Men's Haircut Trends 2016

Men's Haircut Trends 2016 - Happy to be together on "happy together"! - hi! / - nice to meet you. hello, everyone. - i must say that / - nice to meet you. many celebrities became popular after appearing on "happy together." - i mostly remember taejoon. / - yes, choi taejoon. han heejun was here, too. - right, heejun was hilarious. / - that's right.

the most impressive one out of all those celebrities - is hyeongyeong. / - she's the chosen one. she became our family after a five-week internship. - she needs to brace herself today. / - why is that? - amazing guests will be here today. / - is that right? - queens of variety shows. / - i'll keep my guard up. all right. today, we've invited impressive ladies who are known as the queens of variety shows. welcome to happy together's
"2016 queen of variety show contest." - let's get it started now! / - yes! (the queen of variety show contest) shall we meet the first queen? the ice cream girl has grown into a beautiful lady. let's welcome the ice cream queen, jung dabin! (the ice cream girl has grown) (into a beautiful actress!) - are you really dabin? / - yes.
you're all grown up now. hello, everyone. i'm the ice cream queen, jung dabin. welcome to the show! (17-year-old ice cream queen, jung dabin) the daily drama queen who wants to become a star of variety shows. - the actress, jeon somin! / - jeon somin! i'm 31 years old and i live in todang-dong. my name is jeon somin.
she's 31 years old and she represents todang-dong. she's a top model with a long-lived career. let's meet the runway queen with super long legs. - youngjin! / - welcome, youngjin! (36-year-old runway queen, lee youngjin) the queen of tv commercials who flew to us in an airplane. - go wonhee! / - welcome to the show, wonhee! hello, i'm go wonhee.
nice to meet you. (23-year-old aviation queen, go wonhee) i'll make a dish for you today. do you know how delicious it'll be? it'll be so tasty. the comedienne who's here to rule kbs, hong yunhwa. hello. i'm 29 years old and i live in bupyeong. my name is hong yunhwa. (29-year-old comedy queen, hong yunhwa) we're hosting the queen of variety show contest
with these guests. i'm curious to find out which ladies will show off their sense of humor today. - there are many queens in korea. / - that's right. - there's the queen of hongdae. / - yes. we have the queen of ballads. - also, the queen of billiards. / - and baseball. right, the queen of billiards. there's the queen of baseball, too.
hyeongyeong, what title have you been given as the queen? the queen of crying. - right, that's the best title. / - that's fitting. yes, i'm the queen of crying. you have the crying face on now. - saeho, it's important / - yes. to promote ourselves these days. yes. self-promotion is crucial.
that's right. please take turns and promote yourselves to us. - let's start with you, dabin. / - sure. (contestant number one, jung dabin) she's grown into a beautiful lady. - yes, she's stunning. / - indeed. - i'll start now. / - sure. call me the ice cream girl just until today. from now on, please call me "the starlet queen."
i see. thank you! - that was good. / - she has that bubbly laughter. - it's how high school girls laugh. / - it's so cute. you were in that ice cream commercial at the age of four. look at you now. you're all grown up. you've grown into a gorgeous young lady. - how old are you now? / - i'm 17 years old. - so that was 13 years ago. / - you're in grade 10 now.
yes. that ice cream commercial made you famous but didn't it also put some pressure on you since it solidified your image? not really. many people have asked me the same, but i'm actually happy that it made many people recognize me. - i see. / - she's grown so well. - i agree. / - she's mature now.
she's different from macaulay culkin. she's grown so well. why are you talking about him now? i'm surprised every time i see him. we must take care of ourselves. your face surprises me, too. i used to be so cute, too. - right, he used to be cute. / - she reminds me of emma watson.
- that's right, emma watson. / - she's so pretty. - she's emma watson of korea. / - that's right. i heard that you've wanted to be on variety shows. - really? / - i haven't had the chance to be on a variety show, but i'll think of this as an opportunity to take hyeongyeong's spot. she's threatening hyeongyeong. - good. i like that attitude. / - yes, it's great. - good. / - look at hyeongyeong.
she looks so bitter right now. (we haven't seen her looking so bitter in a long while) you think you can do a much better job than hyeongyeong, right? (ladies, watch out for this contestant!) - good. / - what do you think she's good at? you can tell us honestly. don't worry. - dancing? / - i see. yes, that's right. - she thinks i'm good. / - hyeongyeong's a good dancer.
- can you dance, too? / - of course. - really? / - are you serious? i actually practiced dancing for this show. - to beat hyeongyeong. / - let's see her dance. she'll perform twice's song. - twice is so popular these days. / - that's right. - will she perform "cheer up"? / - yes. ♪ he says that i'm so pretty ♪ (the ice cream girl will perform twice's "cheer up")
- here she goes! / - she's good! (she looks a little nervous) ♪ shy, shy, shy ♪ (shy, shy, shy!) (dabin's dance is energizing these fellows) ♪ cheer up, baby ♪ ♪ cheer up a little more ♪ she's really good. she can dance. she's a good dancer.
(the four-year-old ice cream queen grew up like this) - she dances just like twice. / - nice! - amazing! / - impressive! - that was awesome. / - she's really good. cheer up! - she's so talented. / - she can really dance. - how long did you practice? / - about two days? - you just practiced for two days? / - she's talented. - i'm so impressed. / - you're a fast learner.
- she really is. / - she's so good. let's move on to somin. hello, everyone. i'm the daily drama queen, jeon somin. - most older ladies know my name. / - that's right. but many younger people still get confused when they hear my name. whom do they confuse you with? the actor jeon nomin has a similar name.
that's so funny! look at myungsoo's face now. - at the waiting room... gosh. / - yes. i got goosebumps. - i just got muscle spasm. / - you're a fortune teller. - you're really impressive. / - he said earlier, "is jeon nomin one of the guests today?" i said, "i should go greet him." he even looked up the name. he typed, "jeon nomin." (today's guest is jeon nomin)
he actually scolded me once a long time ago. - so i was baffled. / - i was so surprised. - please go on. / - jung somin's name is similar. - jung somin. / - and... - yes. / - there's also jeon somi of i.o.i. - yes. her name is jeon somi. / - jeon somi, right? - by the way, you're very beautiful. / - thank you. you've met her before though. you've seen her before.
- when did i meet her? / - two years ago. - she was on our show two years ago. / - yes. hello. would you like to order, sir? what's good here? (he saw her right in front of his face) (somin flaunted her talent in variety shows) - you're very friendly. / - he said she's friendly. what are you talking about now? - i like that. / - she wasn't really being friendly.
our show made her popular. yes, somin was so funny. - was he not here then? / - he was, of course. was i ever not on "happy together"? then why don't you remember her? - all right. i'm sorry. / - myungsoo, you gave the thumbs up several times because you thought she was funny. anyway, you're back on our show today.
- yes. i want to make my name known. / - i see. that's right. her name is neither jeon somi nor jeon nomin. - she's the daily drama queen. / - jeon somin! - welcome! / - thank you. youngjin, it's your turn. hello, everyone. i think most people only think of jang yoonju when they hear of the word, - "fashion model" on variety shows. / - that's right.
we became models in the same year. i want the people to know me as well. you're like an ancestor in the model industry. she's like an ancestor. you and yoonju are the two top models - right. / - who represent korea. did you two debut together? - around the same time. / - they're very successful - as models. / - are you two close?
yes, we're close friends. - did you go to her wedding? / - of course. naming the better one must be hard. - saying who's better must be hard. / - that's right. - i mean as a model. / - well, i think we can be close friends because we excel in different areas. - there's an area she's superior at. / - okay. - what is it? / - modeling in hanbok dresses.
