "make my wife disappear." don't say those things. alright. so what is our second topic? the second topic is hit songs.
hit songs? sometimes we really get into a great song. what a great song. how'd they make this? - this is it. / - what? aren't you curious about the story on how a hit song was made? are those great songs really about things that happened to the writer?
i'm really curious about the process. so i got in touch with some composers and got their stories. - really? / - yes. for this song. 'you're loveable from head to toe' this is a great song. right. joo younghoon made this song and i asked him directly.
interestingly, this song was turned down by 6 singers before it was offered to kim jongkook. - this song? / - this great song. why? because it wasn't originally called "loveable." it was called "blue heaven." - "blue heaven?" / - i got the original lyrics to see... - why this song was rejected. / - really? i'll sing it. this is the original song "blue heaven."
'love, joy, happiness and smiles, all gather' 'happy every day so that the skies will smile' 'that's the blue heaven i'm dreaming of' was that it? that's why it got rejected. lastly, i'm really curious about this. i don't know the answer to this. - who knows then? / - i need to get feedback. from the person?
the most watched video clip in the world. it's psy's "gangnam style." - over 2.3 billion views. / - right. now this makes you curious. aren't you curious how many times psy clicked on his own video to raise the number of views? i'm really curious! - we search our own names too. / - right.
- to raise the views. / - right. - psy, please give us feedback. / - hurry. how about starting your busy monday morning by talking about gag concert? did you see that last night? (supernatural) we have super powers. we're going to take the money in this safe. what are you talking about?
stop being ridiculous and get lost. you foolish human. give me the key to the safe. never. dj gwak, get the key. - i'll control you with my music. / - what? music... cue. what the...
why am i dancing? i'm moving to the music! i dropped the keys but i feel great! music stop. move! i have the keys. give me the keys back! foolish human. do you think you can shoot me?
you think i can't? music cue. i can't shoot... just shoot me! i feel so bad that i can't shoot. - then i'll shoot you. / - save me! save me! save me! save me! there are crazy people there!
i'm even crazier! beat it! - you're here for these keys? / - yeah! you brought your secret weapon to take my life? yeah! stop reading my mind! you talk too much. you said everything for me. not a chance! i won't die from an attack like that. because i have this guy!
what's that? i'm a healer that can heal any wounds. i'm healer lee. god bless you. i'll heal you. here. it's all healed. - here. / - god bless... hurry!
bless you. nice job! god... hurry and heal me. hurry! oh, my god. this is too gross. you brought a pathetic lackey. i'll show you my power now. i'll connect your soul and mine.
i am soul bluetooth! i'll transmit pain to you. pain? this acupressure mat. what do you think will happen if i jump on this acupressure mat without shoes on? no... here i go! my feet!
- how was that? / - my feet... i bet your feet are killing you! it's not that bad yet. then i'll transmit and even greater pain. i'll put... these toy blocks on the acupressure mat. if i roll on these... how do you think you'll feel? you're trembling with fear.
i'll go easy on you today! no! that won't be enough to defeat me. i'll finish you off. these are too big... you're finished now. i'll give you one more chance to think about it. think about it. how do you think it'll feel if it hits your tailbone?
think about it! finish me off like a man. (the perfect couple) they should be here soon. - hey! / - we're here. honey! - hello. / - hello. good, you didn't get lost. what a nice house.
this is my first time too. you guys are lucky. seunghye, this is champagne for your housewarming party. thank you! you have a lovely house. what's this? - is this you as a kid, seunghye? / - yes. seunghye, you were pretty since you were a kid! no, you're much prettier now.
gosh! i don't like pretty girls. - what? / - what? - i love you. / - me too. have a seat and watch tv while i cook. - okay. / - go ahead. should i help? - huh? no, go have a seat. / - okay. it's "music bank."
'i love you' 'but i shouldn't' 'i miss you but...' - 'we shouldn't meet' / - 'we shouldn't meet' - 'drunk...' / - 'drunk...' - i'd better go help seunghye cook! / - yeah! - no! i'll go! / - honey... - honey! / - yeah! listen carefully.
the jacket you bought me... was it duck down or arm pit hair? 1, 2, 3. - duck down! / - duck down! - that was a hard one! / - we're a great couple! - i gave sora arm pit hair. / - yes. doesn't it look warm? - that sure looks warm. / - right? - someone's here? / - someone's here.
