Mens Haircut For Round Face

Mens Haircut For Round Face -Hi everyone it's april with hair 101. today we're going to do a longer boys haircut. this haircut is like the young justin bieber when he was young and sweet so we are going to start. you will want to wash the hair and make sure it's nice and clean and tangle free.

and then we are going to start with the perimeter. so we are going to leave the bangs long and leave those alone. just sweep them away. and we are going to go to the right side. and we'll start right around the ear. and we're going to cut a nice clean
perimeter line around his face okay so tilt just a little bit. okay so when you go in here try to see where the hair line starts and try to follow that. you might have to do it a couple times to get it nice and clean. and comb and do it again and then on the top of the ear... you are going to fold the ear down. and then push this hair forward and do the same thing just follow the hair line. and make sure you don't cut into the hairline. it's really important you don't do that.
because you'll get a missing if you're not sure then make sure you are doing it a little longer and not too short. hold the ear with your finger then push the hair with the comb towards the perimeter line. and then you'll go down.ignore the screaming children in the background. just go ahead and go down in the back. we're going to cut a straight line okay look straight. and look down.just going to clean this up a little bit more.
alright then we are going to do the other side the same way tilt your head a little bit that way. so on the front part you're pushing all the hair forward towards the ear. then you go in right there. and follow that down. and then you push the ear away. and you go back this way. and you just do a little bit at a time. so you can see what you're doing. ... and then on this back part you comb the hair
towards the front of the face. then you flip your hand upside down like this you're going to go like this. and cut down this way along the hairline and that gives your wrist a break so you don't have to twist it. and it keeps the line at a better angle too alright.... sometimes there are these long hairs that get stuck behind the ear. just go through and make sure you don't have any of those. there are a couple. there they are
they just get tucked behind the ear and forgotten about. so make sure and check for those. okay.... so now we're going to do the bangs.... they are really long.and i'm going to do these with a razor. because i think it's better to have this really soft so you can sweep it on the front. so i'm going to grab this. k turn here... and his hair is going to be sweeping this way. so i'm going to grab the front part and take the razor
and angle it forward like that. on that piece right there. and then i'm going to come back over here. and grab it in my hand this way and angle it some more and take of that long tail. it needs a little bit more we don't want it in his eyes right when we cut it because it will grow fast. you want to have a little bit of room for growth there. it's looking better. so then we still have
we're going to take the scissors now. we have this long tail right here because we want that to blend in so we're going to take these two and chip away, point cutting into the hair.... and then you can take the razor a little bit more right here. because this is going to be a really heavy spot because you'll have this hair connecting with the sweepy hair and you'll have a bulky spot right here. so i take my razor and go in
and thin it out so that it has a little bit more room for that hair to come into it that's going to lay a lot better right there. okay. we're still just a little bit too long just for his eyes there we go. that's better. so once you've razored out the front. make sure you do the other little side too right here. just razor it down and blend it in.
alright that's better.does that feel good on your bangs??? or do you want them a little feels good alright so now we are going to take our scissors. our shears. excuse we are going to take our shears. and we're going to cut in a little bit of um layer a little bit of the perimeter so that it's not too bulky because he doesn't want to have a mushroom head so we are going to start in the front and comb this hair forward. so we are just doing this make sure that hair is
out of the way. then you'll pull it up and angle your fingers out this way. because we want it to be graduated from short to long. and i'm going to do it just below the roll of his head there. and you can see when you pull this up that you have this short piece right here. that's going to be your guide so that shortest piece. that's where you're going to cut to. and you'll cut it so that you're not cutting towards the head, you're cutting a little bit at an angle like this
just keep doing that taking small sections all the way back. to behind the ear. and then when that longer hair lays over it. you'll have a little bit less of that bulk hanging out. see how that side lays in better than this side. we're going to do the same thing over here. we're going to take this hair and we're going to comb it forward then pull down what we're going to work on. and you'll step in front of them for this side because we're going to cut this way towards the back. then we'll take this piece of hair towards the front pull it forward and find that guide
and go up at an angle that way and it helps you to have that correct angle if you're standing in the front here cause your scissors can be like this if you're on the side your scissors will be going down like this and it would give you this angle and you would have a big shelf right here. so make sure you stand in the right spot now onto the next section alright that's better i'm going to cut a little bit more here above the ear. still a little bit too long