- i see, hanbok. / - the traditional costumes. i usually model for wedding dresses and things like that. (youngjin is famous for modeling wedding dresses) you said that you are the best looking fashion model. oh, that. i have the prettiest face. (i do have the prettiest face) i see. you think you're the prettiest model?
so you think you're in the highest league? i say that since the beauty standard for fashion models doesn't really conform to the conventional standards. - that's right. / - that is true. - many models have unique charms. / - yes. compared to them, i'm closer to the conventional standards. do you know how many people have told me that i'm pretty?
you guys are frustrating me here. "you guys are frustrating me here." so she's basically saying she's prettier than yoonju. - by the way... / - i heard that one of our hosts left you with a bad first impression. - seriously? / - is that right? - i'm getting nervous. / - is it hyunmoo? why are you saying it's me? i haven't met you before,
- but... / - then why do you dislike me? i never said i dislike you. it's just the impression i got - as a viewer. / - right, i see. i just didn't get good impression as a viewer because of how he acts. - i'm also on every channel. / - he's in so many shows. i see him every time i turn on the tv. i guess he doesn't know much about her.
- youngjin is very straightforward. / - she's intense. i heard that she's known as the kim gura of fashion models. you seem like the impatient type. - i agree. / - you can't control your anger well. - totally. / - youngjin was like, - "welcome back, my anger." / - i saw that, too. wonhee, i heard that you're also... (she suddenly straightens her posture)
why did you suddenly do that? what was that about? - i was waiting for my turn. / - wonhee was like this. - let's shoot an ad. go! / - then all of a sudden, i said, "all right. wonhee." then she did this. (did you call me?) - she must be... / - wonhee. tell us what you'd like to achieve today. this is my first variety show,
- it is? / - so i'm determined to do well. you looked so relaxed earlier though. you didn't look too determined. you were so relaxed. - what's she talking about? / - everyone's different. - she might've been trying to focus. / - she looked too relaxed though. she was sitting like this. - i was so nervous. / - i see.
- i was just trying to relax. / - right. i'm also confident that i can dance better than hyeongyeong. is that so? i hurt my neck while i was practicing my dance. is that why you were sitting like this earlier? i went to an oriental medicine clinic before i came here. - did you really hurt your neck? / - yes.
- are you sure you can beat her? / - yes. hyeongyeong has improved and is a good dancer now. - she's like a professional dancer. / - right. - we think she's amazing. / - yes, i'm good. are you confident that you can beat me? (hyeongyeong wants to protect her position!) (wonhee shows off her dance) - look at that! / - she's really good. wonhee is a really good dancer.
- look at her! / - she's talented. please tell us about yourself. promote yourself to us. okay. i debuted as a model for an airline following the legacy of the senior actresses such as park joomi, lee boyoung, and han gain. i'm the queen of tv commercials, go wonhee. (she now wants to become the queen of variety show) now, let's meet the amazing comedienne, - hong yunhwa! / - hello, everyone!
- she appears on a kbs show! / - hello! nice to meet you all. - you're on a kbs program. / - that's right. - please tell us your goal for today / - yes. in lee hyejung's voice. today, i'm going to make everyone on "happy together" laugh. it'll be so much fun! seriously. - that was awesome. / - she's so good.
- she's really good. / - that was impressive. i think their names will be on all search engines - after our show airs today. / - i think so, too. we're here for the queen of variety show contest today. let's take some time to learn more about the contestants. - okay. / - let's start with dabin. did your friends at school know that you're that girl in the ice cream commercial?
they know about it, but they don't know the actual commercial because they were also four years old back then. they know because they read about it online. - your friends were also four then. / - yes. of course they wouldn't remember. that's funny. they probably ate the ice cream, but they wouldn't know the actual tv commercial. - only their parents know. / - right.
everyone was talking about your recent appearance in the drama. yes, it was a historical drama. - "the flower in prison." / - yes. ("the flower in prison," 2016) let's go! (dabin played the younger version of jin seyun's role) wait! please! please listen to me.
(she portrayed the emotions so realistically) i'm the one who delivered the letter to the tavern at samgae dock. i'm sure you got a lot of compliments. yes, i actually practiced my lines with the director for about a month before the filming began. - i see. / - i missed school for about a month because of it. - so... / - were you happy about it?
a little bit? you're so cute. so now, i'd like to focus on school and appear on variety shows occasionally. i thought this would be a great opportunity. your grades must've dropped significantly though. studying while pursuing - your acting career must've been hard. / - right. - you went to school once a month. / - that's right.
where do you rank in the grading system? i'm in one hundred millionth place. one hundred millionth? what does that even mean? it must mean that she has given up on studying. no. i haven't given up. i've been making efforts but... - but your grades still dropped. / - yes. it must be difficult for you to follow the classes - when you go to school. / - right.
do you just sleep during your classes then? no, i never sleep in class. - then what do you do? / - do you nap with eyes open? no. i make sure to open my eyes like this even when i'm sleepy. (her eyes are wide open!) this is what i do during my classes. you must be more conscious because you're a celebrity. yes. so i always try my best to focus in class,
but i sleep like this when i'm tired. - can you show us again? / - like this. how can you sleep like that? - i used to do that a lot, too. / - really? i see. this is how you sleep in class. - look like you're in deep thought. / - show us then. - okay, i'll try. / - jung dabin. - jung dabin. / - yes, teacher. (she looks wide awake)
that trick actually works. you're still trying to focus in class. you said that your grades come in one hundred millionth place. - does that mean you're the last? / - it doesn't exist. saying that i came last would've been mortifying. did you actually come last in your class? no, i didn't. are there a few students after you?
i'm not exactly sure but i'm not at the very bottom. - is that so? / - yes. sometimes, you can get the right answers by guessing randomly. - that's what you did on exams. / - yes. tell us what method you used to guess the answers. - getting it all wrong is hard. / - how did you do it? some multiple choice answers have more than one number. - right, some have two numbers. / - yes.
i go for the one i see the most. - i see, what you see the most. / - that's right. - you go for what's repeated. / - i pick what i see the most of. - number five would be the answer. / - dabin, what's your accuracy like? what's the probability like? i think i get slightly under 50 percent of the questions right.
- impressive. / - i'm really good at guessing. - is that right? / - you have to guess because you don't have much time to study, but you sound so bubbly. - it makes me feel / - yes. as if i'm listening to someone who got the first place - in the class. / - i agree. - she sounded like the top student. / - yes. she was talking as if she passed the exam in flying colors.
i heard you also draw a ladder to guess multiple choice questions. - oh, yes. / - that was actually me. - that was you, somin? / - yes. i also came in one millionth place in class once when i was in school. - that's funny. / - please go on. i'm sure you two can empathize with each other. i once drew a ladder to solve a math question.
what's the probability of guessing the right answer like that? well, i got two questions right. how many questions were there? about 25 questions in total? you should've just guessed randomly. why did you have to draw a ladder? somin, you're actually known to be very different. right. i have different habits.
i heard that she has an obsession with odd numbers. whenever i do something, i always do it either three - or five times. / - i know what she means. i see. you never let anything end in even numbers. even when i drink water, i have to gulp down thrice. one bottle of soju makes seven glasses. - yes, that's right. / - right? you can eat one tangerine while drinking one bottle of soju.
- you drink soju with tangerine? / - when you peel a tangerine there're exactly seven pieces. is that right? - so i used to... / - i didn't know that at all. - you didn't know? / - i had no idea even though i've eaten so many tangerines in my life. do all tangerines have seven pieces inside? most of them do. you can eat a piece for each glass of soju
- as there are seven pieces. / - one piece per glass. - is that how you drink soju? / - i used to do it - in university. / - i see. she used to eat a piece of tangerine per glass of soju. do you believe in jinx, too? well... yes, i do. we don't see honey wagons these days. - let me explain. / - they still exist. they have a different name.