- seunghye! / - huh? salute. - yunho, you're out on leave? / - yeah. say hello to my younger brother. - you're a marine? / - yes. what class? class 1,190. i'm class 927! - salute, sir! / - salute!
i'll give you some pocket money. - here. / - pocket money? have some fun. seunghye, you said your boyfriend is a cheapskate but he isn't. it's not like that! oh, come on! go to him! you two look great together! - it's not like that... / - get married!
- get married! / - it's not like that! oh, please! i'll sing at your wedding! - it's good you hit him! / - yeah! he deserved that. - i bought a gift for your housewarming. / - really? - what is it? / - lucky you. open the gift so we can see. - let's see. / - don't look!
- open it! / - don't look! - don't look! / - what is it? it suits you... hey, hey! let's take a photo since it's a housewarming. - great! / - yeah! get close, guys. - let's see. / - let's see. we came out looking good.
my eyes were closed. i look weird! it's fine. i'm going to post this on sns. - delete it. give me your phone. / - no. - give me your phone! / - no! sora, sora! - who is this? / - honey! (say it! yes or no) say it! yes or no! say it! yes or no! hurray, korea!
as you can see, we're all one. now we will prove here that we are all one. if what we say is... - oh, that's true. / - then it's "yes." - come on. no way. / - then it's "no." say it. yes or no! we can become one through old fashion. first, hairstyles. all guys have had this style at least once.
the macgyver hairstyle. have you grown one of these? yes or no? in korea... they called it the kim byungji too. people did this. this used to be a really cool look. and if this isn't enough, have you ever had one really long strand? if you want to look a bit cooler...
frosted tips. you can't dye the entire head. you dye here and there. he has the long strand... but to complete that look... you have to blow it! you have to blow it to complete the look. snapbacks are in these days. but in the past...
these visors were in style. it's really embarrassing now but it used to look cool. and... many people wear fashion glasses. but back in the day... they wore tinted glasses! yes or no? i want to hit him! this was a really cool look back in the day.
and in the winter you always wore a turtleneck to stay warm. what's important is that this is only for your neck. this part is cold. this only keeps your neck warm. students these days wear padded jackets like school uniforms. but it was different back in the day.
in the past, they wore these coats! these! have you ever worn this as a student? next, we'll unite you all through pain. you're messing around with your friend... rock, paper, scissors. head flicks for losers. rock, paper, scissors! nice! get over here.
1, 2... bet that hurts! he did the flick but it hurts him more. it hurts him even more. - there is no winner to this game. / - this happens. next, you can tell where someone hurts by how the person moves. hey, sungwon! yeah.
this is a stiff neck from sleeping wrong. that's how you move when you have a stiff neck. this happens. this is when you're in pain in front of your mom. mom... geez! didn't i tell you to be careful? didn't i? didn't i? how many times have i told you?
why are you so clumsy? you hurt your leg but it hurts more where your mom hit you. yes or no? this is when you hurt yourself in front of your dad. dad... that won't kill you. does this happen? dad's raise you to be strong. there's another one.
this is the difference between when it hurts and when it really hurts. this is when it hurts. - ouch! / - sorry! - that hurts! geez... / - sorry. but when it really hurts... sorry. hey. i'm sorry.
i'm really sorry. this is when your friend is hospitalized. this is when girls visit. - sungsun! / - where's sungsun? - sungsun, are you okay? / - oh, no! we worried so much! you lost so much weight. you look prettier since you got injured. what are you saying? i'm not wearing makeup.
wow! your skin looks great! but when guys make a hospital visit... - hey, sungwon. / - where's sungwon? guys. what are you doing? you... if you die, i get your game console. what are you saying? stop it. - can i write on this? / - stop that.
that hurts. - stop it. / - can i try these? those are mine! what are you doing? - this is fun! / - hey! what are you guys doing? this is a hospital! - is your nurse pretty? / - yeah. the nurse is pretty! alright, until all of korea is united... say it! yes or no!
