Mens Haircut Tutorials

Mens Haircut Tutorials - Intro.... photo we're going to do a princess updo on daisy so you're going to need bobby pins quite a few, we probably won't use all of these, and a couple of clear elastics hairspray and a comb and also a color brushthis will help with the flyaways at the end.even if i need it throughout the middle. also you're going to want to have some kind of dry pomade or wax.

This is going to help smooth out her updo we're going to comb out all of the hair make sure there's not any big snarls in it all right so now we're going to take about an inch to inch and a half perimeter of hair or maybe just like a headband. we'll do that and leave that out. and then the rest of it. make sure your part is pretty straight.
you might be able to see some of the. pull back into this ponytail you're gonna leave this perimeter all the way around the head even in the back. so take your fingers if it's easier and draw a smaller circle. then clean it up with the comb then all this hair goes into one big ponytail back here. now this is really important there you have to find the balance between herchin and
the back of her head. it should be pretty diagonal like a line. if you put it too high on top of herhead she's going to look like a "who" from horton hears a who or whatever. but if you have it too low it's gonna look like she has a flat head so it's really important to make surethat you have the balance that's it's right there on the back of her head so we're going to get this a little bit cleaner. "ow!"so the reason why i leave some hair out in the back is because we can do something fun and pull these up in
and add a little bit more to the ponytail and give it some more shape. now remember when you're doing updos a lot of time they don't look good until you're like towards the very end you just have to work with the hair and keep trying and adjusting little spots that don't workso don't give up if you're halfway through and you think it looks terriblebecause you can you can fix it just keep goingi'm going to check my balance pretty good.i'll put a small clear elastic in this ponytail up here.
tighten it. just by splitting the hairand pulling it tight. okay so now that we have this ponytail.we are going to split it into a few different sections.if their hair is really thin. you'll probably only need to do a 3. she has pretty thick hair so i'll probably do like 5 start up at the top and take a section of hairand grab some of your wax. just get your fingers sticky with it. this one is called drywax
by enjoy. you can get them from a professional salonor if you're a stylist i buy this at peerless i coat it because it smooths out all of those frizzies you can brush wherever you see frizzies so just loop the hair around and push it down with your finger go ahead and take a bobby pinand secure it down so push it and it needs to go through the bace where the ponytail is.
and you need to make sure you go all the way downand then i'll put one on the other side also just to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. i'm using black bobby pins. because that's what i have. but you should match the color of the hair. so i would use gold on her if i had them right now.but i'm out and then on top of this. i'm going to grab a section just above right where i just wentor just below and i'm going to split that in two after i've put in a little wax split it in half
now this is the fun part. we're going to make these little circles try to make sure the ends are the same length.that they have layers so i'm going to split this little bit different so thati don't have one too short on one side there we go that's bettersee how they match up better so i'm going to take these two. and tie it in a knot but i'm not gonna go all the way downjust until it makes that circle come up and tie it in another knot. then we have a little chain.then do one more
okay and if you have enough room to do another one. there we go. so now you have these two ends. i pinched them together really good and then make sure you put a bobby pin on them you dropped one mom! it's okay daisyso i'm going to pinch them together. and tuck it under and hold it.right underneath that. and make sure you get the whole piece of hair and push it in. alright so now i'm going to spray this part with an aerosol.
so we're gonna do that too a few more.not every loop will have chains on it just a few so we'll just do another one.and this is all about balance too kind of like designing flowersyou can leave these little ends out. towards the end when you're finishing up you can curl them with a curling ironor tuck them in or use them however you wantbut i'm going to leave them out so i'm going to do another one there.hold it at the your bobby pin
and push it in towards the middle now this is how i open the bobby pinsi push them against my stomach right now it's real easy cause i have a huge stomach i push my finger through it.and then if you have it secured on the other side. by a bobby pin you overlappedyou don't need to stick two in. you can just do one. i forgot to do wax on that one. that's okif you can remember. do a wax and we'll do another one down here. get some wax on your fingers and smooth it out. you can even comb it if it's a little bumpy