- i'm sorry. what is it called? / - what's it called? - they're vacuum trucks. / - that's right. - vacuum... / - vacuum trucks. we called them honey wagons when we were young. they say seeing one brings luck. yes, that's correct. - that's right. / - but you have to wink at it. - why? / - you wink at them? - like this. / - why do you do that?
it'll bring more luck that way. - more luck will come your way. / - yes, but if you make eye contact with the driver and wink at him, you'll get four or five times more luck. - he would be / - wink at the driver - so confused. / - in the truck. so did you really wink at the driver like this? have you all heard of this, too? i heard that seeing those trucks thrice
could bring you luck. - that's right. / - i've heard of that one. i still have the habit though. if one of those trucks pass by when i'm talking to someone, - i wink like this. / - you wink at the driver. - yes, i actually do it. / - the driver will fall in love. the trains pass those bridges
while you're driving under them sometimes. - i make a wish. / - if you make a wish while driving under the bridge with the train passing by, that wish will come true. i still make a wish when that happens. - really? / - when i see a train, i accelerate. - so that you could be under the bridge? / - when i... when i see a train on the bridge, i push down the accelerator.
what do you wish for? somin seems to be very superstitious. - right? / - don't you hold your breath while passing through tunnels? - yes, i do. / - what about when you cross streets? why is that? - if you hold your breath / - why would you do that? when you pass... - because the air is bad? / - you have to make a wish.
if you pass through tunnels while holding your breath your wish will come true. if you spot a train and a vacuum truck together, it'll be hilarious. - you'll be doing this. / - that's so funny. (she'll be accelerating while winking) if there's a train passing by, - she'll be multitasking. / - she'll be so busy. have these things brought good things to your life?
as you know, i became an actress. because of honey wagons? is that how you became an actress? yes. since primary school, i've always made wishes whenever i saw trains. "please help me become an actress." i made that wish even when i saw honey wagons. i think it was your hard work that made you an actress. i have an idea.
when she has a big wish to fulfill, she needs to go where all the honey wagons are. - where all the honey trucks are. / - that's right. seriously. let's talk to wonhee now. when you are in an advertisement for an airline, it must be hard for people to tell whether you are a model or a real flight attendant. some passengers
look for me on the flight. - that can happen. / - they ask for me on the flight. - i see. / - you were trained, right? yes. i learned how flight attendants greet and talk to passengers. i learned how i should bow - and smile. / - i never knew. wonhee, can you show us a flight attendant's smile? - sure. / - all right.
hello. (it's awkward) perhaps, you don't feel well today. maybe she needs to have the right hairstyle. tie your hair. do you want me to hold your hair? - this will renew your contract. / - thank you. tying her hair didn't help at all. (she looks like a robot)
- i think / - her hair was pulled too hard. her hair was pulled back too tightly. it pulled her eyes. it made her eyes slanted. she is beautiful. do flight attendants smile in a different way? what are the instructions? i show my gums when i smile. i have to smile carefully so it won't be seen.
why? - you wanted to hide them. / - it looks bad. is that what you think? - you look great when you smile. / - when you smile... you have healthy gums. i have always been self-conscious about it, - i see. / - but the advertisement - helped me love my smile. / - i see. it's hard to smile
- nicely. / - that's right. are you practicing your smile already? yunhwa, give it a go. (the comedy queen gives it a go) - hello. / - you should stand. (she looks uncomfortable) she made a sound as she bowed. (she makes a sound) what was that?
(did someone strangle her?) these trousers are too tight. (she sacrifices breathing to smile) please take a seat. somin, please give it a go. (she's enthusiastic) i should pull my hair back. she wants to become a model. i went to auditions when i was in high school.
- you would make a good model. / - however, i never got chosen. - i will hold your hair. / - please show us your smile. please hold her hair. when will you smile? (what is this?) it looks like she is grabbing you by the hair. (her hair is pulled) - hello. / - she looks like a hunter.
please come this way. "please come this way." it looked like you were being held as a hostage. the senior flight attendant was giving her a lesson. (queens airway) have you met wonhee for work? you said she was your rival. let me explain. i met wonhee when i was filming - a commercial for naver. / - it's a web portal.
did you say, "it's you again"? did only one of you get the job? no. we filmed the commercial together. i appeared in one shot, but wonhee appeared in many. i didn't get a lot of screen time either. i started from portraying a non-celebrity in commercials to be where i am right now.
(she is now the lead in a drama) i have enough contracts to make a book. - what do you mean? / - she was in many commercials. - i was in a lot of commercials. / - wow. - how many commercials did you film? / - i envy her. there are too many to count. i must have done about 50. - my goodness. / - she is the "commercial queen." wonhee is the "commercial queen." - hello and welcome. / - hello and welcome.
they are beautiful people. the uniform looks great on her. she was in that commercial, too. (a commercial for telecommunications company with psy) - ♪ let's go ♪ / - it was with psy. it's the best. (she was psy's dance partner!) that was wonhee. i didn't know that was wonhee.
i can't believe i am getting a signal here. these phones work anywhere. (she and cho jungseok filmed a commercial together) - she was in a lot of commercials. / - seriously. - that's yeo jingoo. / - this is a recent one. - i know this commercial. / - that was wonhee. (she even filmed a commercial for cosmetics) this isn't simple lotion. you were the woman at the back of psy
- in the commercial. / - i didn't know it was her. saeho, why don't you play psy's part - and have wonhee at your back? / - shall we try? - what should i do? / - he likes the idea. - shake your body, left and right. / - do this. do i just do this? we need to go in opposite directions. - all right. / - oppa... oppa happy together style!
(they dance passionately) - they're good. / - they are! she did a good job. - hyeongyeong can do well, too. / - give it a try. hyeongyeong should give it a try. - wonhee did a good job. / - hyeongyeong... - hyeongyeong won't be as flexible. / - all right. - let's go. / - oppa happy together style! (hyeongyeong is a sad face style)
they are doing great. (i can do any kinds of advertisement) it's a fact that yunhwa is quite popular these days. - she has many talents. / - she really does. in her comedy skit, "yunhwa is seven years old," - she plays a seven-year-old girl. / - that's right. - she has a baby face. / - she does. (she has a perfect baby face) how do you play a seven-year-old girl?
this is how i play a seven-year-old. - saeho! / - hi, yunhwa. - i have something to tell you. / - okay. at the kindergarten today, jaeseok told me he likes me. however, he refused to be my boyfriend. - what did you do? / - i beat him up. you shouldn't have done that. i will break what i can't have.
that was funny. she is good. i am angry. (the seven-year-old queen shows her cuteness) - she is cute. / - somin. why don't you pretend to be a seven-year-old? i bet somin can do it. somin, do you go to my kindergarten? (she flexes her hands)
(the comedy queen is baffled) people will make that into a gif file. it will be all over sns. i don't know what she was trying to achieve, but we can use a gif file of her when we have nothing to say. (please remember) (it's the gif file of somin acting like a baby) hyeongyeong, can you also do it?
- she is the best at playing babies. / - show us. (she suddenly changes) - hyeongyeong. / - yes? do you have a boyfriend? i don't have one. (it sounds like her tongue is paralyzed) (she pulls her hair) - what was that? / - don't do that. - for goodness' sake. / - that was unbelievable.
that was not a baby. babies will be offended by your act. why did you twirl your hair? babies will be offended. she sounded like a foreigner. i get mistaken for a child. children who are seven and eight years old come to me and say, "yunhwa, which kindergarten do you go to?"
they bring candies and chocolate in the pockets. they give them to me and say, - "share them with your friends." / - really? - they are so innocent. / - "yunhwa, yunhwa." they think i am a big seven-year-old. - what else can you show us? / - i developed - a new special talent. / - what is it? i can imitate my fans who recognize me. - they differ by age groups. / - i see.
this is what children in primary school do. give me some help. they do either one of the two. this is the first type. - hello. / - they do that. my mom likes you. - you are cho saeho. / - i am. some children in primary school do that. this is the second type. i know him.
- i know him. / - please don't speak so casually. i know him. that's cho saeho. - please don't speak so casually. / - cho saeho. - cho saeho. / - don't speak so casually. - cho saeho. / - i told you to stop. - cho saeho. / - stop it. some children in primary school do this. - this is what middle schoolers do. / - okay, show us. my goodness. hello.
i am your fan. (she stomps her feet) - hello. / - they really do that. - they really do that. / - i can't believe it. may i get a picture with you? - my goodness. / - they are very shy. (they do everything while being shy) middle schoolers do that. they ask for a picture and pose like this.
- these are middle-aged women. / - middle-aged women. - middle-aged women. / - this is what they do. my goodness. - i know you. / - sorry? you are on that show. you are on that comedy show. i know you. i have seen you on television. hey, i found a celebrity. - come here. / - they do that.
this is what middle-aged men say when their wives recognize me. i don't know who she is. - i don't know who she is. / - she is so right. middle-aged men do that. why did a treasure like her appear only now? what are you talking about? she has been around for a while. didn't she debut recently?
