Mens Haircut Short

Mens Haircut Short - Cute picture hi everyone it's april with hair 101and i'm going to show you how to do an a-line today this is going to be pretty short in the backand longer in the front just below her chinshe has very thick hair i'm going to be using a little bit of the razor and the thinning shearsbut most of this will be done with the scissors the first thing you want to do is wash and condition the hair and comb it out and then part it all the way down the middle in the back you'll take two sections that are at an angle.

make it about the angle you want the hair to be for the cutanf for this first little cut i'm going to comb those two together and look at themand make sure they are pretty eventhis one looks a little bit higher so i'm going to go through and try to even it out a little bit more that's better so now i have this section i'm going to have the client look all the way downas far as they can
then you are going to take the hair and push it right against the neckand slide the scissors underneath so you're going to push the hair against the neck and we're going to cut the hair at the hairline where it starts to grow you do a little checkand then once i see the hair growing out of herthats how i know i've gone short enough as soon as you get to that point you don't want to go shorter than that just that middle sectionabout an inch i direct it over this wayi'm just combing it and directing it over
and then i'm going to angle it down a little so that's going to be how we will cut this back line try not to cut the cape there alright there we go so there's that sidethen we'll do the same thing on the other side over direct the hair this way push it flat against the necknow on this one i flip my wrist like this to get the angle to cut down this waybecause if you try to do it this way you're pushing the hair like this
and then cutting up into thisso you need to take your wrist and drop it back this way and moving your thumb up and down to cut and then snipping out as we drop our wrist down that way you just have to cut a little bit at a time make sure you're not going to cut into the capeand it helps to use a cape that's different than the hair color, so since she has dark hair i'm using a light colored cape then i can see where i'm goingjust chop that out a little bit so once i got over here i switched over again
alright so i did a little bit more of an angle on this side so i'm going to go through and adjust that ok so then you're going to go ahead and make sure the edges are evenif you have a longer side fix that right nowso you don't have to go back and do it later make sure you get the little hairs on the little neckline there now i'm going to split this down the middle
and all this hair up we are going to cut an angleso we are going to cut the hair along like a parallel line of this parting and whether or not you graduate it out like this or hold it straight down to the headthat's going to change your angle and your graduation also for the stack in the back so make sure you keep that the same
now i'm going to lift it away from the headlike this and i'm going to cut that out this is the guide from the bottom section of hair that we cut outnow you'll see that we have this nice angled section of hairi'm going to go back through and i'm going to pick up anything on this side on the left sidepick it all back up in my hands make sure that i got it allso now that we have that angle in we're going to do the other sidepull this up
and you're going to get that same angle and graduation as you did on the other side i'm going to cross check the middlejust pull this straight out ok that's a little bit shorteri'm going to connect those two you need to make sure that you're not grabbing when you do this sectionpart it first and then lift up just that sectionyou don't want to be grabbing hair from this side because this will reach in and get cutand your haircut will have a missing hole in itso now that we have that
i'm going to go in with my comb over my shears right in this little bottom section this half circle i'm going to point cut out some of that bulk just to give it a little bit more tight shape around her neck alright i'm going to keep my fingers really close to her neck and shape this out because i could see there was a little bit of a square there so this is
going to be pretty. point cutting to keep it soft too now that we have that shape in how we like and we've checked it if you see any pieces that are too longyou cut them look straight. this is going to be the stack in her back all of the weight is going to be gathering right here and she's going to have a pretty layered cut we're going to keep cutting at these same two anglesthat we just established
there and thereand all of the hair is going to be pulled to these two stationary guidesso we are going to start taking these sectionswhatever you're comfortable with but the smaller the better when you're starting i'm going to do an inch because i'm comfortable with that if your hair is a little bit thickeror if you're not comfortable you can take a little bit smaller guidesbecause it's way easier to see the hair underneath if the sections are small so i can see that hair underneath through the comb marks so i'm good right therei'm just going to keep that
same shape all the way down lift that section up to where you cut and you don't want to cut past your second knuckle just because you can cut your hand if you do that and somebody asked me in one of the commentscan't you take all the hair into a ponytail and chop it off and then clean it up a little bityeah you can do that but that doesn't give you an control