(catchphrase makers) everyone, finally one really popular star has imitated my catchphrase! it's... park bogum! on "music bank..." he said, okay, okay, okinawa! we'll show it to you in a skit. we'd like it if you'd say them along with us.
the north korean soldiers are coming. - we need to get out of here! / - yes, sir. dang it... what's wrong? i stepped on a mine. don't worry. i'll remove it. this is a russian mine. these aren't hard to remove.
there! did you remove it? sorry, sorry, myanmar. i'm fine. you go ahead. how could you say that? you fool! we could both die here! so just leave me!
okay, okay, okinawa! good-bye! wait... you're coming back, right? i'll bring backup. until then... you'll be able to last a few days with these rations. could it be... celery?
bellflower... ginger! thanks. hands up! or i'll shoot. do you think i'll raise my hands for the enemy? just shoot me. i really will! why can't you shoot?
why? why? wifi! you put your hands up. you did. if you can remove this, we'll let you live. - keep your promise. / - alright! hurry! you're... when i was a refugee in busan... you're my lost younger sister!
aren't you bomi? i'm not. i'm jeomsun and i'm from pyongyang. jeomsun from pyongyang? with a big mole on your hand... are you 18 years old? how did you know? i'm done. the youngest daughter of the biggest
mill in pyongyang, jeomsun! i'm your older brother! i heard my older brother died! the song we used to sing as kids... don't play games with me. i'm leaving. did eating celery make you crazy? did eating bellflower make you batty? eat some ginger and get your head straight!
- they all know it! / - brother! jeomsun! this is... - why? why? / - why? incredible. now is not the time for this! captain! the enemy has almost caught up with us. we're going towards 3 o'clock now!
- that's a mine field! / - follow me! cold! spine! geunji, hurry up and get out of here. i can't leave you behind. the north korean soldiers are coming. go! i can't! goodness! comrade jeomsun!
comrade sunil... are you with the south korean soldiers? i found my older brother i lost during the war. why are you bringing your brother up? this is war! when it comes to older brothers... with the energy from the earth and the energy from the sky... you two... even your north korean accent sounds awkward.
- i practiced for 8 months... / - practice. what? hold on! you go first. let's go together. just go! or we'll all die! go! thank you. why aren't you going? - i can't! / - why not?
did you step on another mine? - how many mines is that? / - i'll do it. comrade jeomsun. how dare you betray your country? why is finding my brother a betrayal? you don't know what betrayal is! when it comes to betrayal... and the energy from sky... - you're forcing it! / - no...
- keep quiet! / - i have a gun! if you're going to betray us, then just die! - jeomsun! / - geunji! it hit you? (veteran) - are you all ready for the performance? / - yes. big trouble! the sound director can't come because of an accident. what? geez...
newbie. you play the sounds. i've never done that before. we're all veterans. we'll work around you so play the sounds. the performance will start. geez! oh, whatever! hey, mungyu. you still don't have your head straight? i told you to manage this jazz bar
and you want to do vocal music? you're a gangster and you want to sing? boss, i like singing. down on all fours. yes, boss. - just walk backwards! / - okay. stop, stop! - down on all fours. / - yes. hold still.
get your act together. so you have a duck butt. i kind of do. get up. boss, please let me sing. don't. then kill me instead. stop that. hello?
why would you come here, teacher? i'll convince the big boss. teacher... teacher! i'm nervous. so is this where mungyu is? is this where... the door should close after i go in. is this where mungyu... i have to get in...
why'd you break our door? anyway, i'm in. excuse me... sorry, duck. i didn't step on you on purpose... it's a thunder duck. go play. teacher, what brings you here? mungyu, no more black suits. time to wear a tuxedo.
mungyu isn't meant to be a gangster. i can make him a world-class singer. hand him over to me. you think i'm crazy? you think i'll just give him up? just go. go. - go, go! / - i will. - go! / - i will.
go, go, go! you can go when it stops raining. take a look at this. it's mungyu's award from the competition. you said to look at it. can't you see it from up close? gosh... stop, stop... stop! anyway, give mungyu to me. don't be ridiculous.
since you're here. have a beer before you go. why didn't you catch it? i'd prefer liquor. then i'll make you a boilermaker. how many did i make? hey... stop. stop! that's too many.