- she is... / - give her a round of applause. - she is good. / - she is good. yunhwa is the best. dabin was also known as a queen of incheon and she has always been pretty. i'm sure you have dated many boyfriends. - i never had a boyfriend. / - really? - that's unbelievable. / - i have always been single. even if you never had a boyfriend,
a lot of boys must have written letters for you. i don't think men see me as a woman. they see me as a man. that's what you think. i bet many boys have a crush on you. - that's not true. / - is there a boy you like? - is there anyone you find cool? / - there was one. - i see. / - what happened?
i told him i like him. - really? / - he never gave me an answer. what? - what did he say? / - did he ignore your confession? he ignored my confession so nothing came out of that. he must have been too shocked. - he wasn't prepared. / - maybe, he didn't hear you. perhaps he couldn't even imagine the possibility of her liking him.
is he handsome? (is he very handsome?) he has a pretty smile. is there a celebrity he resembles? - i can't answer that. / - it's not like i know him. he might watch this show. you have a point. you don't want to let him know. do you still like him?
no, i don't. he has a girlfriend now. it seems like you know everything about him. (does she continuously update the information?) it seems that way. - it's not like that. / - you know what he has been up to recently. - no, i don't. / - you don't? you know he has a girlfriend. that's all i know.
- i stopped listening afterwards. / - is that so? is his girlfriend pretty? please answer honestly. who is prettier, you or her? give us an objective answer. i am. - that was the best answer. / - we got what we want. she and i look different. - that's enough. / - there is no need to explain. - come on. / - there is no need to explain.
- it's okay, dabin. / - the end! - don't worry, dabin. / - dabin wishes the boy she used to like will be happy with his girlfriend, but she thinks she is better than his girlfriend. - that's not true. / - that's the end of the story. - he'll be yours one day. / - that was hilarious. - she is so cute. / - you have worked with a lot of handsome actors for films.
is there anyone who is close to your ideal type among them? - what do you think? / - whom have you worked with? - lee sangyun, / - lee sangyun. sung jun, park yuchun, and park seojun. i see. who is close to your ideal type? i have listed sangyun and yuchun as my ideal types.
is there a reason why you picked sangyun? he and i were in a drama called "life is beautiful." he played my uncle in the drama. he was so nice to me. he went to seoul national university, too. - when i... / - you like educated men. it's not like that. whenever i visited him in the waiting room,
he would be reading a thick book. how cool! he looked so cool. - i need to do that. / - i should carry books. people like us - always watch tv like this. / - no. i like men who watch tv, too. - i see. / - which book was he reading? the only thick book i know is a telephone directory.
- it was written in english. / - an english book. he was reading an english book. there must be another reason why you like him. when i asked him to help me prepare for my upcoming midterm exam, he taught me everything i don't know. - what was the subject? / - mathematics. - he taught mathematics to you. / - he is so cool. - did you get a better grade? / - did you?
- yes. / - really? even though i didn't study a lot because i was busy with the shoot, - i got 80 and 90 out of 100. / - really? - he must be a good teacher. / - what was the unit? was it on equations? was it on functions? she is in 10th grade. no. i wasn't in high school.
i was in primary school back then. (she was in primary school) - that means it was arithmetic. / - it's easy. we can do it, too. we can teach arithmetic. i know arithmetic operations. - by counting fingers... / - i can read books, too. we know the multiplication table. we can solve the problems by counting our fingers.
for goodness' sake. dabin played many young versions of top celebrities' characters. - she has done it a lot. / - that's right. in my first drama, i played eugene's daughter. (she played eugene's daughter in "wonderful life") then, i played the young version - of choi jiwoo's character. / - choi jiwoo?
- it was for "star's lover." / - yes. i also played the young version of chae jungan. (chae jungan of "prime minister and i") you also played the young version of hwang jungeum's character. it was for "she was pretty." is there a celebrity you want to play the young version of? the young version of jun jihyun's character.
that's what i want to do. it's because i never had a role with long and straight hair. i always get roles as a sad girl or a beggar. a sad girl or a beggar? that's heartbreaking. after many depressing roles, you want a glamorous role. i will let my hair grow and perfect my hair flip.
(she flips her hair like a queen) please let me play the young version of her character. - she's cute. / - how cute. she promised to perfect her hair flip. all right. youngjin brought a picture from her childhood. - how pretty! / - she has always been pretty. she looks like a foreigner. she has beautiful eyes. she has the features of a westerner.
- she must have had many followers. / - i know. - how pretty. / - she is a beautiful woman. i heard you received many letters on your way to school. (did she get many love letters on her way to school?) my age will be revealed when i mention this. pagers. - i got their pager numbers. / - pagers! it's okay to reveal your age. their numbers would be inside my backpack.
- really? / - their pager numbers? yes. they would slip in a note - with their pager numbers. / - to add their number. not only did she receive pager numbers, she also received gifts such as tamagotchi. - tamagotchi? / - it tells her age. - tamagotchi! / - youngjin received tamagotchis. were tamagotchis expensive? - i had it. / - do you know what it is?
- i had it. / - i had it, too. - have you had a tamagotchi? / - yes, i have. dabin might not know what a tamagotchi is. - i don't know what it is. / - then, have you ever paged them? i am very lazy. i didn't need tamagotchis. i didn't like them at that time because digital pets would die all the time.
they die when you don't clean after them. - they poop. / - it was so time-consuming. - you must look at it very often. / - that's right. i am not good at such things because i am lazy. when people think of youngjin, - they think she is cold. / - that's right. how would you describe your personality in real life? (what is her personality like in real life?)
i am cold. (she admits) - there is no twist. / - that will be all. we hesitated as to whether we should ask that question. is youngjin cold? - she says she is cold. / - she has no objections. maybe it's because she was in "whispering corridors," but it can be a bit hard
- to approach her. / - the character you played in "whispering corridors" had such personality as well. i am not exactly affectionate, but i won't hurt anyone who talks to me. i am not a criminal. i am glad you won't hurt anyone. it's just that i make a strong first impression, people think i am more cold-hearted than i really am.
i am not a mean person. - that's right. / - when i look at the mcs, i am not having malicious thoughts. like everyone else, i was taught when i was little that i should look at people in the eyes when i talk to them. when i do that, people ask, "why are you glaring at me?" - people misunderstood. / - that's right.
- "are you in a bad mood?" / - right. "what are you looking at?" people would shake their fingers at me. - it frustrated me when i was young. / - i bet it did. more than anything, i was surprised. these days, i tell them with confidence. - what do you say? / - "i wouldn't glare at you" "since i have no interest in you." - how scary! / - that's even scarier.
- how scary! / - you say everything i say is scary. i didn't do anything. i heard that han hyejin was very afraid of her. - hyejin looks strong, too. / - i know. - it's a relief / - what is? - that i am her senior. / - is that so? does hyejin scare you, too? of course, she does. she stares at me with those eyes.
(hyejin's stare makes even youngjin scared) - really? / - hyejin is very polite to her seniors. when she finds out i am at the event, she runs towards me from afar and gives me a 90-degree bow. - she has manners. / - she makes me uncomfortable. people must wonder who youngjin is
- since hyejin is bowing to her. / - when hyejin goes, "youngjin," and gives me a 90-degree bow, the situation is uncomfortable, so i want to run away. when she does that, her manager and staff members run after her and take a video. when i ask them, "what are you doing?" they say, "where else would we see" "hyejin giving a 90-degree bow?"