there we go. okay so i'm pulling that hair from the back now. up to this front section. there we go.that will blend it in okay alright so now for the back...sit up straight please. look down.for the back we'll take a section here in the middle.and we are going to put our fingers underneath like this. so you're hand is against their neck. okay look down all the way.
put your chin in and then cut in so i'm putting my hand against his neck. and then i'm pulling it out just a little bit so we'll get a little bit more length back here. now this side look straight let's have you sit up straight. put your legs down.there you go!! that's better. okay. now look down
there we go so right here. we're going to join these two sections together and get rid of we'll go over like this and we're still cutting at that angle. upward away from the hair. the head. the top of the head to get that longer length on the top. and shorter on the sides so if you have this happening. where you comb the hair and it's going over the ears. you can take the scissors
and the comb and tuck it underneath the ears. and knock it off a little bit. and this will taper it in a little bit too. that makes it a little bit cleaner. and we'll do it over here too. tuck the shears underneath and lift it out a little bit and cut off anything that's hanging over the ears. now i'm going to go back over here and let some of this hair fall in and make sure it's blended. so we are going to angle it up a little bit more. and then tie in the side to the back again
right here how we did on the other that's what that just did there alright. so now the biggest thing the basic shape of it is pretty much in there.the thing you want to do now is go through it with a razor and this is what's going to give you that really edgy look where you have it fold and bend into each other so it's not so bulky. so you're going to go ahead and take small sections i'll start in the front left side then softly take out chunks of hair not too big of chunks but just blend in.anything as i pull out
that's not blended in you can razor into it and this will help take out any lines that you have here too. sometimes you can get that heaviness from this longer hair coming to lay down on this. and that takes care of that are you itchy buddy??? okay look all the way down.he has some blond hairs on his neck i have a guard on my razor.and i always do this take off all those short hairs. the only thing you have to watch for is
if they have any moles that stick out from their skin. you'd want to use the clippers instead of this there you go alright so now we're going to go back over here.we're not done with the razoring we're going to finish up. and it's going to go all the way around the back. so take sections like this all the way around to the other side and it's right in that line where it's going to be a little bit heavy. just to blend in the top and the sides
alright so now i'm going to take the thinning shears i'll just cut some of the ends and a little bit of the sides and clean it up so i like to do this on the bottom of any of these haircuts like this. around the section that blends just to give it a little bit more of a blended look and help it lay down a little bit more too especially right here where it's real heavy because
those two sections meet now that we're done with all the texturing on the sides and everything we're going to cut a little bit off the top because it's really long. so we'll start by pulling the middle mohawk section up and the bangs will be a good guide for us so we have about that much to point cut out and then just follow that guide back. and you want to be real careful in the back not to cut it too short. because that's where all the cowlicks are
you wanna make sure when you come back this way on the side and pull it straight up cut off that part that doesn't blend in,don't go too short alright so now we have a guide in the middle and we'll take up some side sections and point cut those out too this side. same thing and then i'll come back here on the front and go back this way. i think it's a little bit easier to see what's going on. there we go
so i'm working from the back forward right now just to make sure i don't have any too long pieces. any pieces that are too long that's better now we have a little bit less on the top to have a little bit more of a soft bang so it's not so solid. you can go through and razor out a few pieces to make it look great and then we are going to dry this up and check it for anything that we missed
alright so we are going to take a few more pieces out of the bangsso they don't look so solid and thinning shears are awesome for this too just take out a little if you want it to look lighter alright....and thinning shears you can pretty much go through if it's a little bit choppy you can blend it in with these it helps out a lot now you have hair all over you ricky okay so once it's dry and you've blended in
any pieces that don't look quite right to you.maybe a little bit more right here. and you are done!! alright. so make sure you strum the hair to get all that loose hair out before you send them on their way this haircut. we are going to put some pomade in it. just to separate out the bangs alright look in the mirror.there we go i gotta see what i'm doing.i'm going to clean up his neck with the t-edgers that's better and he's all done. thanks for watching everyone. that's our long boys haircut
if you have any questions go ahead andleave a comment and if you would like to request a video that's a good way to do it too i really appreciate everyone with their support and their comments.make sure you give me a thumbs up if you liked this video if you found anything in it helpful we'll see you next time !!!!

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