- can i invite some friends? / - sure. boss. listen to me sing and make a decision. yeah, mungyu. i'll play the piano. you sing... i can really hit the keys on the piano. what a unique way to play. i'll play the music and you sing. take a deep breath and just sing comfortably.
the song will start. 3, 4. 'here...' the song's over. you heard my playing, right? are you joking around? mungyu. let's run away. you'll end up dying, teacher.
just trust me and follow me. we need stepping sounds... what do we do? - duck. / - quack, quack. - quack, quack. / - stop right there! (301 302) i ran into the guy next door on my way to do the recycling today. then a rat suddenly appeared
and i threw myself into his arms. he froze right there and then. what's with this guy? did having me in your arms make your heart stop? you're so obvious, you dummy! dummy! i broke a rib. two of them actually. i went to play squash and ran into the guy next
door again. he kept glancing at me from behind. what's with him? well... did you think that i look sexy when i do this? why do you keep staring? the ball got stuck in the wall. every ball she hit got embedded in the wall. hold on. the more i think about it, the girl next door is weird.
we ended up sitting next to each other on the subway. she kept looking at me and covering her cell phone. what's with her? does she think i'm interested in her private life? i can't believe her. every time i touch my phone, the screen cracks. oh, right. my shower cap.
did i drop it on my way to the bathhouse? i can't find it. where did it go? i picked up a parachute. are the paratroopers training? 301! 302! both of you, come out. i hear you two are dating! we're not!
not yet... what am i talking about? i saw you two! what did you see? only the two of you got on the elevator and you didn't let anyone else on. why'd you do that? the elevator was at capacity. it was just the two of us and it beeped. your excuse is funny.
you think that will fool me? the head of the women's group saw you two. what did she see? you two went to ride horses in jeju-do! we just met by chance. then why did you take a photo of her riding a horse? the horse she was on became a camel.
with two humps. how could i not take a photo? your imagination is funny. yeah. so you two should get together! i want to move! (comedy idols) hello! we're the idol comedy team... like... - or... / - dislike!
again, we'll tell you reasons why you have to like us today and join our fan club. the popular singer... lee aeran of "100 year life!" join the fan club, join the fan club! lee aeran? she and i are close. i called her manager to see if she could be on the gag concert special episode.
but i didn't get a response. they took a screen shot of aeran and her manager on the messenger app and sent it to me. look. this is the manager. "hyojong wants you to be on gag concert." then aeran said... 'tell him i can't go' 'tell everyone the popular singer lee aeran is here'
ma'am, i was honestly very hurt by that exchange. please get me some fans today. people using my catchphrase these days... 'tell them to join the fan club' there's a meme about lee aeran on the internet these days that uses her photo. so... she'll sing the meme live
for the first time on tv on gag concert. watch. this is live. the chief wants you to go to a work party! there's a question like this on the internet. when are you supposed to laugh during comedy idols? 'tell them i'm still looking' wow!
lee aeran! - 'tell them i was really funny' / - thank you. i'm next. there's another person that has to join today. listen up. popular health trainer ray yang... i was working out in the gym a few days ago. ray yang took a look at me and said, "hwon, are you trying to get in shape these days?
i'll give you the perfect exercise equipment for you." and she gave me this. this is 1kg. isn't this for girls, ray? hwon! for girls? - i don't use those. / - then what? come here. she lifted me.
i can do things like this. i'll get you some fans today. people flexible like me... how? anyone can do this... this... so flexible! anyone can do this, right? everyone can do this.
- everyone can do this. / - so flexible. son yeonjae, you have to join. everyone... join the fan club, join the fan club! - ray yang! / - yes. that was weak! i'll get some proper fans. people that liked this character as a kid and still like him... join the fan club, join the fan club! which character?
you'll see. - put it on! / - what is this? shin-chan! shin-chan! shin-chan! see? hula, hula. (get up) lee sejin passed! i passed the first part of the bar exam!