(it's a rare picture of the month) how were you as a junior model? i was kind of mean. (i was a scary junior model) even in real life, you are not openly kind or affectionate, are you? no. when i ran into someone i know, i don't say, "it's so good to see you."
you don't say, "you became prettier," do you? i do say it when it's true. what if they became uglier? - i ask, "do you drink a lot these days?" / - if... you don't usually do that to someone you haven't seen in a while. i give compliments to someone i haven't seen in a while. hello. my goodness, your outfit is beautiful.
blue is a good color on you. pink suits you very well. i love the way you clap. that's what i do. i heard that youngjin acts cute because of a puppy. i am sure people who have a dog would understand. since i have a big dog, i often take her on a walk. when i do that, passers-by ask me,
"what kind of a dog is she? what is her name?" if they ask me those questions, i can say "her name is cream and she is a chow chow." - i can explain if they ask me. / - yes. however, let's say they said, "how cute! what's your name?" it creates a certain rule. if you are at the crosswalk with a baby on your back, and the passer-by said,
"how pretty! what is your name?" you wouldn't say, "her name is youngjin." - you wouldn't do that. / - no. that would be strange. "my name is youngjin." you have to do that. (she is forced to act cute) if i don't do that, it will feel like i'm breaking a rule. it doesn't feel right.
i wish people would direct their questions - to me. / - youngjin, let's try this. what a pretty dog! what could be her name? what is your name? (she grimaces) my name is cream. that's what i have to do. - i learned a few things. / - this is hilarious. when the questions are on the breed, name and age,
i play along because the answers are short. i go, "i am six years old." however, when the question is "what are you doing here?" i think to myself, "the answer is too long." (she gets annoyed) - she gets annoyed. / - that's so funny. - how funny! / - she is a strong woman like jessi. - she is a strong woman. / - when that happens,
it's difficult to play along because i am close to 40. "i am taking a break during my walk." it's ridiculous! you are good at it. both the passer-by and i know a dog can't talk. it's possible the passer-by was taken aback. - i know. / - it's possible they weren't expecting an answer.
- that's right. / - because the dog is cute, - they ask such questions. / - the thing is they're usually not alone. her boyfriend is with her. - and? / - she needs to show how lovely she is. (she's exuding her charm) - she needs to prove it. / - she wants to - show her cuteness. / - to her boyfriend. she wants to look pretty for her boyfriend.
she tries to show her prettiness, and i... - you feel... / - i have to sacrifice myself. - oh, you help her. / - for her love. she could show her loveliness without your answer. that's not true. she needs to move on to the next question. she says, "how cute. what's your name?" but if i don't answer, she leaves pouting her lips. (that's the end of the conversation)
- she needs you to answer. / - yes. i say, "it's cream." she goes on, "how old are you?" (she's driving me crazy) i have to say "i'm six years old." i'm glad you're here with us today. she's so funny. my dog has a big face. - when it's hot, / - does she drool? cream pants so heavily that i'm worried it might die.
she goes, "it must be really hot. oh, no." then i say, "i drank water." (jaeseok stands up) - this is her talk show. / - she's so funny. i want to create a comedy skit with her story about cream. - this is a very unique talent. / - indeed. she's like a dog interpreter. - she's a dog translator. / - that's not true.
my dog has a personality similar to mine. cream makes this face when i sweetly say, "i'm cream." (what's wrong with her?) she looks like she's saying, "are you crazy?" youngjin's story was really funny. - she seemed cold, but she's not. / - exactly. i met her once on a different tv show. i wondered what she's like, and she seemed very nice. i guess you pay the bill when you eat with others.
(does she pay others' bills in restaurants?) i pay for what i eat. don't you often treat the others when you go out to eat? did i organize that gathering? - i am sorry. / - please be honest. i was just asking. she's a kind of person i want to have a drink with. i don't drink.
you two are not getting along. she doesn't want to talk to me. "drink by yourself." what's your dream, cream? - "you can drink by yourself." / - you look like cream. - i look like cream? / - yes. - please be nice to me. / - he looks like a chow chow. he does look like a chow chow. all right. youngjin has
- told us so many funny stories. / - she's hilarious. we'll hear more from her a little bit later. - somin debuted as a model, too. / - she did? yes. it was a teen magazine. i think you suit that kind of magazine. - like "e" magazine? / - yes. i worked as a model exclusively for that magazine for a year. back then,
- hyeongyeong was very popular. / - yes. - i was a model at that time, too. / - really? - she was very famous. / - i worked for "c" magazine. - somin worked for "e" magazine. / - "e" magazine. back then, hyeongyeong was one of the most successful models. she was a very successful model. i guess she was stiff-necked at that time. i was quite successful as a model.
- weren't you jealous of her? / - were you? - i envied her. / - what did you envy about her? she was on the pages that covered fashion styles while i was mostly on pages about facial beauty. what does it cover? it's about the face. - makeup and skin care tips. / - it's about the face. they cover cosmetic products or facial massage. only your face was on the magazine, right?
yes, from here. she has a baby face and long arms and legs. - that's right. / - she has a great body proportion. - i envy her. / - i don't think she has a baby face. - you're good at / - she has - making facial expressions. / - a baby face. - that's right. / - one, two, three. one, two, three. - look at her expressions. / - here she goes.
somin, can you do that, too? - could you show us a bit? / - somin was a face model. - one, two, three. / - okay. - one, two, three. / - one, two, three. hyeongyeong, show us again. one, two, three. - one, two, three. / - that's good. - wonhee, it's your turn. / - one, two, three. - great. let's keep going. / - she posed like this. - dabin, it's your turn. / - dabin.
youngjin, please show us. - i'm sure she'll do great. / - let's go. yunhwa, show us. (she looks irresistible) - she looks just the same. / - smile. - your face didn't change. / - i did the same as her. you looked like you were very angry. - did someone take her food away? / - i copied her. - she's adorable. / - right.
- she looks furious. / - my goodness. youngjin looked different from the others. - she looked different. / - right? she's a high fashion model. she's an amazing model. she looked very charismatic. - she looked charismatic. / - she's different. the others took cute poses. she looked like a model in a french magazine.
- she looked amazing. / - when i asked her to pose, she made a face like this. i thought i had made a mistake. it turned out she was posing. can't you take poses for teen magazines? can you strike a cute pose? i did it when i was in my teens. could you show us a bit? back then, models didn't pose like hyeongyeong.
we would take a pose like this. (she takes a cute pose) you did a good job. cream is watching you. she got angry. she looks so angry. (she gets angry again) i hear that somin was so pretty when she was little that she always drew attention. that was when i was a baby.
my mother couldn't take me out because people always tried to touch my face. i guess that's why my face turned like this. you would be even prettier. - she looks so pretty. / - my goodness. she really looks pretty. - no wonder they wanted to pat her. / - so pretty. i see why people wanted to touch her cheeks. she looks like a pretty doll.
- look at that. / - she looks the same as now. - she looks the same. / - how cute. she already made that facial expression at that age. - she knew that she was pretty. / - that's right. - she's so pretty. / - she has a large forehead. that's when i was in middle school. i was filming the drama "eunsil." that's why i have an old-fashioned hairstyle. - she looks pretty. / - you were popular then, right?
no, i wasn't popular at all. i went to a co-ed school. - no way. / - i don't believe you. when were you popular, then? i think it's because i didn't take a shower often. i thought it was okay to wash my hair once a week. - didn't your head itch? / - i didn't know. - i didn't... / - her story just became funny. i didn't realize it was dirty. did you scratch your head with a tail comb?
i don't remember why i did that. when i was in middle school, i had to fill a basin with water and put it on the toilet to wash my hair. maybe i wanted to save water. i thought i should wash my hair only once a week. if you wash your hair once a week, it feels... you must have had dandruff and lice. - no. / - wasn't it itchy?
