Men's Haircut for Long Face

Men's Haircut for Long Face - Hi everyone. it's april with hair 101. i'mgoing to show you how to do an asymmetric aline on this cute girl the tools that youare going to need are a pair of good hair shears a razor 2 or 3 depending on the lengthand thickness of the hair alligator clips the long ones and you need a good pair ofthinning shears the fine tooth thinning shears she wants this side to be about there at herchin and then this side we are going to do a little bit longer so i'm going to show youhow to blend that in we are going to start in the back and i've already shampooed herhair and then i parted her hair where she normally wears her part for this one and that'sreally important if you are doing anything asymmetric because if you part it down themiddle and then cut it shorter and then flip.

that over you are going to have a short layeron this side so make sure you have it parted where they do their hair and then in the backto start we are going to part the hair straight down the middle and just the back sectionso we are not going to mess up that front part and then we are going to comb it to thesides to open that up so we can se what we are doing ok now her hair is already prettyshort if i was working with really long hair i would be clipping the sections back to keepthem out but hers will stay so we are going to take this section just below the roll ofthe head or just at the roll of the head so the nape area and you can pin this back tokeep the parting clean and try to make sure that your partings are about the same alrightso we are going to go pretty short back here
i'm going to have you look down put your chinall the way down there you go and i'm going to take this up and i'm going to use the razorfor this one just because i want to keep it a little bit softer right here on her necki'm going to chop this off and then pulling this to the side while i razor it to keep the shape a little bit morealined and then this way there we go so that got all the bulk out now i'm going to takemy shears and i'm going to take one inch sections and pull it up like this cut it really niceand tight to her head so this is pretty much just cleaning up underneath here so that thestack can come in a little bit higher and then i'm going to take the shears right underneathhere and just chop away a little bit at this little section right in here okay so now i'mgoing to split this in half after all that
bulk has been removed i'm going to take itup pretty close to the line up here and i'm just going to point cut into it along thatline so that's going to give it that nice aline shape and we're going to do the samething on this side and then i'm going to take this right here and bring it up to that linethat i just established alright so once you have that shape in thereit should look like that and you can see try and make it look clean you can see that thereis a little bit of a weight-line right in there so if you can see that it's long onthat weight line in that spot then you can adjust it as soon as you are happy with thatyou can start taking down your sections now i'm not going to move past right here on herhead i'm going to bring these sections down
and when i get right here i'm going to adjustand make this side a little bit shorter and then this side a little bit longer so thenwe can keep that asymmetric shape so now i'm going to take this section and i'm going topull it right up to where i was before and you can see underneath there is a guide soi'm going to cut the hair point cutting again right to this guide we have underneath andon this side i'm going to try to leave it a little bit longer at the ends that angledown this way just when i get over here with that piece and then on this side when we pullit up so on this side we are going to keep the line a little bit like it should stillmatch up right here like that should still match up but then this is going to be a littlebit shorter like your angle is going to be
a little bit more of a triangle and towardsthis point to keep this side a little bit shorter so let's get that a little bit shorterokay here we go so the shape will be a little bit more of a tail right in this area okaylook down for me again there you go so your guide is now moving it's going to stay righthere and you're pulling the hair over to it alright so i'm on this side again part itdown the middle bring this up and there's my guide you can lift the hair up if you needto see it like i said this one i'm angling downward a little bit more it's a little bitlonger and the guide's right there and i'm letting it go all the way to the longer pointthat she already has but if you're starting from that longer haircut you just have toeyeball it try to keep it at that angle when
you pull it out and i can probably grab therest of her hair and pull it back at this point because i have a really thick guideestablished and so it's easy to see it through the hair okay look down for me okay so thatside is cut and then look straight and you can see that that one is really dramatic fromreally short to long and on this side we are going to have it less dramatic so we are goingto finish up this side now so to finish this up i'm going to go ahead and pull this hairstraight back and then i'm just going to cut anything that's longer than the guide justto clean up those pieces okay and then on the side we are going to take all this longerhair and pull it back into this little bit shorter aline on this side and then i'm going to bring it aroundfront let's turn you this way okay i'm going