- i passed too. / - really? the first part is easy. congratulations! congratulations! chan! we passed the first part. what about you? i failed. you've been studying for 7 years and you failed the first part again? chan, let me give you some advice.
just give it up. - you're so pathetic. / - hey... maybe i should give up here. no, chan! you can't give up here. think about our senior ryu geunil who never gave up, studied until the end and passed the bar. the pride of our study dorms? geunil chan... chan... chan... get up... up... up...
no matter what anyone says... says... says... do what you intend to... to... to... i never listened to anyone... anyone... anyone... did people tell you to give up too? what? what? what? did people tell you to give up? did they ever tell you to quit? say something... something... something... you can't hear?
oh... oh... oh... see you then... then... then... what was that? it's not that he didn't listen. he couldn't hear. no, chan! get up, chan! get up! think about your dad that supported you for 7 years so that you could study. - my son chan! / - dad. chan.
i've lived my entire life for you. i was your sponsor that paid your academy fees. i was your adviser when you were struggling. and so you could visit court ahead of time, i gave myself a criminal record! - what more do you want? / - what? do i have to get more strikes? why are you saying that, dad? don't call me dad!
i'm 7853 from now on! oh, no! my dad went to jail again! you can't give up here. did you already forget what star lecturer hyeonjeong taught us? - hyeonjeong? / - yeah. hello, chan! why do you look so down? teacher, studying is so hard.
i don't know if i should keep at this. i always told you. there is an answer to every problem! let's find that answer together. first, what's the reason you should study hard? - for success? / - no. - what is it? / - to become a great person? no. because you're ugly! with looks like these, if you don't study
there is no answer to your life. there is no answer. so study hard. bye! even she's unreliable. think about your loving girlfriend nahee who's always thinking about you. and you have your best friend kilee. nahee and kilee! honey, how are you?
you'd better not fall for someone else just because we're far apart. i wouldn't do that. nahee, you'd better not go to clubs when i'm not around. what? actually... - what? you went? / - what? you went? - are you kidding me? / - are you kidding me? why is he saying the same thing as me?
something seems strange. so you went to a club where there are a bunch of guys behind chan's back. nahee, how could you do that? it was my friend's birthday so i went once... are you getting this mad over me going once? how could i not be mad? how could you go to a club behind chan's back? - kilee, you don't have to... / - stay out of this!
sorry, sorry! huh? i think we're saying each other's lines. i can't just let this go. i'm going to get revenge for chan. me? i'm going clubbing tonight. that's revenge? what? you're going clubbing?
why are you so angry? no! don't! fine, i won't go. but you'd better not go again. promise! she should be making that promise with me... - promise. / - she did it! she promised! chan, just focus on your studies. i'll take care of nahee!
- chan! let's go! / - let's go! what is this? i can't focus at all! you can't go down like this. you said you wanted to work at a big law firm. think about yourself in the future standing shoulder to shoulder with world-class lawyers. me in the future? good afternoon. my name is jamie. i'm the international lawyer.
so he's an international lawyer. hello. please look favorably on me. yes, for me too. let's work on this case together. do you have the file for the victim for the assault case in hawaii? - sorry? / - the file for the victim. oh, yeah.
pizza. - the victim! / - pizza. no, the victim for the incident in hawaii! - sorry. i'm sorry. / - that was funny. hawaiian pizza. are you really a lawyer? have you ever been a lawyer? - yes. / - lawyer! - what? / - lawyer!
oh! farming rice. no! lawyer! what is this? planting rice. what is this? i want to give up! no! get up, chan! (real sound) hello! we will change the onomatopoeia you use in
everyday life to be more detailed and precise. we are real sound or rs. this is today's sentence. i clicked on the gas stove. turning on the gas stove goes click. isn't this a bit strange? has it ever gone click when you turned on the gas stove? click!
is this ping pong? there is no sound like that! that's right. the gas stove does not go click. so how does it sound to turn on a gas stove commonly used at home? this is it. let's hear the precise pronunciation. real sound! so how does it sound when you turn on
a portable gas stove? like this. wasn't that realistic? let's move on to chapter 2! it was so funny i cackled. the sound of laughing is cackle. everyone! raise your hands! when you laugh you go cackle! who in the world laughs like that?
that's right. the sound of laughing isn't cackle. it's different depending on the situation. first, when you burst out into laughter. how does that sound? like this. alright! how about forced laughter when the chief at work makes a joke? how about when you're not supposed to laugh?
let's say you're at a funeral and one of the mourners has a hole in his sock. how does laughter sound when something is very funny, but you're not supposed to laugh? this has been real sound. thank you! (torch together) - hey, i'm moving tomorrow. / - right. i need to buy a fridge. take a look.
this one looks nice. ma'am, if i pay for this today, will it be delivered tomorrow? no deliveries. you come carry it out yourself. you won't deliver the fridge i bought? everyone, get up! put your catalogues down and get up! with our strength...