- she must have. / - it wasn't itchy, either. i thought i should wash my hair when it became greasy. didn't your friends tell you anything about it? i think that's why i wasn't popular. they didn't say anything. as i grew up, i realized i should wash it in two or three days. - she still doesn't wash it often. / - you do that now? no, that's not true.
now i wash my hair every day. i can't stand another day. it smells bad if i don't wash it every day. what does it mean that you have the same nickname as hyunmoo? she looks a bit like me. - my face looks a bit like a frog. / - a frog? in the photo you showed earlier, - you look like a shih tzu. / - she looks like a frog.
people say that i look like a shih tzu or a pekingese. - a pekingese? / - yes, but i don't look like him. (she doesn't want to be related to him) - don't you think so? / - i know i look like that. he was meant to be born as a shih tzu. - it was a mistake. / - he was born as a human. - he was meant to be born as a dog. / - i'm half dog. i wonder how he looked as a child. did you have a beard?
no, i looked really pretty when i was a child. - you looked pretty? / - really? i think you look better now. - no, i looked better then. / - that's his picture. - he looks adorable. / - who is that? - he looks cute. / - that's me. - look at that. see? / - he looks adorable. - no way. is that really you? / - you changed so much. - yes. i looked adorable. / - that's right.
he changed as much as macaulay culkin. he changed so much. - that's right. / - he's the macaulay culkin of korea. - he's just like macaulay culkin. / - exactly. in middle school, my beard started growing and my face got bigger. somin has bulging eyes, as well. that's one of my biggest concerns. when i film a sleeping scene,
i can't keep my eyes closed. the director keeps telling me to close my eyes, but... - can't you close your eyes? / - how come? the director told me not to open them while my eyes are closed. because my eyes are bulging, they seem like they're open or my eyelids shiver. on the contrary, kim jongkook once got on a plane. he was watching a movie with a blanket on.
a flight attendant looked at him, and pulled up the blanket up to his eyes. - she thought he was sleeping. / - that's right. - it happens to kim jedong, too. / - my goodness. i hear that wonhee studied in china. - is that true? / - you went to dandong. yes. this is how i came to study abroad. a fortune teller said i should go to a large country. so i went to china.
how long did you study in china? she wanted me to finish middle and high school and college. i only studied there for eight months. eight months isn't that long. it's more like a long trip. - it's a long trip. / - it's like short language training. - it was just a long trip. / - how many months?
when she was studying in dandong, she was really popular. (this is wonhee when she was in high school) - she's pretty. / - she looks very pretty. - she's pretty. / - she looks innocent. - look at that. / - goodness. - who is that? / - she looks amazing. - she looks so pretty. / - who is that? you're good at taking a selfie.
- you know a good angle. / - yes, i do. - she knows the angle. / - yes. her lips are slightly open. i went to an international school that was affiliated to - a vocational school. / - i see. - for chinese students? / - yes, they learned korean. many chinese students looked at me and said, "you're pretty."
- did they say that in korean? / - yes. - what else did they say? / - "i like you." - "i like you." / - "i love you." i heard that a lot. - you must have been happy. / - many boys liked me. they became good friends with me at first. i was nice to them because we were friends. - they started acting differently. / - i see. there are things they do that tell you they like you, right?
yes, they would call me at late hours. - guys do that. / - they would help me out too much. - that's right. / - women can notice that. men don't even notice they're doing that. - when your close friend does that, / - right. how do you feel? i can't think of my friend as a man. haven't you dated anyone who used to be your friend? - no, i haven't. / - have you ever
confessed your love to someone? i always show my affection so that he can tell. - how do you do that? / - could you show us? - can i play as the boy she likes? / - saeho's the boy. - let's say i'm the boy you like. / - okay. please talk to me first. okay. what should i say? (smiling) - this is just a role-play. / - he's excited.
- i am role-playing. / - pull yourself together. that was my line. - wonhee, did you have lunch? / - yes. - okay. / - did you have lunch? oh, that's how you do it. (she affectionately asks jaeseok) - he's the one you like. / - it's not jaeseok. (who are you looking at?) - i understand. / - i am sorry.
she couldn't do it. - he's shocked. / - please take your hands off of me. i want to be alone. she wouldn't like a man like him. is there any handbag you want? (she feels uncomfortable) - a handbag? / - who are you? - you're... / - i'm a bag seller. - i sell bags. / - he sells handbags.
- it's a nice bag. / - are you macaulay? - are you macaulay culkin? / - i sell bags. wonhee revealed her boyfriend recently. - is that so? / - oh, the actor from her drama? - i haven't said it on a tv show. / - really? i didn't know that. i've been waiting for this moment. - why? / - someone posted online it was true when we hadn't said anything.
someone posted about us saying that we had admitted it. is that true? who is your boyfriend? - he was the male lead in my drama. / - in her drama. - he's actor lee hayul. / - oh, hayul. ("the stars are shining") don't run away and listen to me. (they played as lovers in the drama) (they became a real couple)
how long have you two been together? - it's been eight months. / - that's the same period... she was in china for eight months. you must like the number eight. i heard that you had said in the previous interview that he's just a friend, not your boyfriend. - yes. / - why? you didn't mean to say this? i meant to say it today. i thought if i said it in the previous interview,
- my agency could stop me. / - i see. won't you be in trouble? i told the agency that i'd say it. my parents told me to do it. my dad told me to open up about it. he's so cool. - her father is very cool. / - exactly. normally, fathers tell their daughters to break up - for their future careers. / - no way.
- that's not true. / - "stop dating him!" - fathers scold their daughters. / - throwing water? - she revealed her boyfriend, too. / - that's right. yunhwa went public about her relationship. - he's my fellow comedian. / - that's right. they have been together for long. it's been over seven years. - they play in the same comedy skit. / - that's right. - he plays as your elder brother. / - yes.
because we have a lot in common, - we came to build a strong bond. / - i see. your boyfriend proposed to you on "hello counselor," right? yes, he did. yunhwa, although i am not a popular comedian, i love you more than anyone can do. i will continue striving to become a great man and comedian.
i will always try my best. i hope we'll always love each other as we do now. let's get married soon. i love you. (he proposed to her on a tv show) - i was so surprised. i had no idea. / - right. i love him because he's so understanding. i gained 30kg after i met him. if you are happy, you'll gain weight. i gained 30kg.
i lost weight because i was happy. - it depends on individuals. / - i guess so. i think she's a type of person who teases others. - she seems good at it. / - show her your fierce eyes. one, two, three. one, two, three. (it's a war between two queens) let's take a look at yunhwa's pictures. - my goodness. / - she looks adorable. - how cute. / - she's so cute.
she looks so pretty. (she looks playful) she's pretty. - she looks like kim shinyoung. / - she looks so cute. - she looks cute. / - she looks adorable. - is this you in high school? / - yes. - she looks so cute. / - she's cute. yunhwa even makes her own clothes. - my hobby is sewing. / - really?
i really like making clothes. i appeared on "law of the jungle" before. i needed a rash guard. in fact, i like pink color. - she likes pink color. / - i love pink color. i wanted a pink rash guard, but i couldn't find one in my size. i went to the wholesale market to buy fabrics for a rash guard. - really? / - did you make it by yourself?
- i bought the fabrics i wanted. / - you did? i wore the rash guard i made. - it looks good on her. / - that's the one she made. - you made it by yourself. / - yes, i made it myself. - my goodness. / - after the show aired, someone asked me where i had bought the rash guard. it was comedian kim minkyoung. she asked me where i had bought it. i decorated my house with pink.
- is that true? / - i renovated my house not long ago. the walls are pink. my bed and pillow are pink, as well. i sleep in pink pajamas. i don't think i can go in your room. i think i'll be scared in there. (she is sentimental) speaking of which, youngjin, don't you want to get married?
- i was about to ask that. / - i don't want to get married now. - what did you say? / - pardon? please calm down. are you two going to fight? no, i couldn't hear him. i became emotional when you said you didn't want to get married. i wonder why. it's not like i refused to marry you. (he gets angry for no reason)
she's happy with her life. she said she wanted all the wedding gifts she gave to others back. - it's understandable. / - you spent a lot of money? to be perfectly honest, i don't think i will ever get married. - i gave wedding gifts to others. / - yes. - i gave many couples wedding gifts. / - i see. - if they give them back to me / - that's right.
pretending i'm getting married, i could travel around the world. you could travel around the world. - she has a point. / - don't you think so? there are some people who marry their pet dogs. - excuse me? / - some people marry their dogs. - what did you say? / - what's wrong with you? i mean, some foreigners do that. don't say such a thing.
did you see how youngjin reacted to her? she criticized us for mistreating hyeongyeong. i feel upset because it seems like she's mistreated here. - you mean, hyeongyeong? / - yes. she usually smiles all the time and she's adorable. i mean some foreigners do that. - she got mad at hyeongyeong. / - it's a true story. (be nice to each other)
you don't seem to have a problem. why aren't you getting married? it doesn't mean you have a problem just because you're single. - she's right. / - i didn't mean to argue. do you want to argue with me? she's clenching her fist. (youngjin clenches her fist) - please calm down. / - she's clenching her fist.