do another loop pulled the base down so this is almost going to look like a flower we're going to do like 5 petals"mommy it will look like a flower" so we'll have 5 petals and it will look like a flower i'm going to leave this out in the middle to do some more chains so leave a little bit out cut this into two smooth out your section
tuck it in and secure the bobby pin down at the base alright so here's the last little piece of our flower.see these are kinda fun you can poke these through and shape them could curl that put that one in there ok so now that we have this section up here that we left out. we can decide where we want to stick the rest of our chains
so i'll take this little section here.split it in half put wax on my fingers. if you have enough wax on your fingers from the last one it smooths out on it's don't always have to be dipping you fingers in. you just get a feel for it around itand then you can secure it in towards the base mommy you haven't done this one.i know
we better do that one!!! so i'm going to choose one more let's see we're going to do this.this we'll make a little loop here.on top and i'll pinch the base of it with this bobby pin in.and shove it in and then.. you can go to the side.spray this. ok
this will be the last circle that we do. if you have enough of this hair you can do another little loop.going the other way just hold the hair so it will be a little crazy right there.hold still daisy alright. so yes we do have these pokey ins i'm not gonna worry about those right now.cause they're not a bit deal. they'll be fun to play with later onnow i'm going to go around to the front and we'll take some sections and do the same little chain circles.and we're going to do them
and push them into the updoso i'm going to take this section right in front by her face and i'll spray it with a little bit of hairspray and i'll take my color comb and brush my littleflyaways up this really does a good job hiding them so there we go.then i'll take some wax on my fingers and run it over the ends i'll go ahead and pinch this off and stick a bobby pin in itthere you go. and then
i'm going to chain the rest of right by her face doesn't have a big split so these two sections work very gentlyso you don't pull too much try to get at least 3 in there.once you have your little circles pinch the ends together.and find a good spot for them i'm going to pull them back this way.if they need a little bit of adjusting you can come in and do some little clean up workand then i'm going to spray it. so it stays put
so we'll do another one right here.spray the hair just brush those flyaways up get a little wax and go through the ends and on this one i'll just split it.i won't worry about bobby pinning it back after you get some of these crazy little hairsyou can start over.... smooth it down a little bit more alright. one more try there we go. ........
okay and a couple more around this side don't go past the ears yet. cause we're still going to pull the back just the front put some aerosol keep the flyways away with the color combbrush them right up there a little bit of wax dipping your fingers in a lot of stuff here. so the get a little sticky and then i'm going to. do the same thing that i did on the other side
just tie the little circles you can even do it tight on the first one if you want and then do the chains loose oops. get a good hold on them.there we go a bobby pin!!oh you're going to be my helper yeah. crossing its not long enough for this we'll just do it right there.
you're going to grab the right half of the backand spray it. use your color comb to smooth it out.get all the flyways up. and then pull it across this wayand you're going to use a couple bobby pins to secure it that up there. make sure you use two or three to get it locked in there. locking bobby pins is when you cross them over each other. makes it so they don't just slip right outand then you can even do one on the other sidejust to cross those two. good job daisy
alright leave those ends alone. and then this other side. make sure you don't have any bumps. owsorry daisy use the color comb to get any flyways out.then cross it over to the other side and it give si a pretty little line right here. right here in the back make sure it's nice and tight and secure.alright so now we have all these little straight ends that we can play with. you can either fan them out and pomade them. if you wantto have a little bit of a spiky feathered look.or you can curl them
alright so your updo is probably going to look a little bit different but go ahead and wherever the hair isi'm going to leave it in that spot but give ita little bit more shape with a flat iron by curling it.see how that goes it should already have hairspray and pomade in you shouldn't have to do too much with thatso you just go through and see where there's a little end that's sticking out funny twist it aroundhere's one here. can't pull hard. just be really gentle
you don't want to mess up your hairhere's the other ends split this one in halfdo one down and then one back....and there's one more right here. alright. she's all donelook mom! go ahead and give it one last sprayover the whole thing she's ready to got to the ball soothing music thanks for read this tutorial.

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