- we'll get back deliveries. / - right! with our longing spirit, we'll sing the delivery song. 'wangho sound' (goods delivery song) 'how can they not deliver our goods?' 'this is nonsense' 'if i knew i had to carry my fridge' 'i would've bought an ice box'
'delivery' 'transport' 'at least yodel for us' yeah! pipe down! look here, ma'am! how would you feel if you bought a fridge and you were told to take it home yourself? that's fine with me.
- really? / - yeah. you're okay with doing things that should definitely be done by someone else? let's say you're on the subway and the announcement goes... open the doors. the train is leaving now. push it. push! push! everyone push!
you're okay with that? you're okay with pushing the subway to the station? quiet! keep your mouth shut! i believe that words aren't enough! when words aren't enough i believe that we should get back our fridge delivery with action! what are you going to do about it? this advertisement! prepare your move and marriage
at hyeonjeong mart. i'll remove these two! prepare for divorce! do you want newlywed couples to get divorced? then this banner! big sale on refrigerators! i'll change these around! destroy refrigerators!
want me to have all your fridges destroyed? alright, alright! i'll deliver your fridge! happy? - thank you. / - thank you. - she's a kind person. / - so kind. then i'll pay for this. 3-month installment plan. - alright. 3 months. / - you'll deliver it tomorrow? for a 3-month plan, take one third of the fridge! for a 3-month installment plan,
i should take a third of a fridge at a time? stop looking at tvs and get up! - we'll get our proper fridges back. / - right! with our longing spirit we'll sing the complete fridge song. alright, (complete fridge song) 'how can they only allow complete payments?' 'if i have to pay for the entire thing at once'
'where will i get that money?' 'mom's credit card' the limit has been exceeded. then... 'emergency stash' 'secret funds' 'at least show us an r-rated movie' - show us! / - what are you talking about? i'll try talking to her. she's pretty!
ma'am, just let him take the fridge. no. come on. just let him. acting cute is no use. then instead of giving my business card to customers, i'll give them yours. i'm going to burn this! what's the use? why do you think i got advice
for marriage furniture when i don't even have a girlfriend or a crush? i've never had a girlfriend! what will you do? this robotic vacuum cleaner! what will you do with that? i'll lead it to my house with these chips! follow me! want me to get a free vacuum with a bag of chips?
i'll let you take the entire fridge! happy? she's so kind. please package it in a box. that's a separate fee! what? i have to pay extra for a box? everyone, with our strength... take a box! take it! (wiggle wiggle) wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
i want a girl to like me. what are you saying? you can do that. i can't. you can get any of these girls to like you if you try. i said i can't. come on. you haven't even tried. yeonggil, this isn't like you!
- go ahead. / - i can't. they fall in love with me before they can like me. don't cry. sanghun. there are two types of guys that girls like these days. one is pretty boy won bin style. another is uniquely charming ryu junyeol style. girls these days like guys like ryu junyeol. - geez... / - what's wrong?
- i'm more won bin's style. / - wow! won bin's style. wow, wow, wow! yeonggil. i'll teach you an exercise for your lower back. - all of a sudden? / - get ready. lie on this gym ball and lift up your left arm and right foot. - you can feel that, right? / - yeah.
change. - you can feel it in your lower back, right? / - yeah. flip over. let's do this. wow, wow. control the women here again. but instead of hearing them scream, you'll hear them groan in regret. they say to leave on a high note.
this is our last episode for 2015. this is the last episode of wiggle wiggle in 2015. thank you all your support. i said it was the last episode of 2015! see that? they all groaned! we'll keep doing this in 2016! you're all my puppets! (her) many people asked me this.