- do you want to have a fight? / - you'll lose. - do you want a fight? / - you'll lose. - don't stop me. / - in my opinion, - myungsoo will definitely lose. / - i'm sure of it. have you ever gotten yourself into a quarrel like this? i once saw a drunken man on the street in broad daylight. he bumped into a handcart while staggering. he pointed his finger at an old lady
and knocked over the handcart. - what did you do? / - i fought. with the drunken man? i told him to pick up the things. - she's scary. / - what did he say? - "who are you?" / - what did you say? i said, "that's none of your business." - "pick those up now." / - she's cool. people started gathering around.
- it must have drawn attention. / - then... as he got embarrassed, he tried to sneak away. that means he was sober. i stopped him and told him to pick them up. - did he clean up? / - no, he left after all. - i stayed there to help the lady. / - you helped her? (youngjin stayed to help the lady) - that's nice of you. / - he might have done this. "i won't pick them up."
(my hand is moving itself) "i will never pick them up." "i won't do that just because you told me." "i won't pick this up, either." "wait here. i'll bring a vacuum cleaner." "i'll show you how well i can clean up." this society needs more people like youngjin. she's like a super hero. she can't lie about her opinions.
you didn't like jang yoonju's high fashion poses, did you? i thought she was crazy. you thought she was crazy? i thought she was out of her mind. she did it when she was - on "happy together." / - yes, she showed her poses. in the sauna-themed set. (this is a high fashion pose)
one more time. they often pose like this. (my stomach is hurting) (this is avant-garde style) - action! / - pose. (this is a high fashion pose with a shower head) (take this water!) it would have been funny if she did some poses she wouldn't do,
but she showed poses that she often takes. i was worried about her. - she actually takes those poses. / - that's true. now they'll probably remind people of her funny poses on the show. - do you have your signature pose? / - no, i don't. - you don't? / - no. i don't have anything to say now. what surprised me is that you weren't even finished.
she answered even before you finished the sentence. (youngjin answers very quickly) he didn't get to finish the sentence. what was yoonju's first impression? - she was even funnier than now. / - really? i am a bit shy with strangers. actually, i can't talk to people i just met. but yoonju said, "hello. who are you?" "you look really pretty." that's how she was.
when we first met, we weren't at a fashion show. you know hareem, right? his first album contains a song called "incurable disease." back then... - i know what you mean. / - you're right. - she has a unique voice. / - yes. she looks like this and she would say, "who are you?" she doesn't look like that.
she does speak like that. - that's true. / - she always calls me - in a weird way. / - how does she call you? she would say, "youngjin." (she drags it on) "did you eat?" "thanks for attending my wedding." - you're exactly like her. / - good one. - she's the queen of variety show. / - she's good.
you're exactly like her. dabin, is your mom here? - don't you remember, youngjin? / - oh, me? - you're her mom? / - is she? she's not her real mom. when did she get married? they shot a boiler commercial together. - we did a commercial together. / - there it is. that's dabin and youngjin.
- she's so cute. / - back then, dabin was very popular - as a child model. / - she was. she was very pretty. i think she got a lot of offers. she couldn't smile in front of the camera. also, there were so many strangers in front of her. - it must have been hard. / - yes, so... i think she got irritated.
- was she rude to you? / - you're blunt. she wasn't pleasant. - she didn't like how she behaved. / - right. she says it directly. - dabin was cute but annoyed. / - that's what she said. dabin, you're getting sweaty. no, she was very young then. when child models or actors are on set, they stay for over five to six hours.
- so they get annoyed. / - it's hard. - she was a child. / - dabin, it's difficult to cry in front of the camera, right? - i'll be back soon. / - no. don't go. (at 12 years old, her acting was very convincing) you did whatever you wanted but what about us? why do we have to live in this petty house? i'm telling the truth.
i did it. i'm the one who brought it what do you think about when crying on set? now i just read the script and once it sinks in, i can cry. back then, i couldn't cry even if i tried to. so i thought about my parents passing away. - oh, dear. / - oh, dear. i thought about things like that.
- that's when you were young. / - yes. you had to cry somehow. yes, so i thought about my parents sometimes. i also had constipation when i was young. - so... / - you had constipation? yes, if i think about not being able to poop... - it makes you cry, right? / - yes. - my goodness. / - it can be distressing. well...
- it's... / - not being able to poop is just... i didn't know she would start talking about this. - then... / - this is a follow up from somin. - we're talking about poop. / - it's all about poop. - talk about it. / - we're getting pretty deep into it. - right? / - i like poop. - really? / - i like talking about it. one time, i went to an audition, and i had a stomach ache.
it was one of those that makes you sweat. so i went to the emergency room, and they said i had to take the poop out of my system. i had to get an enema. - you got an enema? / - yes. i didn't cry as a kid. i only cried because i couldn't poop. - what did you eat? / - it was really bad for me, too. when i was young, i would wake up from sleep,
because my mom would insert something in my backside. - it was suppository for kids. / - when you were young? yes, i hated it. it was serious. it happens to a lot of women. you know, these kind of stories - are hard to say out loud. / - that's right. they started talking about it out of nowhere. (they're unstoppable) my friend taught me
- how to go to the bathroom. / - tell us about it. you have to stand on your hands - like this. / - it's like a handstand. you do a handstand and punch your bum like this. why would you do that? you'll block it even more. - if you do that... / - it won't work. - you shouldn't do that. / - she said it works. - i tried it. / - did it work? if you keep applying pressure, you can let it out.
my tummy hurt. - i usually sing. / - how? - i sing in the toilet. / - show us. you put pressure on your stomach. - let's say you're on the toilet. / - what do you sing? ♪ i told you that i love you ♪ (emphasizing certain lyrics) that's the right posture. - that's how you do it. / - yes.
- "i told you." / - "i told you." (somin, we hope you have an easy bowel movement) - "i told you." / - i got it. maya's songs are excellent for constipation. ♪ if you're disgusted by my face ♪ ♪ and decide to leave ♪ - that's perfect. / - ♪ step over me ♪ ♪ i'll let you go ♪ - it'll work 100 percent. / - i agree.
how did we get to this topic? it went from one person to another. you two have a lot to talk about when it comes to poop. i heard you acted so well that it made your brother cry. he didn't cry because of the sad scene. - he's kind of conservative. / - how old is he? he's in fourth grade. he's 11.
how could you be conservative at fourth grade? - so... / - excuse me. how could he be conservative? does he wear hanbok around? - he must be traditional. / - no, he's not. when i was shooting "she was pretty," i had a kiss scene for the first time. when he saw that scene, he locked the front door. he tried to restrain me from going outside.
he said to our mom that they might make me do that again. he said they should have taken the scene out. and then, if i wear a dress, he'll say, "did you go out like that?" - he really likes you. / - he takes care of you. - he's fond of you. / - he checks if i wear underpants. oh, dear.
- goodness. / - he's like a dad. maybe that's why you can't poop. that's why you are constipated. what did your brother say about you being on "happy together"? he asked me to get autographs. - did he? / - he sounds like a normal kid. he does. that makes him sound like a fourth grader.
we would like to showcase everybody's talents today. from what i heard, wonhee was a former trainee for a girl group. yes, it was for fiestar. - really? / - cao lu is in the group. - saeho mentioned it to me. / - that's right. - cao lu told him. / - she said they almost became members of the same group.
cao lu was recruited after i quit. - i see. / - i was in that agency when i was in ninth and tenth grade. - i see. / - yes. somin, you're a good singer too, right? when i was in high school, my agency recommended that i try out singing. i heard you weren't planning to reveal your face. right. back then, ha jiwon sang...
- wax was the real singer. / - yes. that used to be the trend. she's a former trainee for a girl group. - she practiced 12 hours. / - she had a cramp. she had to go to the clinic and get acupuncture for it. let's see what it is. (what would wonhee be dancing to?) ("dr. feel good" by rania was produced by teddy riley) (the sexy dance is provocative)
- it's pretty sexual. / - it is. - "dr. feel good." / - i've never seen this before. - let's see what it is. / - she's flexible. - what's this? / - your hip just cracked. - i can't remember how it went. / - i heard it, too. - start. / - give me the music. (by rania) (that's a fancy move) she's good.