over the angle and the graduationand doesn't give you as pretty as a weight lineyou wouldn't have this nice shape if you did that so if that's what you're going to do then that's fine but this is more professional and will look better and have a better end resultso there's the answer to that question okay so we're just going to keep doing these sections once i get to this point i don't use clips any more i comb the long hairs over and you can see right through them and cut them off
in the same little pattern you've been doing and then at this point i'm going to go ahead and have her look straight and even though she doesn't part right down the middle i'm going to shape out these side pieces nowso you can see the angle from the back coming right in herewe're going to continue that just to give her a little bit more length in the front and follow itall the way forward let's do the other side
so we're going to go this way and cut it out i always go back and check in different spots from the neckline to make sure that it's the right length on both sides and it's a little bit longer right in here so i'm going to take this back again to the angle and there's my corner. yepthen i cut it off that's how you can cross-check that that looks much better
so you can also pull everything straight back and if there's any pieces that are too longyou can point cut those out back hereand i do that from the front because i don't like the front pieces to be really blunt and i do like it to blend so i do pull everything straight back at the end and point cut into it and then it doesn't disrupt from the angle you established in the frontit gives it more length to do it that way
or length up there do you want your bangs still??yes please do you want them trimmed then?yesand you go this way?? yes now that we have the a-line cut in we're going to adjust her bangs just a little for her just a little bit. and i always part them where they wear them and then i'll check the length on the front pieces one more time because sometimes when you flip it back over this wayyou'll have a longer tail on the side that you flipped it over to
just a little bit how much do you want to trim off your bangs??to right there and you want them angled?yes please so this is how we're going to do the angled bang for heri'm going to hold all the hair out and bring it over then slide cut an angle into the hair that will blend it down into the a-line and then i'm going to go over onto this side and walk the scissors down
and get some texture for her bangsalright let's dry this up and see what we haveand i'm using my big monster brush to give her hair lots of bodyand then i can go back through and flatiron if it's too big but this is funand i'm also going to put some root boosterroot pump by sexy hair conceptslifting up the hair in the back and that will give us some body too alright we are ready to dry
i wanna show you what we have now i haven't done any texturing yeti just dried it, and i haven't flat ironed it either it's got a lot of bodyshe's got really thick hair. i want you to see the back so there's this definite weight line and there are some scissor marks and too much thicknessbecause she has so much hair so i'm going to take the thinning shearsand go in here and texturizeand this will get rid of all those little lines and help it blend and give it a really pretty shapeand just do it in the ends just where it needs a little blending
you see how it's melting together now ok that's betterthen i'm going to take my shears if i see anything that's really long or too thick or edgy i can point cut into it to blend it like right in thereand this is going to be the difference between a really custom haircut and just going through the motions looking at it when you're done and goingthrough and detailing it putting those little details in that are going to make it easy and fast to style and your clients are not going to have to fight with their hair every morning
and it will look how it's supposed toif you cut the style in and make sure their hair is doing what it's supposed to be doing and it's really important to have a pretty back when you have a-lines if you're going to have an a-line and it's choppy back here. it's not going to be as flatteringso make sure you get those lines out and it does take a little extra workbut it's worth it ok then here is the moment when i usually take the cap off to see how everything is laying
it looks pretty goodand i'll go in with the little peanut clippers look all the way down i use these to clean up the neckline it's just right here and i even lift the hair upand get those out so now you can see this has a really soft blend when she's looking all the way forward it gradually goesthen look straight up it has a really pretty shape all the way to the frontand it goes from short to long
now she is ready to be an awesome mommy because now she doesn't have to spend hours on her hair thanks for watching everyonei hope you like this stacked a-line i'm going to be doing another couple versions of this because some people like them really short this is a pretty requested one for me she's ready that's all if you want to see more videos like this just subscribe to my channeland comment below
if you think of anything that would be helpful to learn all right merry christmas everyonei hope you have a great holiday and happy new year and we'll see you next year in 2014it's going to be an awesome year we're going to do a lot of really fun things we'll see you later now when you play with the razors and thinning shearsas long as you don't take out a big chunk you're not really going to ruin the shape of the haircut too muchthis will give it the movement and texture and make it blow dry faster and go right into place without fussing too much
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