"what kind of girl do you like?" good question... i've dated all sorts of girls but none are my type. what kind of girls have i dated? she was a girl that really cherished herself. - honey. / - hey, sora. sorry for being so late. no, it's okay. i bet you're cold. give me your hands.
my hands are fine but my ears are so cold. - your ears? / - yeah. you want me to blow in your ear? for what? it's not like that, sora. so why were you so late? i was cleaning my house. my mom is coming tomorrow and my place is a total mess. - my mom is going to yell at me. / - really?
then want me to help you clean? what are you trying to do at my place? - you're naughty. / - it's not like that... i was trying to help so you don't get in trouble. then if you throw out heavy trash bags, do the dishes and we dust the blankets together... goodness... what are you trying to do?
you came to me. so you're not trying to clean. alright! i'll dust the blankets myself and lay them out nicely. what? lay out the blankets to do what? honey, do you really love me? why are you dating me? - geez. / - what? just thinking about it makes you that happy?
you're so dirty! forget it! let's break up! you're the weird one... while i was in pain, this next girl miraculously approached me. nami is here! - honey. / - yeah? should we play a game? the loser grants the winner's wish. doesn't that sound fun?
yeah... then let's play the word linking game. i'll go first. - sweet potato. / - magician. i love you. let's break up. that's how we broke up. when i felt that korean girls weren't my type i met this girl. she had blonde hair, white skin and an amazing figure. she was totally my ideal type.
she was good at korean too. i'm natasha! i took a plane and boat from russia to see you! good job, natasha. isn't it great to be at this amusement park? this is great! but why are there people here? amusement parks are always crowded. what? you didn't rent out the entire park?
that's what korean guys do. that's only in dramas. i was deceived! korean dramas deceived me! natasha, let's have fun while we're here. okay? let me just use the bathroom. - are you really going to the bathroom? / - huh? you're so obvious. what is?
once you go to the bathroom, the path in front of me will light up, fireworks will go off, then the merry-go-round will start spinning and my very own parade will start. then you'll come walking out and go, 'will you marry me?' that's what you're going to do, right? do you write dramas these days?
that's only in dramas! i was deceived! amusement park events deceived me! i should take a plane and boat back to russia! don't go, natasha. forget it! we were destined to break up! you and i are siblings from another mother! stop watching dramas! the last girl i dated
was someone that truly understood me. hun! my baby... - good boy. / - yes... - hello, miss suji. / - how indecent! don't call me suji! call me sister. alright... sister. how nice! sister, should we order some chicken?
chicken sound great! - chicken... / - hold on... - the number... / - looking for your cell phone? the phone book. i should look for chicken under c. this will take too long. - hold on... / - i'll look for it. just type in chicken in the search window. goodness! how indecent!
that could get you in big trouble! it's not like this can kill you. it can. palbok went up the mountain as the village representative to celebrate january 1st... as soon as they rung the bell... he got the plague. everyone in the village that heard the bell got the plague and they all died.
that's how you'll leave me, hun! i won't let you have my heart! sister. i'm not going anywhere. i'll be by your side forever. i won't fall for sweet words like that. for real. do you know this? you're the most precious person to me.
you're so precious! sister, hold on. - ta-da. / - what's that? - this is... / - hold on... can you see? - can you see? / - let's see... these are invitations to the vip area at a club. my friend is having a party.
it's a party today? i always get excited at parties and.. 'twist the swallow's leg' i'm going to dance! you'll get kicked out if you dance like that. - just... / - huh? just stay still and i'll dance from behind like this. just rub our bodies together.
how indecent! rubbing can get you in big trouble! it's not like rubbing will kill you. palbok's little sister palsun woke up from the sun on her face on a snowy day. "i slept well." as soon as she rubbed her eyes she got the plague. all the villagers that were asleep got the plague. they ended up in graves.
bye, hun! sister... sister! (welcome to korea) hello, foreigner friends! i live in a country called korea. i'm jungeun. i'm haecheol. i heard there are many foreigners that want to visit korea because of k-pop and korean wave dramas.
so we'll give you tips to help you fit in when you come to korea. come visit korea! in korea we're very close with our neighbors. we're so close that... - mister! / - yes? so you were the one that's been throwing out your trash in front of our house. glad i finally met you!