- she's doing it perfectly. / - she's - really good. / - she is. she knows how to dance. look at that. that's not easy to do. hyeongyeong can't dance like that. on what part did you get a cramp? it must be this part. - wow. / - it must be. (cracking)
she's really good. (she's good but they're nervous for her) (she'll do anything to get herself a commercial offer) (it's getting dangerous) (let's end it before she hurts herself) wonhee, you're very good at dancing. i practiced a lot. - when i was doing this. / - while rotating your head? - she's very good. / - this is not easy.
- you'll break something. / - i practiced it - when i was in ninth grade. / - you learned it? i still remember it. (it's muscle memory) i tried to dance to the song. - your body remembers it. / - yes. you must be good in singing, too. what's your favorite song? did you practice one as a trainee?
i practiced a trot song for today. - that's great. / - let's hear it. - we have to see this one. / - you have to listen to the beginning and how i play with the melody. okay. (his heart is pounding) ♪ at 60, if i get called ♪ ♪ to the afterlife ♪ ♪ tell them that i'm too young ♪
♪ to go so soon ♪ when are you going to play with the melody? - it's the next part. / - it's coming up. - we were just wondering. / - should i try another one? try another one. this one might be better. (wonhee tries another trot song) ♪ let's not get old, let's not get old ♪ ♪ who cares about age? ♪
i'm sorry but i get that you like trot songs... you'll be eliminated in a singing contest. rather than trots, maybe you should sing regular songs. can you sing a regular song? i don't think you can play with the melody. i won't sing, - but i'll rap. / - she's going to rap for us. - we like rap. / - it's like "unpretty rapstar." - let's... / - i used to...
let's pretend like this is "show me the money." - drop the beat. / - please drop the beat. (what is she doing?) - drop the beat. / - give her the necklace. what are you doing? - why are you doing that? / - why are you beatboxing? - let's get started. / - all right. ♪ i used to be darker than others when i was young ♪ ♪ people would point fingers at my mom ♪
♪ my dad is black ♪ ♪ american soldier ♪ (american soldier...) (panting) (she was doing well) - ♪ from everywhere ♪ / - ♪ american soldier ♪ did you make that part up? did you? (she still got their approval)
- good. / - is this mine? wonhee, come with us. you're good. are you the next contestant? can you rap? ♪ i love you so, you are the only one ♪ ♪ i don't need to say it hundreds of times ♪ i'm sorry. don't do it if you can't. don't do it. what was that about?
- don't do it. / - she had to do it. your agency shouldn't have hidden your face. they shouldn't give you a song. - that's right. / - they shouldn't. she shouldn't sing. somin... i don't know how this will turn out. she can make a cobra with her fingers. you'll be the queen of comedy.
i have to show it to them. - how do you make a cobra? / - when i was in school, kids used to do this a lot. you use your fingers - like this... / - is it a shadow? - no, this is a cobra. / - is that its face? - how do i show this to you? / - that's the face. people used to do that 30 years ago. - that's so old. / - the cobra is okay,
but it's funny how she made the hissing sound. (she makes the sound effect) (it sounds like she's gagging) - look at the cobra. / - show it to us. how's that a cobra? (don't you see it?) let me explain. these are the eyes and this is the mouth. this is the tongue.
- look at the cobra. / - how do you do it? we wouldn't have known if you didn't explain it. can someone play a tune for her? she can let the cobra dance to it. all right. (biting) we'll play a tune, so you can let your cobra dance to it. go behind the couch and raise your hands.
go behind it and raise your hands. - you can do this, somin. / - i have to turn around. - that's good. / - somin. make the hissing sound. (here are the snake charmers) (it's a cobra) (this is what she's doing) (they're enjoying the show) look. it looks similar.
stick out the tongue. - don't bite! / - it's poisonous. (it inches closer) that was good. - that was a cobra. / - she was behind the chair doing this. they filmed it. she was good. that was excellent.
youngjin has something to show us, too. - what is it? / - i can fold my hand like this. (they're grossed out) (her thumb touches her arm) i can't do that. - i can do it. / - it's easy for me. - look. / - how did you do it? - oh, dear. / - let's see it. - she can do it. / - i can.
they can all do it. hyeongyeong can do it, too. they can all do it. - we must be weird. / - we can't do it. - i can't do it. / - try doing this with your tongue. what is it? (what is she doing now?) (they're speechless) what do you think you're doing? - you can't do this? / - no, we can't.
(they all try it) what are we doing? youngjin can do something nobody else can. - what's that? / - she has a strong foot grip. - are you serious? / - yes. (foot grip?) she can do it. (sticking out) (this is my heart for you)
where are your manners? doesn't that make you feel bad? - i think i can do it, too. / - can you? - yes. / - you can do everything. i can... (she does it) - she can turn the power on. / - i can do a thumbs up. - what did you say? / - it's a thumbs up. - a thumbs up? / - thumbs up.
she can do it, too. stop doing that. why are you doing that? - stop. / - what are you all doing? this is not how ladies should behave. why would you do thumbs up with your toes? why would you do that? (thumbs up) why would you do that? why are you splitting your toes? - what are you doing, / - i can do this.
- hyeongyeong? / - what is she doing? oh, my goodness. they'll do anything to be successful. they'll do anything. (he joins in late) i heard youngjin can eat lemons and make it look like she's eating chocolate. - really? / - it's not as good as that. can you eat it in front of us?
it's been a while since i had lemons. (youngjin challenges herself to eat a lemon) (she doesn't hesitate) - i can smell it. / - i can already taste it. my mouth is starting to get watery. (his mouth starts to water) (she doesn't react) isn't it sour? - no, it's okay. / - really? it looks sour.
can you make it look like you're having chocolate? chocolate? how do i do that? (this is how she eats chocolate) (like this?) (it must be dark chocolate) dabin, how do you make an adorable face? show us. that's a good one. that's what you do.
- i made this face when i was / - did you... shooting the kiwi commercial. - cue. / - this is what i did. (this is sweet) (that looks convincing) - good one. / - it's cute. can you eat a lemon and do it? - it was 13 years ago. / - you can eat a lemon - let's see. / - and pretend it's an ice cream.
it's a sweet ice cream. cue! (can she) (eat it) (like it's sweet?) (oh, gosh) (this is sour) cut. cut! - what do you think you're doing? / - she's adorable.
(my goodness) - it must be sour. / - it is. - do i have to pretend it's good? / - it's good for you. it's healthy. (somin gives it a try) - cue! / - she's good. - i knew it. / - she's different. she's shaking. what's wrong? it's chocolate.
(it's sour!) this is funny. i know. wonhee was also in a lot of commercials. she's doing well. is it sweet? (this is horrible) is it that bad? good one. - that was funny. / - yes.
i'll try to make it look delicious. - all right. / - give it a go. there's a way to show it. should we pretend like you're a child? i'll try this. (she takes) (a big bite) she ate a lot. (coughing)
that was too much. (it's too much for her) - are you okay? / - yunhwa. yunhwa, there's a honey wagon going by. here comes the honey wagon. - hyeongyeong was / - it looks sweet. in a lot of photo shoots since she was young. - she's experienced. / - right. - good job. / - it's chocolate. cue!
(how would she respond?) - are you a camel? / - she looks like a turtle. she's a camel. (where did this come from?) (she's petrified) she looks like a camel. you look like a camel. - what's wrong? / - it's delicious. - cut. / - what's that?
- that was funny. / - what is she doing? - she eats it so well. / - look at her. (youngjin eats all the lemons) (she's just incredible) (dabin is adorable) you're so cute. how old are you? (youngjin tries to act cute but she has a temper) i'm six years old. - i can do a thumbs up. / - thumbs up.
(somin is quirky) ♪ my dad is black, american soldier ♪ (wonhee has a beautiful smile and she can rap, too) (yunhwa is a child who eats a lot) the five of them have their own charms. i'm sure the viewers have fallen for them. dabin, how did it go for you? i had a fun time. - she's cute. / - she lightens the mood.
"i had a fun time." youngjin, you made us crack up so many times. we cleared up the air. she's great. we're not scared of her anymore. - you're right. / - i'm not a funny person. - you're a funny person. / - you're very funny. thank you to all the guests for joining us on "happy together". we'll be back next week with more entertainment.
- thank you. / - thank you! ("how're you doing" by afos)

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