to bring it around front and angle it outa little bit more we still want more length around her face like to her chin we don'twant it to be like up and around the ear even though it's a really cute haircut she wantsit to still be an aline on both sides just asymmetric so it sweeps this way and themi'm going to go ahead and adjust this side a little bit because it does look a littlebit longer than we wanted so i'm just going to take it at the angle starting at the backto make sure it all blends and shorten it up just a little bit by point cutting so youdo want it to be a noticeable difference though if this is really close then it will looklike an accident so you want it to definitely look like oh that's an asymmetric haircutnot oops you cut one side too short so make
sure it's noticeable and then i'm going togo in and just very softly razor out a little bit of her ends in the front on this one sidejust to take care of some of the really thick parts and she has great hair it's medium texturemedium thickness ideal she just has great hair lucky girl did you know you had greathair you didn't? well now you know you have really pretty hair and i'm going to go onthis side and do the same just on the ends texture it up okay so the back you can seethat there's a little bit of thickness in here i'm going to take the razor back hereand pull this straight out and then just razor a little bit and i'm not trying to take outa ton i'm just trying to texture it up a little bit it's not going to look like a shattereda line it's going to look pretty solid still
very minimal on the razoring and if you wantto do this haircut and have it symmetrical just make both sides even you would use thesame technique that i used you would just use the same angle on both sides instead ofhaving a steep angle on this side and shallow angle on this side so definitely you can usethe same technique just adjust your angles a little bit and that's a lot that's prettymuch what haircutting is it's just if you can picture what you are going for and figureout what angle to cut the hair at you can make anything you can look at any pictureand figure it out so and then right in here this part right here i'm going to work onthat a little bit because this always gets a little bit thick and you can tell even whenit's wet it's still a little bit heavy that
looks better okay let's dry it up alrightso i dried this up and i really like it there are a few little adjustments i want to makei want to soften the line a little bit and let's see this side maybe soften it back herea little bit and maybe maybe texture it right around her face but i think it's really cuteon her i think she's darling we just need to adjust it just a little bit this is whati'm going to do i'm going to take this up i'm going to take it straight out and stickthe comb underneath and i'm going to chop into that a little bit and this is going tokeep it pretty soft so leave the comb like two or three inches below the hair you wantto make sure the hair is pretty straight for that woops get a new comb up here pull itstraight out so you want it to just blend
just be really soft and i always do a littlebit of dry cutting after i cut hair that's just my style i like it to be detailed okayand if you see any little things in the neckline take those up too i like to contour it reallytight to the neck also after it's been dried because then you can see what way the hairmoves when it's dry and you can get it nice and tight and this will make the haircut lasta little bit longer alright also if you want it to be a little bit less bulky right atthe weightline you can take your thinning shears in there too she has lots of hair justto soften that line out a little bit more okay then maybe just around here on her faceyou want it to lay in really nice so is that cute? do you like it? alright i think we'redone so that is our asymmetric aline on this
cute little girl it should be really easyto do and style and it looks darling on her i just saw one more piece that i wanted tocut okay alright thanks so much for watching everyone i hope that this was helpful andhopefully you can do this on your little girl or this would even be really cute on an adultso let me know what you think make sure you comment below give me a thumbs up if thiswas helpful for you and i wanted to share with you guys a fun little tradition we havewith our family every christmas my mother in law sews pajamas for everybody and there's36 people in the family now we have a really big family and we always get together on christmasday and take a picture and it's insane it's the definition of crazy if you guys want tosee crazy time then you need to be watching
this little video clip and it will show youall the torture we put our children through to get a pajama picture every year and itis so fun i'd love to hear your guys' favorite christmas tradition so make sure you commentbelow and let me know what these are because i'd love to hear about it thanks guys seeya later we are passing out presents and then going to continue the photo shoot awesomegreat idea this is the family we got ender and dady ender say hi ambree daisy say cheesezade hello alrigh.

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