they say they're glad to meet you. i didn't throw out trash. i saw you with my own eyes. it wasn't me. gosh... this guy is really funny. they compliment you for being funny. people like you should eat your meals in jail! they give you restaurant recommendations. alright! thank you!
they make sure to thank you. you want to start with me? let's take this until the end! they even promise to be friends forever! see? we're all so close. the entire population is like family here. i've visited! i've visited! hey, sam! long time no see. how have you been?
i've forgotten how to speak english. just talk in korean. - you've forgotten? / - yeah. i read in an article that you went on a diet. but you've gained your weight back. from this... oh, from this. sam, you went to the army in korea too. tell people what's good about the korean army.
okay. after going to the army, you gain special skills. like what? if you go to the korean army... - do you have a religion? / - no, sir. - come to church tomorrow. / - yes, sir! you can evangelize with just a chocolate pie. i'm hungry. is this cooked yet?
you can eat instant noodles without a pot. give me some. i haven't had this in a while. what's wrong with your face? it doesn't taste the same after being discharged. - right. / - that's true. sam, there's a skill that you get worse at. wow! a pretty girl! your taste in women gets worse.
sam. you can go to the army again to get skills. why aren't you in the army these days? sam okyere's doing well. i think i created a monster. times are tough for you. you're practically korean after being in the korean army. that's why i'll give foreigners
a tip to live in korea. great. a great tip to use when you pay. sam, how can you prevent getting ripped off when you go buy clothes? all of this comes out to $58. come on. leave me some transportation fare. alright. $38. i got a $20 discount!
wow! $20! awesome! how about getting freebies at a restaurant? - ma'am, one lemon soda. / - that's $1. $1? do you want me to stop coming here? fine! on the house! - i got it for free! / - wow! how was that? sam, let's give the foreigners that will visit korea
a great tip in korean. korean isn't as hard as you think. when your friend says something bad to you... what? how could you say it like that? oh, i'm so angry! that's what you say. but in korean... reflect. that's all you need to say!
but when your friend reflects it back... that's all you need to do. (serious kingdom) according to the joseon era records, during the rule of king serious it was said that laughter makes the country silly so the era became serious. despite laughter being banned in this country, you dare make people laugh?
i'll find the one and punish him! - we're innocent! / - shut it! i know the mastermind is among you. who is it? your highness, he made people laugh with a korean poem on the streets. - a korean poem? / - yes. okay. recite a korean poem. but! it must not be funny. make it serious.
the topic will be element names. how can i not be funny with a korean poem? i don't know how to be unfunny. i don't know either. elements? but they're funny. shut it! you're first. you'll do nitrogen. nitrogen?
are you ready? okay... nitrogen... i have a question. i'm local reporter lee sejin. may i go to the bathroom? - it's about to come out... / - he's the funny one! beat him! i really had to go...
you scum! aren't you afraid of the heavens? all you did was speak and they're laughing. i'll give it a shot. did you prepare something? i'll do hydrogen. alright. hydrogen. hydrogen... the operation was a failure.
'sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...' anyway, it's your turn now. - yes. / - you'll do chlorine. yes. chlorine... don't you trust me? we'll just sleep with our hands held. he's funny too! beat him! you're not just going to hold hands.
you're last. i bet you feel a lot of pressure. who is he for the people to like him so much? you'll do neon. - neon? / - neon. neon... women will relate to this. women will relate? alright. neon... where did my dress go? where did my dress go?
my older sister is wearing it! a lot more people laughed than i thought. i think the people are a bit strange today. i'll do one more with mercury. - mercury? / - yes. they're all so excited. mercury... i'll put on my new moisturizing cream. my sister used mine!
beat him hard! so who is the mastermind? they were all funny! your highness, the mastermind made people laugh by acting out situations. - acting? / - yes. you scum, act out situations now. but! if a single person laughs you will be punished!
- then we'll work together. / - alright. the situations you'll see are based on the real lives of two old men. here is the first situation. strange... she's strange. hold on. beat him for now. beat him. he can get laughs just by touching his hair.
oh, no... what should i do? are you okay? i can't breathe... you're just going to sit there? - do something. / - what do i do? this situation is one old man smelling his hair. it itches so bad. here is the next situation.
this situation is two old men trying to fly a kite. beat them all.

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